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9912 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Jun 2010 at 10:57 AM (7 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2010-06-04 10:01:11 AM  
"Goddamit, I'm probably going to have to postpone my summer vacation to Southern France... FML."
2010-06-04 10:38:55 AM  
"The oil has hit the anus."

/now with voting!
2010-06-04 10:53:31 AM  
"Why can't I have my life back?"
2010-06-04 11:02:20 AM  
farking shutoff valves... How do they work?
2010-06-04 11:03:01 AM  
"OK, I put on my 'I am deeply concerned face' for the interview. Can I get back to my hookers and blow now?"
2010-06-04 11:03:22 AM  
Fark, i wish there was a mirror here so I could make sure I look concerned enough.
2010-06-04 11:04:34 AM  
"This was never covered in any of my engineering classes."
2010-06-04 11:04:42 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Welcome to Fark...
2010-06-04 11:04:43 AM  
2010-06-04 11:04:47 AM  
Well, darn. That pesky oil spill might wipe out a whole quarter's profits. But it probably won't. Muhahaha. Better look concerned and downtrodden anyway...
2010-06-04 11:05:01 AM  
"is that a scratch on my bentley?"
2010-06-04 11:05:13 AM  
Don't retire yet he says.
One more year will make all the difference in my stock options he says.

I could have retired six months ago, converted my BP stock to "Hooters Dollars" and lived the last 20 years in happiness. But NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
2010-06-04 11:06:12 AM  
"Dammit, I told you I was sorry! What do you want from me?!?! gosh!"
2010-06-04 11:06:17 AM  
"I wonder if Bear Grylls can show me how to get out of THIS mess..."
2010-06-04 11:06:35 AM  
Oi, I shouldn't have had those poached eggs for breakfast.
2010-06-04 11:06:42 AM  
"I'd be a lot more concerned if I thought this was going to affect my yearly bonus. Bloody peasants..."
2010-06-04 11:07:32 AM  
I was supposed to drink THEIR milkshake :-(
2010-06-04 11:07:36 AM  
"My bonus will only be 7 figures instead of 8 this year. Life's so unfair."
2010-06-04 11:07:37 AM  
I wonder if this will affect my bonus?

/pesky Voting button; thought I clicked you
2010-06-04 11:08:37 AM  
"Will I see it coming, or will they sneak up on me and shoot me at point-blank range?"
2010-06-04 11:08:43 AM  
"Hmmm, dinner tonight... the beluga sturgeon or the hawksbill turtle??? Both so. very. tasty."
2010-06-04 11:09:53 AM  

JMR9000: They eat da poopoo?

/Now with voting
2010-06-04 11:10:25 AM  
"I have gas"
2010-06-04 11:10:40 AM  
"Damn, I wish I had thought to be concerned enough to prevent this before it happened."
2010-06-04 11:11:20 AM  
"I has a sad."
2010-06-04 11:11:58 AM  
Ah, it could be worse. l could have Scarface's job.
2010-06-04 11:12:16 AM  
What would Captain Morgan do?
2010-06-04 11:12:18 AM  
I can has life back??
2010-06-04 11:14:11 AM  
I wish I could think of a way to blame this on illegal alien Muslims. Perhaps I should give Rush a call.
2010-06-04 11:15:52 AM  

desertmouse: "If only there was some sort of substance I could put around my eyes to prevent wrinkles and premature aging. A viscous lotion of olay, if you will..."

Dang I would have voted for ya!
2010-06-04 11:16:32 AM  
2010-06-04 11:16:43 AM  
I've got yer top hat right here, baby!
2010-06-04 11:16:44 AM  
Ah jeez, not this shiat again.
2010-06-04 11:17:40 AM  
"Ow! My tar balls!"
2010-06-04 11:18:00 AM  
I could sure use a good international crisis right now to take the focus off...

2010-06-04 11:18:45 AM  
"Oils well that ends well."
2010-06-04 11:19:07 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

"I can't fap to this."
2010-06-04 11:19:50 AM  
This will cost me $2 million in bonuses, I'll have to see id we can get by on the other $114 million alone.
2010-06-04 11:20:33 AM  
"hmm, I wonder, do they make blow out preventors for anuses?"
2010-06-04 11:20:55 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Maybe I'll have the lobster at lunch.
2010-06-04 11:21:33 AM  
"I you squint a little, the oil slick kinda looks like a giant bunny, and everyone loves bunnies"
2010-06-04 11:23:02 AM  
OK, here's my best impression of Prince Charles.
2010-06-04 11:24:52 AM  
This is the final boss of the BP.
2010-06-04 11:26:07 AM  
"Ewww, proles."
2010-06-04 11:28:01 AM  
I can't remember, is Dr. Kevorkian out of prison yet?
2010-06-04 11:28:03 AM  
I don't see any plumes. There are no plumes.
2010-06-04 11:28:27 AM  
"I should have had the chicken..."
2010-06-04 11:30:02 AM  
John Cleese said "I loved your Ministry of Silly Walks bit. Join us, become a Python" but no... I had to get in to oil.
2010-06-04 11:31:31 AM  
So that's where my intern hid the anal lube...
2010-06-04 11:31:47 AM  
Does that fish have three eyes?
Must be evolution.
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