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(Christian Science Monitor)   U.S. Army is testing its first new armored unit in decades: The eight-wheeled Stryker vehicle   ( divider line
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2003-05-28 08:48:14 AM  
I really need one of those.

I have a Hummer right now but I just don't feel safe enough or patriotic enough.
2003-05-28 10:52:19 AM  
No mention of the Rex Kramer brigades?
2003-05-28 02:24:53 PM  
What no Panzer's?
2003-05-28 02:24:57 PM  
spiffy? more like EVIL.
2003-05-28 02:25:19 PM  
Obligatory "Airplane" reference when the guy yells "Striker, striker, striker, striker!" and another guy then strikes the woman standing next to him.
2003-05-28 02:27:05 PM  
bah, the x-men will kick it's ass.
2003-05-28 02:28:06 PM  
This just in from the Outworld! Shao Kahn and his allies last reported cowering in fear.

2003-05-28 02:28:27 PM  
2003-05-28 02:29:41 PM  
"They're at 1 o'clock! Let's go!"

oh my jebus is that how the army operates? Like middle school boys scoping out hot girls in a cafeteria.
2003-05-28 02:29:44 PM  
Stryker!?!?! Who the hell named the thing, a hollywood scriptwriter?
2003-05-28 02:30:17 PM  
-FINALLY- we'll have world peace.

It's about -TIME-.
2003-05-28 02:30:27 PM  
What the Army needs is the vehicle from 'Stripes'. That thing was uber-awesome.
2003-05-28 02:30:30 PM  
should have been an additional "?" in there
2003-05-28 02:30:39 PM  
I'm holding out for the 12-wheeled Dominator coming out in 2005.
2003-05-28 02:30:46 PM  
the military should develop Gundams instead of wasting their time with these weak little Power Wheels...
2003-05-28 02:32:58 PM  
i'm so glad America's defense department is now staffed by the same guys who came up with 80's hair metal band names.
2003-05-28 02:33:16 PM  
Why is it the Army feels the need to intentionally misspell the name? "Stryker?" Are they that desperate to appear trendy and cool to an internet-obsessed generation?

If that's the case, they should've just called it the "pr0n."
2003-05-28 02:33:31 PM  
saw the name and thought it was going to look like something from M.A.S.K.
2003-05-28 02:35:47 PM  

If I could vote for you right now I would. M.A.S.K. = Best Cartoon Ever (well, almost...)
2003-05-28 02:36:03 PM  
I was under the impression it was named after the person who designed it or a famous general or soldier.
Bradley FV, Sherman Tank, Patton Tank, Stryker... Makes sense now doesn't it?
2003-05-28 02:36:09 PM  
This vehicle is a piece of shiat. And they want it to be a replacement for the goddamned ABRAMS tank. That tank rules the battlefield. They only want to retire it in favor of this Stryker thing because the people who make it seem to be well connected. Read here.​db&comma nd=viewone&op=t&id=15&rnd=964.3869019993145
2003-05-28 02:36:22 PM  
Looks like the Army has teamed up with the Command and Conquer guys.
2003-05-28 02:37:10 PM  
How long before some little-dick suburbanite would HAVE to have one of these to drive to the Kroger?
2003-05-28 02:37:22 PM  
It's about's been a long, long time since the Army has fielded a new land fighting vehicle. The only bad thing about this new one is it's vulnerable to just about everything heavier than a machine gun.
2003-05-28 02:39:23 PM  
wasn't that a metal band from the 80's?

/off to gis
2003-05-28 02:39:41 PM  
I guess the first thing that came to me was naming a vehicle after Jeff Stryker -- the famous gay prOn actor with the very large cack. Does that make me gay?
2003-05-28 02:40:23 PM  
The army is attempting to be a faster and more agile fighting force, the abrams are slow.
2003-05-28 02:40:49 PM  
2003-05-28 02:41:18 PM  
And it has tires which can be fairly easily blown out as opposed to the very hardy tracks of the tanks.

The kids who are in these things are even saying that they would rather be in a tank because they are much more powerful and a safer vehicle to be in.
2003-05-28 02:42:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-28 02:42:48 PM  
The abrams are slow in comparison, but these things will get taken out left and right. If significant armor is put on them they slow down to a crawl. Almost the same speed as the Abrams. And their tires can be blown out even easier. Then the stryker is stranded and can be bombarded until it is destroyed.
2003-05-28 02:43:33 PM  
just a thought...should I counter your farkID with a new one like ColinsFrenulum ? (feeding into the Colin Farrell thing)
2003-05-28 02:44:18 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Ted Stryker?
2003-05-28 02:44:19 PM  
it is named after Jeff Stryker

don't ask - don't tell
2003-05-28 02:44:32 PM  
So, are these things made out of aluminum/magnesium like the Bradleys?
2003-05-28 02:45:02 PM  
An armed Stryker Unit? Jeff? (will someone Google up "jeff, stryker,unit, armed" and post a very SFW pic if you can find one...the hits on that thing would kill me at work. )
2003-05-28 02:46:38 PM  
Now who the heck would name an armored vehicle after a heavy metal Christian rock band?

cleans glasses

Oh, StryKer.... sorry
2003-05-28 02:46:40 PM  
Bush: "Has an 8-wheeled vehicle ever won BattleBots?"

Rumsfeld: "Yes sir. In the lightweight division."

Bush: "Fine then. Order me about 200 of 'em. And some a them robot dogs too."
2003-05-28 02:46:43 PM  
probably her.

2003-05-28 02:47:22 PM  
We build them here in London, Ontario. They do anything but lumber around the test course. Fast and manoeverable. It's really should be the new SUV. (sans the weaponry of course)
2003-05-28 02:47:45 PM  
We'll just have to see how it performs in 'actual' combat before we make our minds up: Desert Combat
2003-05-28 02:48:11 PM  
Don't be dissin' the Battlebots.
2003-05-28 02:48:34 PM  
The Stryker is names after two different soldiers (no relation) named Stryker who are Medal of Honor recipients. Both were awarded posthumously, IIRC, and one served in WWII, the other in 'Nam.
2003-05-28 02:48:50 PM  

Sans weaponry? wheres the fun in that?
2003-05-28 02:49:33 PM  
read this article​db&comma nd=viewone&op=t&id=15&rnd=964.3869019993145

David Hackworth. Guy knows what he is talking about. His career is all about military waste and protecting the average soldier.
2003-05-28 02:49:56 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-28 02:50:04 PM  
I just got a call from an army recruiter about 10 minutes ago, and he was retarded as all hell. I'm gonna go talk with him anyway due to my lifelong dream of flying helicopters with giant guns on them. Aw yea. Problem is all that army stuff in between, "Yes Sir, No Sir" and what not. Ah screw it, I'll just buy a remote control helicopter...hehe
2003-05-28 02:51:42 PM  
You're double posting Beltass. It's also nice to put an anchor on your extra-long URLs. I doubt anyone will take the trouble to paste together two lines of random text into a browser.
2003-05-28 02:51:46 PM  
i do believe the band that we are discussing is Stryper not Stryker
2003-05-28 02:52:09 PM  
looks sorta like a puma...
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