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(Boston Globe)   Dominik Hasek investigated by police for hard check thrown during in-line hockey game   ( divider line
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2003-05-20 04:01:02 PM  
Too bad he didn't beat the crap out of that brokedick CuJo.

Go Wings!
2003-05-20 07:35:23 PM  
He was only protecting his nickname, you can't be called "The Dominator" if you don't beat down some punks every now and again.
2003-05-20 07:53:26 PM  
He pulled a Lemieux. Not cool at all.
2003-05-20 08:39:24 PM  
What a hockey player showing aggression??? Surely you jest!

Hey folks, it's hockey! Hitting's part of the game, and people get hurt. If you can't take the heat and all that....
2003-05-20 08:39:35 PM  
Joe Thornton would kick his arsein a bar fight!

2003-05-20 08:40:45 PM  
He's probably suffering from the inferiority that comes with years of being unable to seriously check people who deserve it. Too bad life isn't hockey....there are a few people in the office I'd like to lay a vicious cross-check. I'd voluntarily do 5 in the box.
2003-05-20 08:41:11 PM  
When it comes to Hockey, I look to SweaterGirl for enlightenment. The guy's a dick!
2003-05-20 08:41:20 PM  
Moral: never call him Cujo.
2003-05-20 08:41:56 PM  
Isn't that like arresting Mario Andretti for speeding on the Autobahn?
2003-05-20 08:42:20 PM  
What? Was he playing foward or defense? If not, and he was plaing goal, then he has every right to deck someone that stands in front of the net.
2003-05-20 08:43:08 PM  
According to other sources, it was more than just a check:

"I have never seen such unbelievable, short-circuited behaviour in my 15-year career," Tomas Wuertherle, the game's referee and a member of the Czech In-line Hockey Association executive committee, told the CTK news agency.
2003-05-20 08:44:17 PM  
"Hasek then knocked the player down with a crosscheck to the back, sat on him and hit him in the neck several times with his stick," said Wuertherle.
2003-05-20 08:46:17 PM  

He's probably suffering from the inferiority that comes with years of being unable to seriously check people who deserve it. Too bad life isn't hockey....there are a few people in the office I'd like to lay a vicious cross-check. I'd voluntarily do 5 in the box.

Along the same line, when you really screw up in hockey you get a game misconduct, and go home early. When I screw up at work, I end up staying late, without getting to kick anyones ass!

/Hockey is life
2003-05-20 08:46:46 PM  
Flame war in 3, 2, 1...
2003-05-20 08:49:01 PM  
I'll start, Lobster.


Go Wings? Go where? The 2003 Western *giggle* Conference *guffaw* Champion *hysterics* Mighty Ducks of Anaheim *full-fledged laughing fit* booked their flight from the playoffs ROUNDS ago!


2003-05-20 08:51:37 PM  
Probably some asshat trying to get his hands on some of the dominators money. I think I'll goad him into a fight then sue him, deserves to get beat down.
2003-05-20 08:57:23 PM  
I always use paper checks for this reason.
2003-05-20 08:57:25 PM  
You can take the player out of the aggression. But you can't take the aggression out of the player. And as a former goalie myself, the second thing you get taught are the dirty little goalie tricks. The first thing is of course is a complete disregard for self preservation.

Cup check with the stick. Kidney massage with the end of the blocker. The back of the catcher to the nose manuver (eyes tear up big time). Butt end to the throat on a player trying to wrap the puck around the net and stuff it in. What? You thought that big knob of tape on the end of the stick was to make the stick easier to pick up if dropped? Foolish spectator! And if an opposing player should find their way into your net, prevent them from leaving whilst listneing to them implore their own players "DON'T SHOOT!".

We Keepers are a mean sort...
2003-05-20 09:02:04 PM  
I hope someone taped this!
2003-05-20 09:09:23 PM  
When he was here in Buffalo he punched out a newspaper reporter
2003-05-20 09:14:07 PM  
In my league, ISG, the refs were fairly lax with the rules, so I took every opportunity to jab opposing players in the gut with the butt and occasionally (if I really didn't like the guy) the blade. Maintained a 1.89 GAA that way. :) lol

Oh yeah, nailing them in the "cup"...other teams knew to wear their cups by, I don't know, game 5 or 6 of the season. By any means necessary, baby, hehe.


2003-05-20 09:29:20 PM  
Since the 6th grade my number in Hockey, Soccer, Baseball, and some football has been 39... now I am 21 and Hasek is still my idol, and always will be, he deserves to beat the sh*t out of anybody that takes a swat at him, seeing as he's taken a constant beating for years...I think he should come out of retirement...
2003-05-20 09:31:02 PM  
2003-05-20 09:34:58 PM  
Robsul82: The first year I played (1967) AHAUS had just adopted rules requiring helments, but no face masks, even for goalies. I could give my team a temporary man up by swatting an opposing player in the face. While he was recovering, and I was acting all innocent, the rest of the players were heading for the opposite end of the ice.
I wore one of the early cage masks that Cooper put out. The kind with a half shell skullcap. I still have plenty of scars on top. Last April my son and I went to get "summer" cuts. He took one look at the road map on my skull and asked me if I had been attacked by a lion.
While all the other goalies were trying out the Jacques Plante masks, I stuck to my cage. And they all called me a chicken. I was amused when after being away from the sport for a few years I saw the hybrid cage/contour that is now popular. But those Kevlar masks are heavy.
2003-05-20 09:39:45 PM  
Hockey sucks
2003-05-20 09:44:03 PM  
Wussiest goalie ever.
2003-05-20 09:47:30 PM  
If you are gonna play with the big dogs...
Suck. It. Up.
2003-05-20 10:00:26 PM  
My checks bounce.
2003-05-20 10:03:51 PM  
I've seen a few "Hitting is a part of the game" comments, but he's a goalie. I realize you have to defend yourself but from the other sources above, it sounds like he just lost it completely.
2003-05-20 10:06:47 PM  
Anybody find out if he was playing goal when this happened?
2003-05-20 10:07:59 PM  
InternetSecurityGuard my nuts hate you.

