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(MSNBC)   Vegetarians to get $10M for making McDonald's fries suck   ( ) divider line
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18478 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 May 2003 at 6:58 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-20 04:05:51 PM  
2003-05-20 04:26:27 PM  
If I don't believe McyD's uses actual meat for its hamburgers what makes the Vegetarians think they use vegetable oil in fries?
2003-05-20 04:44:13 PM  
Stupid? They come up with a McVegan meal to try to attract Hindu and other non-meat eating cultures/lifestyles... They put beef into that food... They have to pay restitution. Most of you would be appalled if you found out there were little ground up chunks of fetus, orphan or broccoli stuck in the patties. Obviously we put human life, especially babies, above that of a cow or pig... but the same capacity to fear and feel emotions exist in all three.

I'm not saying it's wrong to eat meat... just that vegans have a pretty justifiable case. It all boils down to your ability to empathize. But when you market a product under the name 'McVegan' it should be vegan.

I was a little pissed when I found out they put beef into their hashbrowns... but not beacause of the karma. Now I can't eat them.
2003-05-20 04:52:34 PM  
McVegan? now you're just making up stuff. 'McVegan' was never a registered trademark of McDonald's.
2003-05-20 05:21:55 PM  
(taking a few liberties on the numbers)

$10,000,000 divided by 24 "groups" = $416,000 apiece

$416,000 per group, say average of 50(?) members = $8,333

After taxes = $7834 for your beefy pain and suffering.
2003-05-20 05:24:37 PM  
Kice were you really surprised that they used beef grease to fry their stuff?
2003-05-20 05:40:01 PM  
Is it any real surprise that vegans would be trying to eat a McDonalds? You would think vegans are thin but no, the vegans I know are some of the fattest people I have ever seen.
2003-05-20 06:47:32 PM  
vegans and vegetarians are often fat b/c they eat too many carbs = lots of calories. They also don't develop muscle as much which speeds up the metabolism. I have seen vegetarians/vegans either be stick-like or bloated.
2003-05-20 07:23:31 PM  
Maybe this will be the beginning of the end for Americans and our idiotic love of fast food.

/puts down crack pipe
2003-05-20 07:30:17 PM  
But ClayParrot crack is a proven diet. Eat all the fast food you want with the new crack diet! After all when was the last time you saw a fat crack head?
2003-05-20 11:27:08 PM  
Yeah, ClayParrot, ride the snake!

or is that meth...
2003-05-21 07:03:15 AM  
Vegetarians to get $10M for making McDonald's fries suck

I reckon McD's should get the money, coz their fries SUCKED long before this. Ever had brodies? Or Red Rooster? Carn, Aussies!

2003-05-21 07:06:17 AM  

fark off, vegans! To me, you're nothing but PREY.

(/licking blood from fingers)

2003-05-21 07:08:51 AM  
I don't trust veggies... there's something wrong with not eating meat.

By the way, the avarage human swallows 10+ bugs during their sleep, even vegetarians =)

Not even mentioning all the poor wittle huggable furry animals that get shredded by combine harvesters =(

So vegetarians who don't grow their own food and don't wear a mouthcap during their sleep are farking hypocrits!
2003-05-21 07:10:44 AM  
Ahhh, c'mon, The poor old Vegans with their artificial leather, eating pulses, and that unique self-righteousness...

Couldn't they have used this money to create a little preserve for them somewhere - I'd suggest Alaska - so that the fee-paying public could take their kids there as a warning?
2003-05-21 07:13:32 AM  
How come the student/activist/complainers got 60% or some shiat from the payout, but those whose beliefs will CONDEMN THEM TO HELL for eating meat get fark all? I mean, seriously, wtf is that about? a vegetarian will live after eating meat, no matter how much they complain, but I imagine that if my belief structure held such a rule so important that it was a serious problem to consume meat, i'd would have been seriously farkin ticked off when it happened. I'm talking about the devout followers. How's that for a rip off?
2003-05-21 07:14:36 AM  
But some vegetarian groups protested recipients chosen by McDonalds and other plaintiffs lawyers, saying some were anti-vegetarian or otherwise inappropriate.

Vegetarians vs. Hindu and Sikh groups and hungry children.

