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(ICNetwork)   Jet nearly crashes after getting pummelled by hail stones   ( divider line
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9429 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 May 2003 at 5:41 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-27 03:38:39 PM  
A case of the headline submitter -not- reading the article? The jet didn't nearly crash and made a routine landing, despite being a bit battered. Hailstones will do that to you..
2003-05-27 04:24:36 PM  
"The aircraft, as a precautionary measure, is now with the airline's engineers for a detailed inspection."

Uh well I would hope so.. maybe get a rubber mallet and bang the dings out while you are at it too maybe
2003-05-27 05:45:57 PM  
Hail scares the hell out of me. The thought of being battered by big ass ice clumps keeps me up at night. Then I remember I am in Hawaii and fall into a nice comfortable sleep.
2003-05-27 05:46:33 PM  
05-27-03 03:38:39 PM Nyuni
A case of the headline submitter -not- reading the article?

Since when has reading the article ever been a prerequisite for submission on Fark?
2003-05-27 05:47:25 PM  
Nyuni, that was my first thought as well. I kept waiting for the part of the article where it would mention the jet almost crashed, but, of course, it never came. What a letdown.

Oh well. Hardly anyone reads the articles; why should the submitter be held to higher standards?

2003-05-27 05:47:46 PM  
no one said HAILARITY yet???
2003-05-27 05:51:19 PM  
We're supposed to read the articles?! I thought Fark was mostly about the comments.

I have been on a plane that made a 'precautionary landing' after they had to shut down an engine. There are others times I just wish they had made a 'precautionary landing'.
2003-05-27 05:51:37 PM  
Oh, hail!
2003-05-27 05:57:49 PM  
Passenger Bruce "Almighty" Johnson praised the response of the air crew. "Yeah, I caused the hailstorm." He went on further to state, "I just wanted to see how bad the hail would have to be before taking off a wing."
2003-05-27 05:58:16 PM  
"BMI flight BD8412 was hit by a freak lightning storm"

Exactly what is 'freak lightning'?
2003-05-27 05:59:08 PM  

Had the same experience. Nothing was more poop-inducing than landing on a runway lined with fire trucks and other assorted resuce vehicles.

Nothing was that bad-the rescue boys were there 'just in case', but it sure made me double check my pantaloons when I got off the plane.
2003-05-27 06:00:20 PM  
The safety lecture continues. "In the unlikely event of a water landing . . ." Well, what exactly is a water landing? Am I mistaken, or does this sound somewhat similar to CRASHING INTO THE OCEAN!?

- carlin -
2003-05-27 06:01:23 PM  
was Ming The Merciless responsible???
2003-05-27 06:01:45 PM  
I was on a plane leaving Logan Airport (Boston) one time. There was driving rain, lighting, the whole deal. But, you know those airlines, let's get more money, go and fly. So, anyways, the Captain comes on and gives his little spiel about flying safely, our destination, blah blah blah. He then forgets to turn off the intercome while talking to his co-pilot. The next thing I heard scared the crap out of me and every other person on that plane...

"I've never actually flown in weather like this. It looks kinda bad. Anytime I seem like I'm not going about it right, you take over. Feel free to take over whenever you feel it appropriate."

::instantly downed four or five little alcohol bottles::
2003-05-27 06:02:57 PM  
I always wanted to be on a plane that problems so i could have a cool story to tell. Usually i just get stuck next to a fat chick that thinks i care what she is babling through her fifty chins. That is when I pray for the sweet release of death
2003-05-27 06:05:34 PM  
It was sparrows.. 20 mm ones
2003-05-27 06:07:32 PM  
there must be a Hale-Bopp / Hail joke in there somewhere.....
2003-05-27 06:08:59 PM  
you think things are bad when you see fuel leaking from the wing. you think air stewardesses are full of BS when you tell them, they say that that is normal, and then 5 fire trucks show up.
true story
2003-05-27 06:09:44 PM  


Tsk tsk, I expected YOU of all people to know the answer to that question.