/victim of cup checks
2003-05-20 10:19:23 PM  
Macman37: I dunno, did you ever play in Texas or Oklahoma? And there was that one time in Downsview, Ontario.

And you forwards were asking for it. You are all asking for it, all the time.... :-)
2003-05-20 10:21:09 PM  
also as a goalie myself i must say we are vicious when it comes to keep pucks out of the street hockey coach always used to say by anymeans nesscery. when throw people out of my crease i always liked to give them a nice blocker to the cheek or a face full of glove. now that im getting into ice hockey i have more dirty tricks to learn because i dont think i can unbuckle their shin pads like i did in street hockey...those cheap mylec pads come undone pretty easy when you smack the buckle with your stick just right...anyway when i play goal i have a mean streak...all goalies do....we can take liberties that everyone else cant...oh and InternetSecurityGuard your not the onlyone who likes to kick it old school by rocking helmet cage mine isnt as old but i use a Jofa 289 helmet/267 cage combo...i hate masks and the Kevlar ones arent all they are cracked up to be hit it just right and it will break and you will lose teeth
2003-05-20 10:23:51 PM  
Sounds like most inline games I've played in. Besides erou players use their sticks in retaliation more than their fists. Just as soon take your eye out as break your nose.
Used to play against a russian group all the time came out of the game like I had snuck in late at night and the the wife took a broom after me. black and blue
2003-05-20 10:26:47 PM  
Who cares? Go Avs!
2003-05-20 10:36:45 PM  
Tattered666: It's funny. Up until a couple of years ago, I could honestly say I had never lost any teeth due to hockey. And I always said it was because of the cage. That was until I decided to race a forward for the puck. The play was at center ice and somehow the puck went airborne and landed dead between the faceoff circles in my end, about 10 feet above the hash marks. I raced a player for the puck. When I saw he was going to beat me, I went down and swept the puck. But I swept him at the same time. He went airborne and his skate caught me in the side of the face. When I sat up, I was spitting chips of molar out. I couldn't talk, but I finished the game. The next day my dentist was kind of pissed. Because up until that point I had a full and perfect set of adult teeth, all 32 of 'em. To this day, he keeps my old x-rays around just to remind me of how stupid I was...
2003-05-20 10:47:46 PM  
do yourself a favor and keep the cage youll keep more teeth. i know a kid who plays ice hockey who lost his front teeth when his kevlar mask shattered from a slap shot. he switched to a cage never looked back. i mainly like my cage because i can see better
2003-05-20 10:49:54 PM  
Sticks and pucks might break my nuts, but bodychecks won't hurt me
2003-05-20 10:53:36 PM  
I use cage. Kevlar breaks, subsequently your teeth break. Don't need that.


2003-05-20 10:56:19 PM  
Who is this, Domenic Hasek or Ron Hextall?
2003-05-20 11:04:26 PM  
05-20-03 10:56:19 PM Clevershark

Who is this, Domenic Hasek or Ron Hextall?

HEXY!! MY HERO....he is the farking man
2003-05-20 11:14:34 PM  
Maybe he will have to flee the country to avoid prosecution. Then the Wings can resign him and we can go and beat the shiat out of the Mighty Ducks of Anahiem. Damn I hate that team, and that team name.
2003-05-20 11:20:34 PM  
A more informative link

He was completely out of line.
2003-05-20 11:50:33 PM  
I ref roller hockey.....

That would have sucked for me.

I swear, some adults I ref think they are playing for the farkin' Stanley cup.
2003-05-21 12:09:02 AM  
That Lemieux on Draper hit was clean

2003-05-21 12:23:53 AM  
more details from TSN

"I have never seen such an unbelievable, short-circuited behaviour in my 15-year career," Tomas Wuertherle, the game's referee told the CTK news agency.

Wuertherle alleged Hasek knocked the player down with a crosscheck to the back, sat on him and hit him in the neck several times with his stick.

a) sat on him (wtf?)
b) beat the guy from behind
c) with a stick.

what a piece of sht Hasek is (and always has been).
2003-05-21 12:30:03 AM  
Hasek was always a hothead, remember when he used to throw his blocker when he didn't like a call? And he did attack Jim Kelley (a reporter for the Buffalo News, not the QB) in the locker room after a game during the '98 playoffs and was suspended.

Still, as a Sabres fan, I loved the guy. Didn't take crap from anyone, and unbeatable when on his game.

The only thing that really surprises me is that he won the fight, he's not a big guy. Must have got the drop on the other guy.
2003-05-21 12:42:19 AM  
2003-05-21 01:30:42 AM  
Let Hasek kick someone's butt... it's hockey, not a tickling competition.

BTW: Anyone interested in a Hasek Game-used Jersey card? I'm trying to peddle my old collection of sports cards. ;)
2003-05-21 02:58:42 AM  
I submitted this article yesterday with a much more anti-hockey headline.
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