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(National Post)   15-year-old Disney star Hilary Duff denies having cosmetic surgery on her breasts. Breast expert says they are "suspiciously high." With pic   ( divider line
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2003-05-28 01:03:24 AM  
culminating in a shriek-filled appearance at a local Wal-Mart (itself a standard-bearer of all that is good and right in the world)

As soon as I saw this crap in the article, I closed the window, what a bunch of garbage....
2003-05-28 01:03:45 AM  
Why did we decide it was not acceptable for 15 year olds to marry and procreate?

Because "we" started moving off the farms and into the factories. Factory workers organized for better wages, and then campaigned to put the teenagers into school for longer and longer periods to keep the wages up. There are other factors too, but that's a big reason why it all happened when it did. So instead of getting married and settling down in their teens, kids stay children on into their twenties.
2003-05-28 01:06:37 AM  

You know whats kind of weird, I grew up in Mississippi, and when i was in junior high, it was completely normal for the 14-16 year old girls to bring their kids to football and basketball games...
2003-05-28 01:06:53 AM  
BrotherLove it's always kind of strange to see children in old paintings...they're done as miniature adults (not what they actually looked like). Wasn't it around Elizibethan times where painters suddenly started drawing them the way they actually look?
2003-05-28 01:08:35 AM  
Today on the radio, NPR, during a promo for upcoming interview or something, they half-jokingly suggested the age when people turn from kids into adults is 26.

Twenty six? How about 16?
2003-05-28 01:09:31 AM  
AnotherJenny, after reading that, I have a feeling that I would really, really hate to meet this girl's parents. Or her manager, though they're probably one and the same.

I just have a hard time believing a fifteen year old gets paid a million dollars and then decides to quit the company that's paying her. Are there really all that many starring movie roles for fifteen year olds?
2003-05-28 01:10:40 AM  
RandomBob actually, I doubt I'll feel like an "adult" at 26. Kind of a slippery idea, but I barely feel like I'm qualified to live on my own, and I've been doing it for three years now.
2003-05-28 01:10:50 AM  
Uh sure, I've got quite a few movie series she could star in.
2003-05-28 01:11:26 AM  

One day this chick will join the Culkin club....the one where they sit around and talk about how their parents screwed them out of their money, and now they are talentless hacks begging for work at a footlocker in a crappy mall in Wisconsin
2003-05-28 01:12:06 AM  
I wish mine were suspiciously high.. after 2 breastfed kids though it's just a dream.. do they make clear duct tape? maybe that would help..
2003-05-28 01:13:09 AM  
2003-05-28 01:13:21 AM  
Exick, I don't know, mass murder always leaves me feeling warm and tingley...

How about a nekkid (insert acceptable age here) female swinging a hatchet around?

BrotherLove, Big Orange Cat, waaaaayyyy back in the Good Old Days (2000bc [argument's sake]-1600's ad], most women were married or considered able to be married and have kids at 9. Until around 1850, 15 or 16. Why? Because back then, people died more often and younger; the sooner they marry, the sooner you get babies.

However, as expectency (sp? I'm really tired...) increased, so did the idea of a "legal age"; since living to be older meant plenty of time to mature and learn more, since you weren't expected to die at age 28.

Look at Japan, until 1992, they didn't HAVE a legal age. Why? It was unspoken that, by the time children are old enough to procreate, they are old enough to make the right decisions. I'm going to guess that the reason it was even made (twelve or thirteen, I think) is because of pressure from the international community and probably a bunch of human rights groups.

Whew, I need more coffee.

2003-05-28 01:13:25 AM  
Ill take debian over slackware any day - at least until slackintosh becomes and official port
2003-05-28 01:14:05 AM  
According to, in four months Miss Duff will be legal to fark if you (and her) are in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Conneticut, D.C., Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa (possibly legal now), Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina (IS legal now), South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

2003-05-28 01:15:09 AM  
Sidi, there's a difference of perspective.

At the age of 42, I find myself talking to yutes such as yourself and not understanding why other folks think of me as old or middle aged. I still want to know what I am going to be when I grow up.

But do I think that kids at the age of 13 on up are capable of adult thinking, and adult decisions, and are in fact adults when we need them to be? Sometimes yes. Sometimes no.

But hell Sidi, lots of they folks fighting in Iraq were much younger than you. Pilots in Iraq are probably 22 and on up. So I understand your not feeling like an adult at 26, but hell man, if you needed to be....

Read some classic literature and find out the historic ages of our heroes.
2003-05-28 01:16:12 AM  
The Olsen twins are not really all that. The other two aformentioned girls are too young. And I, as usual...

/have nothin'
2003-05-28 01:16:25 AM  
Probably should have said "or" Wyoming, huh?

Lizzie Borden could've done it. Lizzie McGuire? Doubtful.
2003-05-28 01:18:01 AM  
I skimmed the thread really quick, and aside from all the comments (which one would consider perverted in these most Puritan of times) I noticed no one pointed this out:

In a sense, she's already something of a mini-J.Lo.

