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(Chron)   Unknown organism takes over Minute-Maid Park roof. Demands end of the DH   ( divider line
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10579 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 May 2003 at 8:29 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-26 07:55:37 PM  
Well, since there are no DHs ever at Minute-Maid Park, this should make our new Mildew Overlords very happy.
2003-05-26 08:33:14 PM  
"We saw it driving in," said Ron Jensen of west Houston.

Have you ever pictured the behind-the-scenes of some of this stuff? Here we have a reporter who apparently walked around Minute-Maid park in seek of this quote- and he was nice enough to take the Gentleman's name and make him famous in the Houston Chronicle.
2003-05-26 08:34:56 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-26 08:35:06 PM  
The growth -- which could be anything from mold to bacteria to algae, experts say -- has prompted the Houston Astros to file a warranty claim with the manufacturer, GenFlex Roofing Systems of Maumee, Ohio.

"Sure, we'll fix it. Just bring it into the shop."
2003-05-26 08:35:52 PM  
You'd think the mildew would protest at an AL park.
2003-05-26 08:36:14 PM  
Perhaps this is divine justice for Minute Maid making that horrid calcium-added orange juice.
2003-05-26 08:37:12 PM  
The growth -- which could be anything from mold to bacteria to algae, experts say

They don't sound very expert to me.
2003-05-26 08:37:31 PM  
C'mon, Houston is one of, if not the smogiest city in the US. And they wonder where the crap comes from? Drive out to the East side of Houston and see mile after mile of smoke belching refineries.
2003-05-26 08:37:51 PM  
GIS for 'unknown orgasm'...

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-26 08:38:36 PM  
Well, to the layman, it looks a lot like urine and skid marks:

Fans walking to the game Sunday said they had noticed the roof's black streaks and yellowish tint from the highway and downtown streets, and wondered what it was.
2003-05-26 08:39:36 PM  
Ha Diabolik, you read my mind.....

hmmmm....although it my be a new SARS thing...
We are all doomed, the Apocalypse is finally here!
2003-05-26 08:39:46 PM  
Oh, and Demetrius, when I GIS for "unknown orgasm" I get photos of fat chicks...
2003-05-26 08:39:53 PM  
According to the Astros, the 480,000-square-foot roof hasn't been washed since the stadium opened in March 2000 because they thought rainfall would act as a natural cleanser.

Yeah, I was kinda hoping for the same thing for my car. It must be working, because after it rains, there's dirt spots all over my car. I figure the rain did it's job, it's that damn gravity that doesn't make it drop to the ground from my car.

Damn dirty gravity.
2003-05-26 08:41:41 PM  
Putnam2k2...I'll take the giraffe, thanks.
2003-05-26 08:42:54 PM  
Demetrius: You'd rather have a giraffe than a fat chick?
2003-05-26 08:44:35 PM  
It was a joke, Puthnam2k2
2003-05-26 08:45:10 PM  
Oh no it wasn't. I see what you're getting at :)
2003-05-26 08:45:17 PM  
sorry about the spelling
2003-05-26 08:45:22 PM  
I love the stuff coming from the team and the county...."they thought rainfall would act as a natural cleanser", and "it was assumed that the roof would require little maintenance".

That's what you get for not investigating a bit further, eh?
2003-05-26 08:46:00 PM  
You got me...gimme a good ole long tongued giraffe anyday! Wooohoooooooo!!!!
2003-05-26 08:46:50 PM  
LOL, I was thinking the same about the tongue. I think I'd ditch a whale for a giraffe any day. Now, enough of us dirtying up this thread with our names.
2003-05-26 08:49:21 PM  
"It's not going to be lily white for 10 years."

Damn, dirty Mexicans...

/Illegal Aliens

2003-05-26 08:49:39 PM  
sure polluted rain to clean it, makes sense to me.
2003-05-26 08:50:14 PM  
hahaha I've had a few beers and I thought we were going to read about an unknown orgasm!!!
2003-05-26 08:53:00 PM  
Mold in Houston? You've got to be kidding me.