Why this jet is automatic
It's systematic
It's hydromatic
Why it's freak lightning (freak lightning)

I'll stop
2003-05-27 06:10:59 PM  
Here too, the worst part of it had nothing to do with the actual flight.

We were stuck in Shreveport for about four hours on a Friday night. There was no way to get anywhere since we weren't sure when we would be catching another plane which they had to fly in special to pick us up. The few shops the airport had were already shut down when we landed, and there was nothing but an airline drink cart with all the free Coke you could want. Some folks ended up cashing in their tickets, renting a car and driving to Houston. I waited it out and kept telling myself not to be angry because the plane could have lost two engines instead of one and my stay in Louisiana would have been a hell of alot longer than four hours.
2003-05-27 06:15:07 PM  
Go freak lightnin', you're burnin' up the quarter mile

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-27 06:15:42 PM  
Here's a photo of the plane involved in the incident:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-27 06:17:38 PM  
Sweater Girl: Tsk tsk, I expected YOU of all people to know the answer to that question.

I think I blotted out all Travolta refs after battlefield earth.
2003-05-27 06:17:54 PM  
Last time I checked, an A-321 can only carry 195 people. I wonder if this one was specially modified, or if it was just a media error.
2003-05-27 06:18:49 PM  
Sweater Girl: Tsk tsk, I expected YOU of all people to know the answer to that question.

But since you brought it up.

John Travolta

Why this car is automatic
It's systematic
It's hydromatic
Why it's grease lightning (Grease lightning)

We'll get some overhead lifters and some four barrel quads oh yeah
(Keep talking whoa keep talking)
A fuel injection cutoff and chrome plated rods oh yeah
(I'll get the money I'll kill to get the money)
With a four speed on the floor they'll be waiting at the door
You know that ain't no shiat we'll be getting lots of tit
In Grease Lightning
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go

Go grease lightning you're burning up the quarter mile
(Grease lightning go grease lightning)
Go grease lightning you're coasting through the heat lap trial
You are supreme the chicks'll cream for grease lightning
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go

Purple french tail lights and thirty inch fins
oh yeah
A Palomino dashboard and duel muffler twins
oh yeah
With new pistons, plugs, and shocks I can get off my rocks
You know that I ain't bragging she's a real pussy wagon
Grease lightning
Go grease lightning you're burning up the quarter mile
(Grease lightning go grease lightning)
Go grease lighting you're coasting through the heat lap trial
You are supreme the chicks'll cream for grease lightning
Go grease lightning you're burning up the quarter mile
(Grease lightning go grease lightning)
Go grease lighting you're coasting through the hit lap trial
You are supreme the chicks'll cream for grease lightning
Lightning, lightning, lightning
Lightning, lightning, lightning Lightning
2003-05-27 06:21:12 PM  
Bulldg4life: Chances are you were a lot safer than you thought. The way the pilot was talking, he was probably doing his first on duty flights with a very experienced pilot in the right seat. if he screwed up, the more experienced guy would be on it immeadiately. As far as the airplanes go, they are built to take this kind of punishment. You would be shocked to see some of the abuse modern airliners can take.
2003-05-27 06:24:02 PM  
Just getting on an Airbus is frightening enough, let alone getting pelted by hail. Every flight in one of them is a near crash just by definition.
2003-05-27 06:33:33 PM  
I was on a plane once sitting where I could hear the crew talk to themselves and after the whole thing about the life vest, emergency exits ect, they turned off the intercom and I heard them say (since my seat was close) "its not like any of that stuff will help them if we crash anyways." I actually thought it was really funny since it was so true.
2003-05-27 06:47:20 PM  

I never got that stuff either, why give you a seat belt if you are gonna slam into the earth at 500+ mph????

Or a seat cuchin that floats, if you are going to be a flaming shark treat???
2003-05-27 07:00:09 PM  
I never got that stuff either, why give you a seat belt if you are gonna slam into the earth at 500+ mph????

