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1500 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Oct 2001 at 8:06 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-04 08:07:58 AM  
Is this unusual?
2001-10-04 08:10:48 AM  
A midair explosion (as reported by the Armenian plane) is.
2001-10-04 08:10:51 AM  
Yeah dont russian planes crash all the time?
2001-10-04 08:16:20 AM  
Yes, but as Appie said, they don't explode in midair all the time.
2001-10-04 08:33:55 AM  
Yep, and it's from Israel too.
2001-10-04 08:37:33 AM  
Here's the BBC's take on it:​s​tm

Note the NATO Codename for the plane: "Careless"
2001-10-04 08:45:07 AM  
2001-10-04 08:48:51 AM  
Thanks for the link.
2001-10-04 08:50:55 AM  
No offence Appie, but the Russians do have a pretty bad history of planes making unscheduled vertical landings, for which the nose-cone is not designed.
At the time of posting there were no details.
2001-10-04 08:55:44 AM  
No offence taken. I just thought I should point out that an explosion was observed. You are right about those Russian planes having that habit. Nice phrasing by the way.
2001-10-04 09:11:01 AM  
I would be more concerned about terrorism on a flight from Russia to Israel than Israel to Russia, as Israel has the tightest airport security in the world. Hopefully, it just a (tragic) coincidence.
2001-10-04 09:14:29 AM  
The armenian pilot said it exploded at 11,000 meters. Thats odd for it to blow up that high isn't it?
2001-10-04 09:18:20 AM  
The explosion is odd, the height is about normal cruising altitude.
2001-10-04 09:20:56 AM  
[Stops laughing at plane's codename and thinks...]

Why the hell does NATO give commercial jet planes code names? What use is it? Are we (as tax paying citizens of NATO states) paying for some guy to sit around thinking:
"...Hummmm, new 747 out, I think we'll code name it 'The Big Weener'..."

2001-10-04 09:26:48 AM  
It's a secret!
2001-10-04 09:28:44 AM  
According to the article they made a stopover in Burgas, Bulgaria before flying further to Novosibirsk and how is the security there?
2001-10-04 09:30:16 AM  
Seems like the BBC really did their homework. It sure beats the heck out the one article I read about the Russian airline crash on Yahoo!. They said that the plane crashed into *3,000* feet of water. BBC says 300. hmmm...
2001-10-04 09:34:37 AM  
Seems that way, I've been looking through the NATO website and haven't found the list of codenames or an explanation. However I did find that it has a sub group (or something) called PARP :-)

I thus conclude that NATO is silly.
2001-10-04 09:37:52 AM  
GUFF is a good one too!
2001-10-04 09:56:14 AM  
2001-10-04 09:56:58 AM  
Latest (heard on Stern) -- this was a surface to air missile.
2001-10-04 09:57:02 AM  
I think a donut shop was robbed.
2001-10-04 10:02:59 AM  
Picture up until now:

[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-04 10:40:11 AM  
Yesterday it's a plane being hijacked, today a plane explodes into the Black Sea. How long until CNN comes on and says this one was a mistake too?

"Oh we made another mistake, this plane was just making an emergency landing. The crew and passengers are just fine!"
2001-10-04 11:13:00 AM  
I had a very large, well structured and thought out statement regarding this discussion, but I put in the wrong password and it all went away.

2001-10-04 12:32:35 PM  
Fumanshu: Pravda says 1 kilometer of water. That's about 3,000 feet.
2001-10-04 03:23:44 PM  
The sky is falling on a daily basis.
2001-10-05 08:38:03 PM f
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