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10356 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 May 2003 at 1:04 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-26 01:08:06 PM  
"Insert Silence of the Lambs refrence here"
2003-05-26 01:10:12 PM  
a black male as a serial killer. thats odd.
2003-05-26 01:11:10 PM  
Round up the posse...
2003-05-26 01:11:34 PM  
Too bad it's not Cavuto they have under suspicion. That guy sucks immensely.
2003-05-26 01:13:05 PM  
Kill the piece of shiat, then figure out the facts later.
2003-05-26 01:13:40 PM  
I refuse to believe this story until it is posted on a credible site such as CNN. Everyone knows FOXNEWS is biased and this probably isn't the killer. Hell I bet there isn't even a killer.
2003-05-26 01:15:26 PM  

Yeah kind of unusual when we CANT blame such things on a male WASP...God knows black males don't perform such deviant behavior as violent crime.
2003-05-26 01:16:26 PM  
Mwa ha. I was thinking the same thing. Except I wouldn't exactly place CNN in the credible category. They're only one step above FOX.
2003-05-26 01:17:01 PM  
historically serial killers have been white. Its been almost a purely white phenomenon. Trust me, i know about this.
2003-05-26 01:17:44 PM  
I hope it is him. I'd hate to think of what the families of the victims would go through if they caught him, and found out they got the wrong guy.

The DNA evidence should be enough...

How the hell did they get his DNA anyway? He's probably been picked up for something before, and they finally got around to comparing the old samples.

Angola is real hard time. Not to mention the end of the sentence...
2003-05-26 01:18:04 PM  

Your social commentary aside, it IS weird to have a black serial murderer. Usually white former altar boys are the ones who're evil enough to kill several people in a row.
2003-05-26 01:18:59 PM  

The serial killer from Atlanta in the late 70's... He was black, wasn't he?
2003-05-26 01:20:07 PM  
of course, im not sure id qualify this guy as a serial killer.

just killing several people does not a 'serial killer' make. A serial killer derives some sort of pleasure from the killing of his/her victims... This guy might have just killed as a consequence of the raping, to keep the girls from talking. There is a difference.

Then again, i dont know a lot about this guy. So.
2003-05-26 01:25:03 PM  
I'm pretty sure that a serial killer is someone who kills multiple people on more than one occassion. Motive doesn't enter into it.

2003-05-26 01:25:39 PM  
And I'll throw in a "" for good measure...
2003-05-26 01:27:15 PM  
</b> for Mofostudio.
2003-05-26 01:27:51 PM  
2003-05-26 01:29:43 PM  
news here saying he has multiple arrests for stalking and being a peeping tom
dna was tested on may 5
2003-05-26 01:31:54 PM  
Where is my Strongbad!!??!?!?!??!?!?!
2003-05-26 01:32:24 PM  
Going to school at Loyola New Orleans, this story's spread all over town. LSU was in hysteria because of this fark. There's GOOD reason it's a news flash...sorry if it's not on the cover of People to make it easy for you.

And a serial killer is someone who kills at least three people with a cooling-off period in between.


2003-05-26 01:32:48 PM  
Serial Killer - Person who kills more than one person on more than one occasion.
Mass Murdered - person who kills more than one person at more or less the same time.

Definitions are based on time/numbers. The psychological explanations for killing are categorized by another set of categorizatoins (psychopath, sociopath, borderline personality disorder, etc)

I'm a Criminologist.
2003-05-26 01:33:20 PM  
My commentary aside, Alph and Judeccan are correct. Statistically it is known the profile of the 'typical' serial killer is white male, 25-30 something, etc etc. I guess what I am really thinking aobut is how for example, the beltway sniper last summer. No one looked twice at Malvo and Muhammad and the focus was on a white van with a ladder rack (totally erronous) and I have no doubt that the 'profile' the authoritiesx had put together until the moment of arrest was of a white male, 25-30 something, etc etc.
As far as I would ever be concerned ANYONE is suspect until proven otherwise. Unlikely it could be a red headed, handicapped Eskimo but not so impossible to imagine as it could have been some black guy or another white guy....

Something like that.
2003-05-26 01:34:04 PM  
duh...'categorized by another set of definitions'...stupid brain.
2003-05-26 01:34:50 PM  
if the guy just raped his victims chances are he would still be unidentified. in police stations all over the country there are many years worth of untested rape kits sitting on the shelves. because its not a priority for them to spend budget money on. it has been said that if more of these kits were processed they would catch a lot more rapists before they add murder to their list of crimes.
2003-05-26 01:37:03 PM  
farking black beast of the underworld come to attack our society.
2003-05-26 01:37:50 PM  
Yeah, that Atlanta based kiiler was black. Wayne Williams is his name. I believe he only preyed on black children.
2003-05-26 01:38:41 PM  
Most rape kits are not used at the victim's request. Its is a fairly intimate process and must be done fairly immediately after the rape happens. Most victims do not report the crime immediately, and things like showering destroy the evidence.
2003-05-26 01:38:59 PM  
The dominant group in society tends to be the group which is over represented in such crimes as serial killing and pedophelia (more than would be statistically expected). Its a long complicated explanation involving power/control issues and social control. In North America the 'dominant' group is middle aged white males.
However, there is also the reality that the largest group tends to be represented to the greatest degree in the statistics (duh). There have been a statistically reprentative number of minority and female serial killers and pedophiles, but for some reason the general public doesn't tend to hear about it in the news to the same degree.
\Nuff Said
2003-05-26 01:40:28 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

The Head Vice

A self explanatory device. The victims head would be put underneath the vice and the screw would be turned very very slowly, until the skull cracked sufficiently and the brain was irreperably damaged and the victim died.
Puke rating:
2003-05-26 01:42:49 PM  
Statistically it is known the profile of the 'typical' serial killer is white male, 25-30 something, etc etc.

