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(News24)   Man reconciles with wife who cut off his penis when he asked for divorce   ( divider line
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7899 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 May 2003 at 1:52 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-28 04:15:07 PM  
"I'm sorry honey. Can I have my pee-pee back now?"
2003-05-28 04:15:57 PM  
Anything and everything that needed to be said has been.

Even a few things that didn't need to be said.

I'm so sad, I got nothing!
2003-05-28 04:19:01 PM  
oh dear... m2c gone again!
2003-05-28 04:58:09 PM  
I can't even express how stupid this man is :|
2003-05-28 07:08:28 PM  
Why is she not in jail? Imagine the uproar if a man hacked up his wife and remained free as a running back....Oh wait.
2003-05-28 10:34:36 PM  
I can here my EX laughing right now. lol
2003-05-29 12:20:04 AM  
My advice to this guy is to say "fark it" and join a monastery.
2003-05-29 11:07:11 AM  
This is really farked up here.
Agreed with NothingYet-- award for one of the best usages of the Dumbass tag.

Don't they just deserve each other though? I think they make a wonderful couple. He's a freakin' wimp who probably can't get a good chubby and she's a slicing-dicing freak. If they are together, then all you other singles can breathe sighs of relief that two more defectives are out of the available gene pool.

Lemme tell ya... even if this story is fake, I've seen so much that I could easily believe that it could happen.

Some men are so gullible. Some woman are hot-headed beeyatches. Some men don't have very good self-esteem either. Some women are whacked.... and some will whack.

In the name of love....

/gag gag puke puke
2003-05-29 03:44:23 PM  
Wow! Made it this far without any mention of the admiral. But I yelled it as soon as I read the headline: "It's a trap!"
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