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3266 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Oct 2001 at 12:00 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-05 12:13:35 AM  
Hmm, I saw this, before, when Enterprise first came out. I wondered what writer picked the Aussies to be last in uniting... go fig.
2001-10-05 12:14:36 AM  
Star trek sucks anus. DIE star track DIE!
2001-10-05 12:31:00 AM  
If the Aussie Govt. doesn't stop all those farking illegal sandmonkeys coming in by boat, there will be no Australia left to join anything other than the Taliban.
2001-10-05 12:33:02 AM  
Why would we bother asking the Aussies to join anyway? They have no oil, no political or military strength and they flood our airwaves with crazy gator-catchers. Poo on them and their colony of criminals!
2001-10-05 12:41:12 AM  
anyone else notice the 2001 current events? tacky.
2001-10-05 12:47:48 AM  
Did you see all that stuff they made up in the 1600s? haha, that's funny.

Seriously, the "old" star trek timeline predicts Khan(yes, that KhAAAAAN!!) as being some big-assed terrorist-like guy taking over parts of the earth around this time. Something with clones too.
2001-10-05 01:02:00 AM  
actually,we have a fair whack of oil, natural gas, iron, gold, diamonds.... you name it...
so hah! stick it where it fits!
2001-10-05 01:09:37 AM  
"A terrorist attack on the United States leaves thousands of innocent civilians dead, a horrific tragedy that forces all nations of the world to re-evaluate their values and priorities, and galvanizes the people of Earth to strive harder to put their differences behind them."

Hey Rival - who's "we"?
2001-10-05 01:17:16 AM  
Rik - Just "me". "I" often talk of myself in plural terms.
2001-10-05 01:18:20 AM  
Australians, pah! A bunch of pig-ignorant mullet heads who actually take pride in being descended from pig-ignorant criminals.
2001-10-05 01:43:46 AM  
Australia, the last holdout, joins the United Earth government.
phew.....without australia, where would we get dingos to eat our babies ?
2001-10-05 01:46:03 AM  
2001-10-05 02:12:37 AM  
star boobies
2001-10-05 02:16:52 AM  
C'mon you guys, you're not even trying. Who can we slag harder: Star Trek fans or Aussies?
Ready... set... GO!
2001-10-05 02:19:25 AM  
OK, I'll start:

"It's just a TV show people! You, you there, have you ever even kissed a girl?"
2001-10-05 02:19:25 AM  
Rival you obviously dont know jack shiat about us aussies... as for the writer... maybe a dingo ate his baby? Or maybe a baby ate his dingo?

Aussie Rox!
2001-10-05 02:19:25 AM  
OK, I'll start:

"It's just a TV show people! You, you there, have you ever even kissed a girl?"
2001-10-05 02:22:47 AM  
Oops, crap. Sorry for the double post. Feel free to add my stupid ass to the "to slag" list.
2001-10-05 02:59:54 AM  
who gives a shiat about star least we will back up other nations if need sit and think about that before there is any slagging of australia..
2001-10-05 03:02:19 AM  
hey feral..btw..I notice we have heaps of kiwi's over here earning the aussie dollar...hmmmmmm maybe they are traders of new
2001-10-05 04:50:59 AM  
Isn't stereotyping fun?


Mint sauce anyone?

*grumbling about illiterate sheep farkers*
2001-10-05 04:57:22 AM  
* grumbling about illiterate tim tam farkers *

still wub ya bumjube..baaaaaaaaa
2001-10-05 04:59:31 AM  
mmmmm, Tim Tams....
2001-10-05 06:01:02 AM  
mmmmm, Chicken Twisties...
2001-10-05 06:04:25 AM  
Cos we all know cheese twisties are kinda bland....
2001-10-05 06:33:01 AM  
cherry ripes. we win. france surrendered when we won the wold cup.
2001-10-05 07:18:13 AM  
Rival : Ignorance is bliss isn't it ?
2001-10-05 07:46:16 AM  
Right, that's nice. I'm gonna live to see a WW III in 2053. Crikey!

