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(ABC News)   Bernie Madoff is seen as a success story, other inmates admit he's rising to the top of the social pyramid   ( divider line
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2010-06-07 05:56:05 PM  
Why should we be surprised by this? He's in a population of thieves and swindlers and he's one of the greatest of all time. It would be like going to baseball camp with Lou Gehrig. I wonder if he's doing some mentoring for short timers.
2010-06-07 06:10:30 PM  

hestheone: LeroyBourne: I'm very surprised he hasn't been shanked yet. I guess most cons don't understand or comprehend the magnitude of his crimes.

He didn't steal from them - there are no props for doing him. And in that regard, his wife and kids are doing fine on the outside, so no one he stole from is all that mad about it, either. Now if his wife and kids get shanked, that would be something.

So in your world, if his wife & kids aren't dead then "no one he stole from is all that mad about it"?

Yeah, you sound stable. Ya know, there ARE levels of anger that don't give rise to homicide. Weird, right?
2010-06-07 06:32:48 PM  
You mean he's not being raped nightly, INCONCEIVABLE rape
2010-06-07 06:52:49 PM  
Still? We STILL have comments about rape, and dropping the soap? It's never going to happen, RTFA! it says he's being revered in a relatively cushy prison. Stop your delusional, wishful thinking and just accept that you made the wrong decisions in life. You should've been more like Bernie Madoff. The good news is you still can, because laws haven't changed much. People are more upset about elderly illegals getting free health care.
2010-06-07 06:59:29 PM  
Why is anyone surprised? He's a sociopath. They tend to get along the best in prison and business.
2010-06-07 07:48:02 PM  
Game respects game.
2010-06-07 08:02:45 PM  
Hey, where are all those Farkers who were claiming he'd be getting PMIA'd hourly? HAHAHA!

Blithering idiot Farker assholes wrong as usual.

/But then look who you voted for.
2010-06-07 09:20:03 PM  
Everyone loves a jolly man.
2010-06-07 10:47:07 PM  
If I was guaranteed a spot at the same prison, I might consider re-offending just to start up a website taking requests on what to do to ol'Bernie*.
Range the prices for services from simple harrasment and stealing his amenities to outright brutal attacks on his person.

*Not that I would realistically consider doing this because that would be wrong and certainly not as profitable as I enjoy imagining it might be.
2010-06-07 11:12:19 PM  
I bet that's not the only pyramid.
2010-06-07 11:20:05 PM  

Close2TheEdge: And thus, you have been force-fed your daily OUTRAGE courtesy of ABC News. At this point, what purpose does it serve anybody to know that Madoff is unrepentant for his crimes? That could probably describe 60 -70% of the prison population, but is that considered newsworthy?

The man was caught, convicted, and thrown in jail for the rest of his life. Justice, for what it is, was served. There is only one purpose for ABC to do this "story" and it is to whip people up in a frenzy all over again. So they can try to sell more Diet Coke.

I hate it when the media is blatant about it's manipulation.

There goes the media again, embezzling hundreds of millions of dollars from investors in a pyramid scheme. Next thing you know, the media is going to spill millions of gallons of oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

Sneaky, that media.
2010-06-08 12:22:33 AM  

Stanfan114: "If I'd lived that well for 70 years, I wouldn't care that I ended up in prison," says one of the inmates.

Basically, this.

Madoff lived like a king all his life, and nobody can take that away from him, even prison.

And putting him in "Camp Fluffy" is not making me any happier about it.

what are you upset about? he defrauded people with no concept of how money is created. he's a farking hero. he defrauded people who gave him money and had no idea how it was made. he refused them and they didn't give up.
2010-06-08 04:51:50 AM  

LeroyBourne: I'm very surprised he hasn't been shanked yet. I guess most cons don't understand or comprehend the magnitude of his crimes.


If you'd read Frank Abagnale's (of 'Catch Me If You Can' fame) book, you'd know that con artists get treated like royalty in prison.
2010-06-08 06:54:47 AM  
Bernie Maddoff is a political prisoner.

He did nothing wrong according to the current rules of finance.

The man is a hero.
2010-06-08 10:56:16 AM  

Dead for Tax Reasons: he's promising big returns on cigarettes

'give me a pack today, and next month you'll get a carton return on your initial investment

His genious was by specifically offering good but not sky high returns just very consistantly (ie 10-12%/yr no matter what the market does). That's exceedingly attractive and ended up being most of the reason he lasted as long as he did.
2010-06-08 06:54:19 PM  

Eapoe6: Bernie Maddoff is a political prisoner.

He did nothing wrong according to the current rules of finance.

The man is a hero to all the crooked bankers and other skeezy professional money shufflers.

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