This is why:

[image from too old to be available]

The only person who died because of that accident was a flight attendant who was not buckled in.

See also: clear air turbulance
2003-05-27 07:00:16 PM  
coulda been worse...they could have been pummelled by gall stones.

Jpnl, If Elizabeth Shue had become an astronomer instead of an actor, the comet might have been named...

are you ready for this one...

Comet Shue-Bopp! rama lama ding dong...

I must apologize for that one....
2003-05-27 07:02:20 PM  
but come on wedge how often does that happen??

And besides, the flight attendant wanted to see the world from a new perspective, that is one of the job perks isnt it
2003-05-27 07:13:34 PM  
For more on Wedge's featured Aloha Airlines explosive decompression accident, go here.
2003-05-27 07:20:03 PM  
hey - enough already! we've had one plane crash in Stockport thank you very much - we don't want another!!!
still.. wish I'd known.. I'd have been out with my camera
2003-05-27 07:36:49 PM  

'clear air turbulance' could explain why the pilot came on after a especially rough section of my flight saying that they had been looking at stars and had seen nothing on the radar, but all of a sudden we felt like we were caught in a large storm?
2003-05-27 07:56:57 PM  
Let us all remember that our airline stories are nothing compared to the poor souls looking for a free ride because their local governor (or some such) died. They mobbed the president's plane and were promptly beaten with fan belts.

(see Fark from yesterday, day before)
2003-05-27 08:17:18 PM  
looks like easy air conditioning to me...
2003-05-27 08:17:50 PM  
I like the autoland on Airbuses. Real smooth. By contrast, I've been on two MD-11 flights where the computer banged the tail on the runway.

I witnessed a thrilling crosswind landing in one of those old stubby DC-9's, coming into La Guardia.

This was years ago, so the pilots had the cockpit door open, and you could lean out in the aisle and see the pilots drinking coffee and joking.

Well, the weather over NY sucked, and they cranked so much crab into that old DC-9 that you could see straight down the runway looking out the port windows. They had it throttled way up for extra control, so we came in pretty fast (La Guardia's runways are VERY short).

The plane was jumping around and plunging and yawing and so forth.

Dad leaned out into the aisle in time to see one of the pilots slam the cockpit door.

"The pilots have quit talking about pu$$y and gotten down to work," he informed me.

Those guys smacked that plane down pretty hard and threw on the reverse thrust and managed to stop just short of those blast sheilds that you can see houses right behind. . .
2003-05-27 09:11:06 PM  
Every car dealer in town will be wanting it for their "Giant Hail Sale".
2003-05-27 09:15:37 PM  
aloha indeed
2003-05-27 09:51:00 PM  
airbus = fly by wire = worst plane ever
2003-05-27 10:43:16 PM  

The person making the announcement is the non-flying pilot, in this case the Capitan. That means the First Officer (in most cases less experienced) was admitting to the Capitan that he has never flown into this, and asking for the Captain to take over when he thinks he is doing something wrong. Sound perfectly normal, and an excellent example of Cockpit Resource management.

Now for the article, freak lightning storm. Umm hello as BMI every heard of WX radar.
2003-05-28 12:18:42 AM  
one of my design projects in college involved research for military aircraft paint. paint integrity is super important on aircraft to prevent corrosion.

you wouldn't believe how fast simple rain can strip the paint of of the front edge of a wing on an F15 going supersonic....

we didn't even consider hail.
2003-05-28 03:44:54 AM  

I seem to remember an AD that prohibited the use of the autoland on the MD-11 below 100' agl because the fuel control panel was incorectly wired. Perhaps it was the pilot.
2003-05-28 07:48:39 AM  
2 Test flight OK, except Autoland very rough.

Autoland not installed on this aircraft.
2003-05-28 08:14:33 AM  
"Whilst"... heh.
2003-05-28 11:44:00 AM  
"...he said 'don't let that put you off flying'."

yeah RIGHT! Thanks, but no thanks...
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