Excuse me, I'm gonna play with my woolangolong.
2001-10-05 07:46:37 AM  
There already is a one-world government I tell you! It's run by Bob Dole! You're being decived, don't let them take you!
2001-10-05 08:01:59 AM  
Who here thinks being "decived" sounds painful?
2001-10-05 09:11:49 AM  
The terrorist attack get a whole paragraph and WWIII gets a sentence. A little unbalanced in their details.
2001-10-05 09:17:53 AM  
who think's australia should invade new zealand. i mean common they sold half their stuff so we might as well take em over. although it would ruin the tri-nations so guess we better not.
2001-10-05 09:20:44 AM  
Franga: Feeling a little rethorical today???
2001-10-05 09:28:52 AM  
franga: if we took over new zealand one afternoon, we'd all be associated as one. just think about what you are proposing here ... could you imagine the chaos that would cause?

q: 'are you aussie or kiwi?'
a: 'yep, eh'
2001-10-05 09:58:37 AM  
No it would be easy to tell us apart, Aussies would be the ones hanging out with a beer and some mates watching an AFL game or something.

New Zealanders would be the ones chasing sheep and harassing wombats for a good time :P
2001-10-05 10:07:20 AM  
Rival: They have no oil

Could have fooled me... maybe you should talk to my half-brother who used to work as a roustabout on an oil rig. We have plenty.

However, we have no military or political strength, though. On that I agree.

But then again, our beer shiats all over that weak american piss
2001-10-05 10:17:50 AM  
Rhaokarr: nice one! give me XXXX any day over that shiate they stole from czech republic!
2001-10-05 10:33:37 AM  


2151- Aussie way of life dominates planet, Federation abandons space exploration for barbeques, footy and listening to AC/DC.
2001-10-05 10:52:55 AM  
Sure, it starts with a new word order. All of the sudden - it's a new word government. And who, who will be the president of this new word?
2001-10-05 11:01:12 AM  
ernie dingo.
2001-10-05 11:35:57 AM  
LOL Ernie dingo :)
2001-10-05 12:04:20 PM  
austrailia almost did not join in 2150.....the episode is just on now tee hee hee
2001-10-05 12:05:13 PM  
Ernie Dingo signed my cast at Royal Children's in Melbourne when i was 10 years old. He's rather tall.
2001-10-05 01:20:21 PM  
Hey Australia come on already, this is getting old. Just join already okay, you aren't proving anything by being by yourself, even Iraq joined. So what do you say, you drop all this nonsense, and be apartof the game.
2001-10-05 02:16:28 PM  
I think that Australia might be the largest nation (size) in the world that doesn't have a land border. This makes them pretty isolated already. They could (and probably do) make it without having too many relations with other nations (arggghh, I hate rhymes). Oil maybe, but then everyone is pretty dependant on oil. I can see how Australia could have been picked.
2001-10-05 04:58:20 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-05 05:14:05 PM  
added to bumjubes visual:

No,you can't come in....well, not until after the Election, then if you would kindly wait until we have your accomodation udated to 4 stars.
2001-10-05 06:24:47 PM  
hrm... old news...
2001-10-05 09:05:32 PM  
well if australia took over new zeland i suppose they would become aussis's too. the onlt good thing about that is we could get rid of their biatchy leader. might also add this. not only do we have oil but we also got uranium but ya can't touch that shiat since it's in a natinal park.
2001-10-05 10:23:54 PM  
"In the post-war era, Zefram Cochrane converts an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) into the first faster-than-light, or warp, spaceship - the Phoenix. The Phoenix's test flight attracts the attention of other space travelers and 'first contact' is soon made between humans and Vulcans."
And meanwhile a 79-year-old Cid Highwind -but looks only 25 because of lifespan enhancers- uses several ICBMs in their original use, and blasts every Trekkie server to Mars. And there is much rejoicing.

And I thought Nomad was just the subject
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