Great, so next year I'll fit perfectly into the "serial killer" category... Maybe I should put it on my job applications: "In addition to the many skills I possess, I also happen to belong to the same statistical group as most serial killers!"

(Okay, I'm done being an idiot. I know what you said is true.)
2003-05-26 01:49:28 PM  

you're wrong. Motive does count. Its the main seperator between someone like albert fish, and someone who has killed several people.

if you dont believe me, look it up.
2003-05-26 01:50:08 PM  
This is big news. The families of the victims were getting downright pissed-off at the investigators. Hope they catch this piecs of shet.
2003-05-26 01:58:27 PM  
The FBI also issued a warrant for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution, and police released a photo of Lee and asked the public to help locate him.

I wish they could have posted the picture, these people always seen to end up here (las Vegas).
2003-05-26 02:00:12 PM  
OOPS! Just clicked on the site again and noticed the picture. Sorry!
2003-05-26 02:00:12 PM  
Look at the upper-right corner of the article, and then you'll see this:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-26 02:00:55 PM  
Uhh... jinx??
2003-05-26 02:01:35 PM  
the Engineer: I think Avixxen was talking about rape kits that have been collected, but the DNA hasn't been processed because no suspect has been identified. Because DNA testing is expensive most Police Depts. wait until they have someone to identify/eliminate for they fork over the bucks.And Avixxen is right, hundreds of kits are sitting in evidence, unprocessed.
2003-05-26 02:03:01 PM  
for=before. My bad.
2003-05-26 02:07:36 PM  
2003-05-26 02:07:51 PM  
My predictions:

(1) They will catch this guy before the end of the day today.

(2) He is the serial killer, and the serial rapist of St. Martin Parish.

(3) Quickest. Death penalty conviction. Ever. Yes, he's black, and a jury will probably be 50 percent (or more) black, but he killed at least one black girl and all the attempted aggravated rape victims were black.

I live in Baton Rouge and Robsul is correct. This story has caused hysteria for a year. Now all my dates' mothers can breathe easier to know I'm not the SK.
2003-05-26 02:07:56 PM  
Nail this mofo.

My money's on they get him by COB, today.
2003-05-26 02:08:54 PM  
Q_Dawg: GTMA!
2003-05-26 02:11:40 PM  
Once they catch him, I hope he gets raped repeatedly in prision and then killed a slow brutal death, which turns out to look like an "accident" so no one will care.

2003-05-26 02:13:28 PM  
This guy gave a DNA Sample May 5th, after someone tipped the State Police to look at this guy. Odds are he's long gone, possibly out of the country, if he has any brains/money. Meanwhile I've got to call my wife and tell her to take extra precautions untill this POS is caught/killed.
2003-05-26 02:14:26 PM  
Once they catch him, I hope he gets raped repeatedly in prision and then killed a slow brutal death, which turns out to look like an "accident" so no one will care.


"sir, it looks like he repeatedly raped himself. accidentally."
2003-05-26 02:19:12 PM  

This guy gave a DNA Sample May 5th... Odds are he's long gone...if he has any brains/money.

I'm saying odds that he has brains, at least, are pretty low, considering:

(a) it was widely and I mean widely publicized that the police had consistent DNA samples across at least 4 of the murders.

(b) then the PO-lice performed a DNA dragnet of sorts, asking folks (whose car matched the description -- which I think was a white pickup) to voluntarily provide DNA samples.

(c) It appears that's how this guy's DNA was retrieved (else it was retrieved even later but again the same info was present at that time).

Ergo, he voluntarily gave a DNA sample that would most definitely indict him.

Probably not hitting high in the mental acuity dept.

Serious serial killers *never* think they will be caught; remember: not quite rational, but instead sociopathic, often exceedingly egoistic and supremely confident.
2003-05-26 02:20:02 PM  

2003-05-26 02:26:10 PM  
Its entirely possible he would get killed. Guys like that have a history of inmates not liking them (jeffrey dahmer, albert "the boston strangler" desilvo)
2003-05-26 02:29:03 PM  
Good. I hope he suffers.
2003-05-26 02:29:17 PM  
Slightly off-topic, but I wanted to share:

I live in Baton Rouge, and work part time at a well-known (albeit unpopular) pizza chain. One of my biggest pet-peeves is for a customer to order a pizza for delivery, I get to deliver it, I knock on their door, and they ask "Who is it?" You've got a farking peep-hole, use it and find out. So many times, I tell them the name of my employer, and they open the door, only to tell me, "I just wanted to be sure you weren't the serial killer." My response: "Don't worry, all the serial killer's victims have been attractive, I don't think you have anything at all to be concerned about."

Thanks, try the veal, and tip your delivery driver.
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