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2003-05-22 11:40:34 AM
That is sweet.

<------------------Does a butteredasian ride the naughty bus?
2003-05-22 03:20:44 PM
Bang Bus/Pink Bus...is there a connection here?
2003-05-22 03:20:54 PM
Wasn't this post up the other day?
2003-05-22 03:21:26 PM
dirty. diiiirtty.
2003-05-22 03:21:54 PM
I'd like a naughty girl to ride my "pink bus".
2003-05-22 03:22:17 PM
What a wonderful way to humiliate those little cretins!
2003-05-22 03:22:40 PM
What is with everyone obsessed with today's Personal? I'm kind of mystified with the number of single asian women seeking a hook-up from FARK, but is the serial threadjacking really necessary?
2003-05-22 03:22:41 PM
Chicks dig riding on my "pink bus".
2003-05-22 03:22:43 PM
The bus drivers have said the pupils try to hide and keep away from the windows when they are one the bus so they are not teased.

How are they teased?

"Ha ha ha. You ride on a pink bus.!"

Oh no!...
2003-05-22 03:22:48 PM
Isn't riding the bus bad enough in itself??? I had to ride the yello-dog until i was 14 and found a friend with a car!
2003-05-22 03:23:00 PM
Private shcool Girls....

Pink Bus...

Hiding from the windows...

/head explodes.
2003-05-22 03:23:00 PM
i rode the pink bus last night! yowza!
2003-05-22 03:23:15 PM
I like pink bus and i cannot lie
you yellow bussers can't deny
2003-05-22 03:23:22 PM
Subdue this biaaaaatch!
2003-05-22 03:23:46 PM

Is your pink bus "express"?
2003-05-22 03:23:47 PM

^-- Rides the pink bus?
2003-05-22 03:23:51 PM
'Does a butteredasian ride the naughty bus?'

well she can ride on my pink bus anytime she wants...
2003-05-22 03:23:52 PM

What about this bus?
2003-05-22 03:24:23 PM
The girls I meet have all the time in the world, they'd rather ride the baloney pony.
2003-05-22 03:24:41 PM
I hear St. Alfonzo's bus gets all around town.
2003-05-22 03:25:14 PM
won't that just get them more unruly and attack the driver b/c they have to be on a pink bus...and if they're delayed 5 minutes when they act up that's 5 less minutes you have to be at school...and if you're a girl a pink bus would be cool (not me, but i read fark so i'm not most girls)...hmm...
2003-05-22 03:25:48 PM

Wasn't this post up the other day?'

It was indeed, but without the video. However the content of the video really didn't justify the repeat posting.
2003-05-22 03:26:40 PM
I was thinking the exact same thing...
2003-05-22 03:26:47 PM
I was really expecting a new euphemism. Not a REAL PINK BUS!

oh well.... back to the voices....

2003-05-22 03:26:54 PM
It looks like the Barbie Dream Juvey Bus.
2003-05-22 03:27:00 PM
Geeze, why not just have the kids wear shirts saying "I am an effeminate fag"?

Isn't that what they're playing on? The relation of pink with gayness?

WTF ever happened to disciplining them?

2003-05-22 03:27:06 PM
that'll learn 'em

2003-05-22 03:27:23 PM
'and if they're delayed 5 minutes when they act up that's 5 less minutes you have to be at school'

actually the 5 minutes is on the homeward journey, so they are at school the same amount of time...
2003-05-22 03:27:39 PM
I got yer unruly behavior right here, biaaaaatch!
2003-05-22 03:28:10 PM
imagine, riding the short bus and its pink... ugh!
2003-05-22 03:28:16 PM

2003-05-22 03:29:13 PM

What is with everyone obsessed with today's Personal?

i (butteredasian is hot)would (butteredasian is hot)have (butteredasian is hot)to (butteredasian is hot)agree.

Enough (butteredasian is hot)already!(butteredasian is hot)!
2003-05-22 03:30:19 PM
Yeah - no homophobic overtones there.
2003-05-22 03:30:47 PM
Isle of Wright?

I thought it was Isle of Wight.
2003-05-22 03:30:50 PM
Most misleading headline ever.

/greatly disappointed
2003-05-22 03:31:23 PM
'and if you're a girl a pink bus would be cool (not me, but i read fark so i'm not most girls)'

What the article doesn't mention is that it is a pink bus without heating and with uncomfortable seats, which would kinda offset any 'coolness' factor.
2003-05-22 03:31:29 PM
What's so misleading? It's exactly what the headline says! :-)
2003-05-22 03:32:22 PM

Isle of Wright?

I thought it was Isle of Wight.

Or the isle of Wrong.....

btw you are wright, sorry right
2003-05-22 03:32:31 PM
My bus used to make all the stops, but these days it's chartered for a single passenger.

She's plenty naughty, though.
2003-05-22 03:33:01 PM
Having them ride the Liza Minelle tour bus was going to far though.
2003-05-22 03:34:09 PM
Is the bus driven by this guy?
2003-05-22 03:34:23 PM
Let's play hide the submarine in the back of the pink bus.
2003-05-22 03:35:09 PM
OK... you can have the magic bus... for ONE HUNDRED English pounds!

(anyone know where this is from?)
2003-05-22 03:35:18 PM
Isle of Wright? Good to see the myth of American geographical ignorance being proven wrong.
2003-05-22 03:35:24 PM
butteredasian can ride my pink bus anytime she wants!
2003-05-22 03:35:44 PM
Because we all know that children who are humiliated into submission grow up to be more loving, productive adults.
2003-05-22 03:38:48 PM
Isn't "ride the pink bus" a euphemism for squatting on a big prick?
2003-05-22 03:40:40 PM
Does butteredasian know what she's doing to FARK? Has anyone told her?
2003-05-22 03:41:52 PM
I wasn't threadjacking. It was the first time I saw her, and it was also the first time I didn't see some ugly guy telling me what was sexy.

If Calculus could be thought up by two people at the same time, I think that two people could find butteredasian cute and mention it at the same time.
2003-05-22 03:43:41 PM
The Who, Wuzupperson.


Isn't "ride the pink bus" a euphemism for squatting on a big prick?

Yes, yes it is.
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