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(ESPN)   Rickey Henderson homers to break Ty Cobbs's all time runs scored record.   ( divider line
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2001-10-04 07:13:41 PM  
I don't get it?
2001-10-04 07:14:28 PM  
Yay new sign, ph4t, first boobies, wait no it's not, damn.
2001-10-04 07:15:14 PM  
Oh nevermind I got it now.

2001-10-04 07:15:23 PM  
whoa... like the new tag
2001-10-04 07:20:09 PM  
Fitting that cool would get cool first.
2001-10-04 07:21:12 PM  
simple is better - lose the new tags except the news flash
2001-10-04 07:23:03 PM  
wait a minute... that's not a real gold plate! Shucks, they sure are tricky.
2001-10-04 07:24:46 PM  
I'm kinda bitter the media hasn't given a shiat about this. Cobb set the record in '27, seems like a pretty big deal.

Hopefully, we'll get to hear Rickee talk about himself in the 3rd person for a couple days now.
2001-10-04 07:34:42 PM  
I like the Cool tag.....and Rickey has been my favorite player since I cared what baseball was....:P
So this definitely deserves a cool tag....
2001-10-04 07:35:07 PM  
That's the way to do it.
I can't stand Rickey, but he's one helluva ballplayer.
2001-10-04 07:35:35 PM  
Rickey Henderson is way more of a bitch than Barry Bonds.Way more.
2001-10-04 07:36:09 PM  
He's helluva tough!
2001-10-04 07:37:18 PM  
They're both not very nice, but I prefer Rickey. I'd rather see him break his record than see that SOB motherfarker Barry Bonds break all-around nice guy Mark McGwire's home run record.
2001-10-04 07:38:50 PM  
I HATE Mark McGwire.
2001-10-04 07:40:16 PM  
Explain to me why Bonds is so bad, besides the fact he has stuff most players don't. He's one of the greatest players ever, he has a right to luxuries.
2001-10-04 07:43:19 PM  
Heh, McGwire was pretty much a prick until Sammy Sosa shamed him into being a nice guy, I was rooting for Sosa to break the record myself...

2001-10-04 07:44:17 PM  
Bonds is probably the best all-around player of his generation, yes. But he's a celf-centered dick. Not at all a team player. It should have told you something when he hit his 500th homerun and not a single teammate came out of the dugout to greet him at the plate.
Plus he chokes in the postseason.
2001-10-04 07:45:35 PM  
McGwire is the most one dimensional player ever.
2001-10-04 07:46:57 PM  
But what a dimension!
2001-10-04 07:47:22 PM  
If Bonds is so self-centered, why hasn't he bitching about his lack of hittable pitches? The only evidence of some anger was last night, and deservedly so.
2001-10-04 07:47:36 PM  
Seems to me that Rickey's only handing around so he can break some records.
2001-10-04 07:47:52 PM  
Yes, steroids help you hit home runs.
2001-10-04 07:49:14 PM  
"If Bonds is so self-centered, why hasn't he biatching about his lack of hittable pitches?"

What, are pitchers supposed to just lob the ball over the plate for him?
You don't know too much about baseball, do you?
2001-10-04 07:51:15 PM  
OK, they are intentionally walking him if he gets a 2-0 count. I would be very pissed if I was him.
2001-10-04 07:51:46 PM  
He didn't see a pitch on the inner part of the plate all game yesterday.
2001-10-04 07:52:31 PM  
I'm amazed that Ricky is playing for the Padres... I mean, its the friggin Padres, have they spent more than 4 bucks a year on players in the last decade? They gotta be paying Ricky SOMETHING.

And I really don't care about Baseball at all, but I think its pretty farked that they haven't given him any good pitches recently...
2001-10-04 07:53:17 PM  
"Yes, steroids help you hit home runs."

Oh, so you're saying that every player should be able to hit 50 HRs, knock in 122 RBIs, and score 101 runs on a 162 game average over a 16-year career if they just take steroids?
2001-10-04 07:55:23 PM  
It certainly helps. With his inhuman arms, he undoubtedly has an incredibly fast swing to get the meat of the bat on the ball.
2001-10-04 07:56:09 PM  
"OK, they are intentionally walking him if he gets a 2-0 count."

This is nothing incredibly new. McGwire went through it, Sosa went through it, every prolific swinger is going to go through it (unless they have Mantle batting behind them). So cry me a farking river.
Just a couple years ago Buck Showalter intentionally walked Bonds WITH THE BASES LOADED. Again, nothing new here.

