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6594 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 May 2003 at 2:26 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-26 02:29:08 AM  
Hmmm internesting
2003-05-26 02:29:10 AM  
What about the people who are not commiting crimes? Do they deserve that smell?
2003-05-26 02:29:58 AM  
Pepe Le Pew unavailable for comment.
2003-05-26 02:30:20 AM  
What does it really matter if they hang out in abandoned buildings..?

<---- And WOO! Our first gay fark personal :D
2003-05-26 02:34:01 AM  
The Skunk Squad...

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-26 02:41:08 AM  
"We'd hit 'em with SkunkShot, and they'd come back with Glade," Mathers said.

Today, President Bush has announced a new front for the War on Crime: SC Johnson.
2003-05-26 02:46:37 AM  
Well, this thread is gonna be a let-down compared to the Michael Moore one. Blah.
2003-05-26 02:48:02 AM  
please dont let my city's police know about this. my pimping and drug dealing career will be done.
seriously, though, thats just awful. i guess if it works to keep the crackheads out of abandoned old buildings, thats the end of it, right? then the abandoned buildings will be crackhead-free.
...and really, what good is an abandoned building, if it's fulla crackheads and whores?
2003-05-26 02:49:04 AM  
"We'd hit 'em with SkunkShot, and they'd come back with Glade," Mathers said.

I'd hit it!
2003-05-26 02:49:59 AM  
hmm.. don't understand WHY my tags never work :(
2003-05-26 02:51:01 AM  
because they're wrong!

<i> for italics

<b> for bold
2003-05-26 02:52:03 AM  
Alright, I can use this on my annoying ghetto neighbors!
2003-05-26 02:53:03 AM  
that explains it, now - why am I trying to microwave my DVD of Girls Gone Wild?
2003-05-26 02:53:27 AM  
<strike> for strikethrough.
2003-05-26 02:54:07 AM  
One of LA's top crime fighters, Sheriff Lee Baca, told the newspaper: "Crime, in and of itself, is a nasty odour".

So he should've tried spraying some crime around first.

Jonasdash: , not []
2003-05-26 02:54:14 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
mmmmmm skunk
2003-05-26 02:54:24 AM  
right - I got the lingo down, just not the vs []
(been using message boards that use [] too much apparantly)
2003-05-26 02:55:02 AM  
because it's decadent and insipid!
2003-05-26 02:55:24 AM  
I wish they could have just mowed down the buildings.

But there's always reasons.

2003-05-26 02:55:49 AM  
Yep, cuz we just KNOW the nice, clean, safe and places to stay for homeless have been deserted 'til now.

Can they tell me why we can't let the homeless keep their cardboard boxes under the overpasses? Is it really THAT prime realestate?

I have to laff at the mental pic of some ho trying to turn a trick in some nasty smelling room...
2003-05-26 02:56:36 AM  
A crackhead whore just isn't skanky enough for me unless she has the sweet scent of skunk farts.
2003-05-26 02:56:58 AM  

you crack me up.... or perhaps me uses up crack
2003-05-26 03:00:13 AM  
Only the skunkiest and skankiest for Andonbray. You gotta respect a guy who holds to his standards.
2003-05-26 03:01:46 AM  
Yeah, but I don't love them hos.
2003-05-26 03:03:58 AM  
2003-05-26 03:06:13 AM  
I dont care about skunks, I dont care about lowlifes, I dont care about a winning battle. I care about boobies, and there has been a major drought. WHERE ARE THE BOOBIES
2003-05-26 03:09:41 AM  
like that part of LA needed to smell any worse.
2003-05-26 03:09:43 AM  
re: the people asking where the boobies went

Could someone write up an explanation and post it on the front page? It would really clear up the questions in each thread.


Drew's having some legal battles. Some people are trying to classify Fark as an adult site becuase there are links to nudity. If that happens, Fark loses an unnamed important 3rd party. If that happens, no more Fark.
2003-05-26 03:09:57 AM  
Oddtodd: normally on the ventral abdomen of female humans, but I could be wrong.
2003-05-26 03:10:15 AM  
Ohh, thats bad. Very bad. Excuse my idioticness then. Sorry folks.
2003-05-26 03:13:03 AM  
I just purchased some breast implants and I keep them on my desk right above my keyboard. Tomorrow I shop for a wig for my monitor.
2003-05-26 03:15:30 AM  
Where have the Boobies gone?
2003-05-26 03:25:40 AM  
Where have the Boobies gone?

The bad men took them away.
2003-05-26 03:28:07 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-26 03:29:13 AM  
Skrewewe: That's a big boobie you got there...
2003-05-26 03:29:16 AM  
HAHAHA ^^^^^^^^^
2003-05-26 03:41:03 AM  
[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]
2003-05-26 03:47:57 AM  
Has Fark gone PC?
2003-05-26 03:51:32 AM  
But what about SFW boobie posts? They're harmless, aren't they?
2003-05-26 04:05:04 AM  
the boobies were fun and all but, do you really need any help finding them on the intarweb?
2003-05-26 04:06:19 AM  
Fark Mainstream. PC correct. Sponsered by Disney and Dr Pepper.
2003-05-26 04:10:38 AM  
Skunk bud?
2003-05-26 04:12:05 AM  
Squatters, however, have tried to fight back. In another abandoned hotel illegal inhabitants bought cans of air freshener to dampen the odour.

ahhhh, squatters... a resourceful bunch... until it comes to getting A FRICKING JOB.
2003-05-26 04:47:10 AM  
Okay journalists and editors, I am positive that Sheriff Lee Baca, told the newspaper: "Crime, in and of itself, is a nasty odor", and not ".... is a nasty odour."

Should the quotation have been transcribed as it was with the spelling changed?

Damned Aussies! Didn't they learn their lesson when the CIA overthrew their democratic government?
2003-05-26 04:55:46 AM  
ToStupidTooCare, Theres a difference between getting a job, and getting a job to pay enough to have a roof over your head in LA..
2003-05-26 06:37:20 AM  
If stench kept the criinal element away, New york would be crime free.
2003-05-26 07:57:17 AM  

Given that the article was written originally by an AAP (Australian Associated Press) journalist and assuming that all papers aren't like the NY Times, I would be guessing that the journalist writing the article was in contact with the Sheriff personally. In listening to the response to their question from the Sheriff, the journalist would have heard 'odour' and not 'odor'.

If the journalist obtained the quote in written form from another source, yes they should/would have written 'odor' (but not 'odor [sic]' as citation guides recommend you don't use a [sic] following a word which is spelt differently in different places. [sic] should only be used if the word is spelt incorrectly).

All that aside, what the Sheriff should have said is that 'Crime, in and of itself, is malodorous.'

/pointless rant on citation
2003-05-26 08:54:02 AM  
This would be illegal in Texas, at least, as disorderly conduct. I don't know about California. If not, would be funny to find the "criminals" fighting back and putting the stuff in public buildings.

Sec. 42.01. DISORDERLY CONDUCT. (a) A person commits an offense if he intentionally or knowingly:
~ ~ (3) creates, by chemical means, a noxious and unreasonable odor in a public place;
2003-05-26 09:47:58 AM  
Pff, what they need to do is put wolverines in those abandoned buildings.. problem solved.
2003-05-26 10:58:20 AM  
ahhh but NightMgr, skunk odor is all natural, and how much of the public hangs out in abandoned buildings?

seriously, though it takes more than glade to cover up skunk odor.
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