2003-05-26 08:54:26 PM  
I thought it said orgasm.
2003-05-26 08:58:04 PM  

You been on the sauce too/?? hee hee

Mould at a ballpark??? hee hee again
2003-05-26 08:58:52 PM  
apparently gravity doesn't like Ytram. I was thinking that same thing about bathing.
/pondering what to do with additional free time.
2003-05-26 09:01:37 PM  
Putnam2k2, so an expert is someone who can tell the difference between urine/poo and algae (or possibly mold or bacteria)?

I guess I am an expert. Who'd'a thunk it?

So, who can tell the difference between mold, algae, and bacteria? Some sort of military created super-expert? Half man, half machine?
2003-05-26 09:05:11 PM  
Have your organism now.
2003-05-26 09:07:56 PM  
Obviously, this is a good-bye present from Enron.
2003-05-26 09:16:50 PM  
My GIS for Unknown Orgasm.

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

And those are the only three images that came up. U'm not touching any of those.
2003-05-26 09:22:53 PM  
2003-05-26 09:25:28 PM  
Gunk growing on a surface in Houston?

Say it ain't so...

That's like buying underwear and then threatening to sue Hanes because you get crotchrot, thinking the underwear would protect you from all of the bad things ot there. After all, you sweat, and that's waterbased, so it should keep you clean. Come to think of it, the towel you use to dry yourself after your (hopefully) daily shower should only get cleaner following that line of logic.

One crane, one pressure washer, nice hot water, and a couple of buckets of industrial strength detergent. Pay the thousand bucks or so it would cost to have that done and stop it.
2003-05-26 09:25:41 PM  
sometimes i wish GIS would go offline for a day, to save the stupid random search results.
2003-05-26 09:27:31 PM  
Great Googlymoogly!
2003-05-26 09:52:00 PM  
Three years of Houston rain without washing it once? They're lucky it hasn't eaten THROUGH the roof...

Get a mop, why don't ya?!?!
2003-05-26 09:52:23 PM  
Must be the SARStrodome?
2003-05-26 10:15:54 PM  
It's, obviously, barbecued meat fat!
2003-05-26 10:16:00 PM  
Whoa! I was at that game Sunday!
2003-05-26 10:22:28 PM  
Like any story worth its weight in mold, this one sure has a great pic. Stupid numbnuts ass munch reporter is a lazy sob.
2003-05-26 10:28:53 PM  
WTF does a sports staduim in Texas, with a relatively mild, dry climate when compared to the rest of the continent need a roof?

The sports fans there must be a bunch of wussies!

(yee-haw, Jed, it's fifty-five degrees. Ahhmm freezin mah dang butt off!!)
2003-05-26 10:48:21 PM  
"Somebody should clean that."
2003-05-26 10:49:04 PM  
Wow, a white roof, got dirty, in Houston. Slow news day?
2003-05-26 10:50:52 PM  
Don't wash it! A moldy roof will give the place some character, just like Wrigley Field with its ivy covered walls.
2003-05-26 10:59:25 PM  
Houston's Minute-Maid Park
[image from too old to be available]

Toronto's Skydome
[image from too old to be available]

Who's laughing now huh, punk?
2003-05-26 11:02:32 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Maybe they should call in a cleaning expert?
2003-05-26 11:02:58 PM  
Day_Old_Dutchie - Obviously you've never been to Houston. It's a frickin' swamp. It's insanely humid, and extremely hot during most of the baseball season. Texas is frickin''s not all desert and tumbleweeds like you see on TV. Houston's climate is closer to that of New Orleans than El Paso. The roof is needed for the HEAT and the frequent, heavy downpours...but at least now it's retractable so when it IS a nice day/night, you can enjoy it...unlike the Astrodome.
2003-05-26 11:06:21 PM  
Day Old Dutchie;

You've never had the displeasure of stepping out in houston between, say, may and october. During the summer months it's usually about 97 with 70%+ humidity. Houston is just off the gulf of mexico, which leads to a sweaty moistness that is pretty much characteristic of the place. Oh, I miss you Houston!
2003-05-26 11:07:34 PM  
Good grief, haven't you ever heard of bleach in Houston?

Do you expect white floors to be self-cleaning as well?

Are you guys all tards?
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