"He didn't see a pitch on the inner part of the plate all game yesterday."

That's called smart pitching.
2001-10-04 07:57:03 PM  
The Giants are virtually out of the playoffs, and the astros are pretty much a lock. So what's the need to avoid the strike zone? They don't want to be in the same league as steve trachsel?
2001-10-04 07:57:22 PM  
A'ight, I gotta jet. Always fun to talk baseball with someone who actually cares. Later.
2001-10-04 07:58:34 PM  
Well, I don't recall many people breaking a Ty Cobb record that stood for 70 years, but Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire each broke Maris' record twice, with Bonds doing the same. I still want to see someone beat DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak; that would be impressive.
2001-10-04 08:00:48 PM  
"So what's the need to avoid the strike zone? They don't want to be in the same league as steve trachsel?"

Hee hee. Good one.
I've heard Al Leiter yesterday talk about how much Trachsel hates having that monkey on his back. He's pulling for Bonds REAL hard.

"The Giants are virtually out of the playoffs, and the astros are pretty much a lock."

Eh. Giants aren't *eliminated* yet, and the 'Stros are half a game behind the Cards. You know they want to win the division, even though the team that finishes second in the Central is a lock for the wild card.
Okay, now I'm done.
2001-10-04 08:32:34 PM  
wow. actually got some positive reaction to my tag this time. someone even liked the newsticker. :)
2001-10-04 09:04:27 PM  
Here's to you Henderson. Have a "hit".

[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-04 09:07:46 PM  
McGwire: Gives millions of dollars a year to St. Louis hospitals

Bonds: Does not show up for team pictures or autograph sessions

Yes, Bonds may be the better player right now, and will possibly hit more home runs. But that doesn't mean he's still not a god damn farkhead.
2001-10-04 09:09:41 PM  
My favorite player since i was like 7. It pissed me off when Nolan Ryan stuck him out that one time - it was like the 10,000 stike out or some crap like that. That sucked.
2001-10-04 09:15:20 PM  
Everyone is so damn crabby today, myself included...
But I've gotta hand it to Ricky on this one.
Kudos to a great and long career--
on par with Football's Jerry Rice and Chris Carter.

Man, that dude used to steal some bases... and hit singles...what a hitter!

I haven't followed baseball much in a few years (I live in Minnesota 'nuff said) so I may be way off base these days..

He was a real winner in the late 80's early 90's, tho
2001-10-04 09:43:15 PM  
That's impressive! Almost 3000 hits, over 2000 walks and 2246 runs scored. He scored over 40% of the time he got on base. I thought he was just an old base stealer.
2001-10-04 10:34:55 PM  
Bonds hits #70
2001-10-04 10:39:31 PM  
...back in '80 when I hit .390

I saw VERY few good pitches.

I remember Sparky Anderson saying that he doesn't care about walking me. He said he would never let "me" beat him.
2001-10-04 10:39:31 PM  
2001-10-04 10:40:54 PM  
I hope 71 is inside the park
2001-10-04 10:45:54 PM  
I hope 71 is inside the park as well... AND in the early innings so he can come to the plate later...

...and STEAL SECOND after getting walked again!
2001-10-04 10:57:37 PM  
amazing... he worked this record in a number of plate appearance limited by his record setting number of walks. amazing.

(numbers from CNN stats page)
BA .326
AB 466
H 150
XH 103 (104 including tonights homer) (100 is the 'magic' number)
1b 47
2b 32
3b 2
HR 69 (70)
BB 172 (+ 3 tonight)
TB 393 (397 +??) (400 is the 'magic' number)
Sl% .843 (record is .847 B. Ruth) (1 for 2 tonight, hr... .848291 Slugging so far)
2001-10-04 10:59:35 PM  
Hey Ricky:
[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-04 11:05:32 PM  
Henderson is good, so is Bonds....both are kinda stuck up, Oh well They are both future hall of famers. They are good at what they do.
The thing I find sad is this is kinda overshadowing the fact that we are losing 2 great ball players in the next couple days in that Tony Gwynn, and Cal Ripken Jr are retiring. (though coke does a good job of reminding us about Cal) These are two class acts in the sport, and great ball players as well.
2001-10-04 11:09:20 PM  
Whoa, Bonds too!
2001-10-04 11:30:44 PM  
Yeah, everything's funny on acid isn't it.
2001-10-05 01:28:33 AM  
Henderson may be stuck up, but Cobb was downright racist. I like ricky more then.
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