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(USA Today)   For some reason, only 36 percent of people believe the media are getting the facts straight   ( divider line
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4173 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 May 2003 at 12:01 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-28 09:50:09 AM  
Pssh, like we can believe USA Today.

/blatantly obvious sarcasm
2003-05-28 12:02:36 PM  
Joe Friday surrenders.
2003-05-28 12:03:37 PM  
Wow, that means 64% of people are thankfully smart enough to see through Faux and CNN's garbage.
2003-05-28 12:03:41 PM  
The number is THAT HIGH????
2003-05-28 12:03:50 PM  

"For some reason, only 36 per cent of people believe the media are getting the facts straight"

Article co-written by Jayson Blair and Mike Barnacle.

2003-05-28 12:04:03 PM  
Thats because everyone reads Fark.
2003-05-28 12:04:32 PM  
Those 36% are complete morans.
2003-05-28 12:04:36 PM  
media shmedia... I used to watch the news religiously, but know more relevant information can be obtained by watching South Park.
2003-05-28 12:04:47 PM  
Let me get it in- Damned liberal media and it's lies.
2003-05-28 12:04:58 PM  
I don't believe that report.
2003-05-28 12:05:21 PM  
That's why I get all my information from this guy:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-28 12:05:28 PM  
"Studies show that 36% of statistics are made up on the spot" reports Jayson Blair, formerly of the NY Times.
2003-05-28 12:05:30 PM  
Thank goodness for outlets such as Fox News. I could never watch the Clinton News Network.
2003-05-28 12:07:05 PM  
I see stupid people....they walk around like everybody else only they don't know they are stupid.
2003-05-28 12:07:42 PM  
In a related study, 36% of people are stupid beyond belief.
2003-05-28 12:08:28 PM  
Gee, you think the shameless plug in the earlier "news", read: shameless plug, about the nipple hiding product and numerous other "news stories" like it have anything to do with this?

Gee you think it has anything to do with the word doctors "spinning" the news like a used car salesman spins bad paint as being "retro"?

Suddenly, we're liberating Iraq. Yeah, and you can also call a Jackass a Farm Mule. But its still a jackass.

The dingo ate my baby! news spin- " a woman's small child was liberated by a dingo during the night"

Yeah, like I'm going to beleive that line of whoooeee.

Salesmen, not journalists, salesmen. Selling newspapers.
2003-05-28 12:09:34 PM  
As the conservative media grows in popularity, less people believe the media for its truth content.

Go figure.
2003-05-28 12:11:21 PM  
Yep. It has finally become apparent to at least some of the general public now that everything is about selling. I can only pray for the day when teenagers are able to break out of the stranglehold that the media has them in. The whole "buy our image" thing has just gone too far. People live and die for it, and its sad :(.
2003-05-28 12:15:31 PM  
Its not that I believe everything that I read, its just that I read everything I believe.

/narrow minded
2003-05-28 12:16:31 PM  
I get my information from the Globe, WWN, The Enquirer, and USA what?
2003-05-28 12:16:50 PM  
100% of me does not trust the media.
2003-05-28 12:18:23 PM  
For some reason, only 36 per cent of people believe the media are getting the facts straight.

Or do they?
2003-05-28 12:19:04 PM  
and 50% of farkers are dumb enough to think democrats and republicans are actually different groups. (and that one of those actually gives a flying fark about them)
2003-05-28 12:23:15 PM  
I get the weekend paper for coupons and for combustable material. News i get from CIA headquarters as they broadcast it straight to the sonic fillings in my teeth. I only leave the house when the FedEx trucks leave the neighborhood as they are foreign spy agents.
2003-05-28 12:23:52 PM  
I believe they get their facts straight.. it's giving them that the media has a problem with.
2003-05-28 12:24:11 PM  
05-28-03 12:19:04 PM Ebawb

and 50% of farkers are dumb enough to think democrats and republicans are actually different groups. (and that one of those actually gives a flying fark about them)

It's the 'good cop/bad cop' thing.
2003-05-28 12:24:33 PM  
Story taken from actual patient psychotic delusions. I love my job.
2003-05-28 12:24:33 PM  
To follow Ebawb's threadjack, remember what the Architect said in Matrix Reloaded - the way to control was to offer a 'choice', however unrealistic the choice really was.