Isn't that like the kiss of death? I'm absolutely positive that, once their thorough raping of Casablanca hits theaters, J-Lo and B-Lo will be done and finished. Comparing this future Playmate the J-Lo is kind of like foreshadowing the fate of the fish right as it bites on the hook.
2003-05-28 01:18:13 AM  
RandomBob yeah. I just don't think there's a magical age where you grow up. I think I was handling alcohol fairly well at 18/19...and I find it strange that all of a sudden society said it was ok a couple months back. But I certainly don't feel responsible enough for marriage or kids, and don't think I'll be ready any time soon.
2003-05-28 01:18:43 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
He'd hit it...

not me though.
2003-05-28 01:18:57 AM  
"HagarTheHorrible: According to, in four months Miss Duff will be legal to fark if you (and her) are in .........Rhode Island........


Woohooo!! I'm half way there!
2003-05-28 01:19:42 AM  
What about Massachusetts?
2003-05-28 01:20:15 AM  
...culminating in a shriek-filled appearance at a local Wal-Mart (itself a standard-bearer of all that is good and right in the world).

Anybody else crap themselves from laughing at this part?
2003-05-28 01:20:31 AM  
J.Lo is a horrible person. A year ago i waited on her and her party at the restaurant I worked at, she and her horrible people ate $3600 worth of food, and then left me a $50 dollar tip

I hope she gets hit by a car
2003-05-28 01:21:30 AM  
I think all posts from here on out need to have a part A and a part B. Part A being about 15 year old boobies and part B being about linux...

/i wish
2003-05-28 01:22:48 AM  
"According to, in four months Miss Duff will be legal to fark if you (and her) are in... Maine... "

Really? That's, ummmmmmmm, interesting.
2003-05-28 01:23:48 AM  
o/~ Lizzie Borden took an axe, gave her mother 40 whacks. When she saw what she had done, she gave her father 41! o/~
2003-05-28 01:24:55 AM  

As soon as I saw this crap in the article, I closed the window, what a bunch of garbage....

I believe that the writer was employing a little thing called "irony"...but I've been wrong before

no wait I haven't
2003-05-28 01:31:18 AM  
Unix & Granny Tits: Old and Busted

Linux & 15 Year Old Boobies: New Hotness
2003-05-28 01:31:40 AM  
This is, of course, EXACTLY what that poster was meant to provoke. Does anyone really, honestly believe that whatever ad exec OKed that poster, did so without the thought ever speculating about the merest idea of crossing his mind that it might be exciting for people who were 18+? I don't think so. The "adult" guys are SUPPOSED to look at it and think "Mmmm. Me hit." And then they feel guilty. And then they feel Naughty. And Naughty is a hell of a lot more likely to sell movie tickets than Prudish.
2003-05-28 01:37:07 AM  
I'd hit it if i was in Hawaii.

(Fair game is at least 14 years old.)
2003-05-28 01:40:16 AM  
Oh, I like to think 20 degrees above horizontal is a starter. 30-45 degrees downright perky!
2003-05-28 01:40:18 AM  
Degree: 98.6
Subject: female
Passing grade: "C"
2003-05-28 01:40:19 AM  
Bullitt - Bring back the show! I watched a few episodes tonite. I wish it never got canceled.

/family guy rules!
2003-05-28 01:48:48 AM  
yawwwn...i've already killed many a kitten to ms. duff's image and i sure as fark don't feel bad about it. she's smoking hot, she's making millions, i gotta get something out of this.
2003-05-28 01:54:52 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-28 01:55:16 AM  
come on, everyone knows that amanda bynes is the way hotter jailbait girl. she was on craig kilborne's show a while back, i absolutely could not look away. thankfully, she's 17, so i don't feel too dirty about it.
2003-05-28 01:58:01 AM  
man, malcolm gets all the underage chix0rz.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-28 01:59:03 AM  
frankie munez or whatever his name is, = the next ashton kutcher :\
2003-05-28 02:00:54 AM  
Blazeit--does that mean that in a few years we'll be subjected to hearing dan savage's bondage fantasies about him and whoever the next brad pitt is?
2003-05-28 02:01:18 AM  
Stubblyhead but he also that krelboyne girl say she would never have sex with him again if he rammed a car...
2003-05-28 02:03:55 AM  
oh yeah, cynthia. speaking of teenagers' tits, hers sure did pop up in a hurry. i haven't watched the show this season really, though. i always thought francis' wife was pretty hot.
2003-05-28 02:06:17 AM  
Is Frankie Muniz related to Timothy Hutton? (the answer is no)
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-28 02:07:05 AM  
But I see the same receding hairline in Frankie's future....
2003-05-28 02:08:29 AM  
hes the next gary coleman!

2003-05-28 02:08:44 AM  

Mmmmm, that FRankie Muniz. *melt*

2003-05-28 02:09:34 AM  
*Psst!* Join me for the Revolution! Pass it on!
2003-05-28 02:10:24 AM  
keelin = pleez tell me ur a girl, and not a nasty old man w/ a raincoat :)
2003-05-28 02:11:12 AM  

if Keelin was a guy, he might be a priest
2003-05-28 02:13:07 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Hit it?
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