Vote 2004! You will make a difference!
2003-05-28 12:25:43 PM  
what exactly are "sonic fillings"?

They sound cool.
2003-05-28 12:26:26 PM  
Githerax not a thread jack, just commenting on the "damn liberal media/damn conservative media" posts. And good matrix tie in.
2003-05-28 12:27:14 PM  
Oh cmon Ebawb, of course they are different groups. Just like Pimps and Muggers are different types of criminals. Each with different ideas of how to most effectively seperate you from your money.
2003-05-28 12:27:26 PM  
You know. Sonic Fillings are the source of those voices in your head that cause all those headaches.
2003-05-28 12:27:45 PM  
Digitalstrange my bad.......rock the vote! ;p
2003-05-28 12:29:19 PM  
So 36% of people believe what they read? According to CNN, that means 77% of people don't.

/lies, damned lies, and statistics.
2003-05-28 12:29:28 PM  
Sorry Towering but if you havent seen either one yet then they cant mean that much to you.
2003-05-28 12:29:56 PM  
Well, Ebawb, no doubt a bunch of flamers will complain about me using a cheap movie as a source of 'wisdom'. To which I would ask what -they- use as their source of wisdom - the newspapers?

Keep in mind, inevitable flamers, the philosophical arguments presented in the Matrix are really thousands of years old, and yet continue to be relevant to this day. Ask yourself how many political movements carry that much relevancy for so long. And no, 'Democracy' has not and will not.
2003-05-28 12:30:17 PM  

Oh, yeah, like Fox really has their shiat together.

2003-05-28 12:30:34 PM  
Really? I Did not know that.

Do they cause my nose bleeds and painful swollen anus too? Or is that because of my alien visitors?
2003-05-28 12:31:44 PM  
Githerax did you read Baudrillard?
2003-05-28 12:31:57 PM  
When I got my ten minutes a long while back I found the reporters putting words in my mouth.

Reporter: "Would you say that it was like 'blah, blah, blah'?"
Me: "Yeah, I guess it was kind of like that."

When asked about the experience he replied that it was like "blah, blah, blah."
2003-05-28 12:32:58 PM  
It's not the inevitable flames a dislike.

It's the inefitable pretentious gas-bags.
2003-05-28 12:33:14 PM  

and 50% of farkers are dumb enough to think democrats and republicans are actually different groups. (and that one of those actually gives a flying fark about them)

you speak the truth, my friend. It would one day be nice to be able to vote for someone without having to use the 'lesser of two evils' system.
2003-05-28 12:33:30 PM  
I gave up on media a few months ago. They aren't concerned with news coverage, integrity, or balance. Media exists to sell shoddy junk, just like most every other for-profit information conduit.

Non-hypothetical question: If the media honestly represents the real public interest... when that girl's school hazing erupted, and it was deemed vulgar, immoral, and disgusting... why did literally every media outlet show the footage over and over and over again?

Because it brings in ratings and that means they can sell more shoddy crap.
2003-05-28 12:33:36 PM  
and the guys who can't spell.

/slinks off in shame...
2003-05-28 12:34:23 PM  
Ebawb rules.

There IS NO DIFFERENCE. They're all farking retard asshats. We should send THEM to GITMO.

And the whole "liberal/conservative media" argument holds no ground ON EITHER SIDE. THEY BOTH TWIST THE TRUTH TO SERVE THEIR OWN ENDS, am I right?
2003-05-28 12:37:09 PM  
Also, can we talk about how ridiculous polls are in the first place?

Throw out your TVs, guys. Or at least unplug them until something really good is on.

/Can't miss SFU...
2003-05-28 12:37:35 PM  
I posted this yesterday but I don't think it hit the main page.

It's a good read if you're intersted in media bias, and no it isn't dems or reps pullin the strings (for all you "damn liberal/conservative media idiots"), here's a hint, "STARE AT THE PICTURE TUBE AND CONSUME STUPID HUMAN!"
2003-05-28 12:37:53 PM  
Once again, I turn to the only news I can trust: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Sadly, there is more truth in comedy and satire than in the "real" news.
2003-05-28 12:38:14 PM
2003-05-28 12:38:17 PM  
Ebawb, it seems we're on the same page -

Do you read adbusters?
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