Now there's a throw-down match I'd pay to watch.
2003-05-21 07:14:54 AM  

I have an idea - why not grind the vegans up into cattle feed? They're already brain-dead, so there would be no chance of the cattle getting mad cow disease from eating them.

Hey, who wants to go with me for a nice veal dinner?

Just joking there. But anyone who comes off as self-righteous with me does so at their own peril - I was raised as a Mormon, therefore I have ZERO tolerance forself-righteous farks like them.

2003-05-21 07:15:35 AM  
anyone else having probs accessing i cant seem to get it...
2003-05-21 07:17:48 AM  
So whats the score now, 2 vegetarians = one human or what? Are we up to 3 vegetarians already?
2003-05-21 07:18:02 AM  
Kice: chunks of fetus, orphan or broccoli

2003-05-21 07:22:22 AM  
McDOnalds fries suck sooooooooooooooooo bad.

For the last 6 or so years I've been a carnivore. I hate vegetarians so bad, I deliberately don't eat vegitables and double up on meat. I slip sometimes. I don't care. Maybe vegitarians should learn to not care about slips. Maybe thats what makes me different than them. I'm not an anal biatch looking for an excuse.
2003-05-21 07:24:53 AM  

It took a while but it loaded eventually - although I don't know why I bothered. I decided to stop eating at McD's 18 months ago and haven't been back since.
2003-05-21 07:26:08 AM  
05-20-03 04:44:13 PM Kice
Obviously we put human life, especially babies, above that of a cow or pig... but the same capacity to fear and feel emotions exist in all three.


Find me one single piece of evidence that cows / pigs have the mental capacity to feel emotions.

And then, if you manage to do that, find me more evidence that they have the same capacity to do this as children do.
2003-05-21 07:29:49 AM  
Next thing you know, these fvcks will be out protesting against Lysol and Listerene because it involves cruelty to bacteria. Once that happens, it's open season on activists!
2003-05-21 07:30:21 AM  
Find me a piece of 'evidence' people show emotions.

There is none. Its one of the basic problems of philosophy.

Cows and pigs though... They wouldn't exist in such abundance if we wouldn't eat them. Their offspring is our Chickfila. You want your kids growing up just to be eaten, or would you rather not have kids at all?

And some people today just blindly have kids thinking thats the way to Zion.
2003-05-21 07:31:09 AM  
How about they take that ridiculous award and buy these idiots AND their lawyers an uninhabited island way out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean?

One that has no critters... they can live like Gilligan and eat coconuts and fish - and not bother anyone else.
2003-05-21 07:39:14 AM  
$10 freaking million to various groups??
how about $10 million for famine relief, or cancer or AIDS research?

I know it has nothing to do with vegitarians but at least it might save lives in the long run instead of giving dirty hippies extra cash for turnip squash.
2003-05-21 07:42:16 AM  
Everyone involved in this story sucks.

The vegetarians suck because they sued McDonalds over something very petty, thus exploiting our already bloated, suit-happy legal system.

McDonald's sucks for putting themselves in such a position to BE sued and the judge sucks for rewarding a bunch of whiners for a petty lawsuit.

I want my own planet! Anybody with me?
2003-05-21 07:42:31 AM  
Itwasntmehonest: Find me one single piece of evidence that cows / pigs have the mental capacity to feel emotions.

Actually, they do have emotions. Crude and basic emotions, but they have them.

BUT WHO CARES!!! I still eat them, and delight in the taste of their flesh and blood! I gush with joy when I see the blood oozing from their meat when I slice through it! Mmmmm-mmmm-good!

Best recipe i've found:

Take a pound or so of your favorite steak. Spread aluminum foil in a baking pan, and give it a light covering of cooking oil. Then, sprinkle the foil with garlic salt, black pepper, and cayenne pepper. Place the steaks in the pan, and season the UP side with the garlic salt, black pepper, and cayenne pepper. Set the oven on BROIL, and place the pan on the top oven rack.

Wait 5-6 minutes, or until the steaks are turning brown. Pull the pan from the oven and flip the steaks over. Then place the pan back o the rack, and wait 4 minutes.

Remove the pan from the oven, and you've got yourself a delicious, nutritious entree. Serve with Caesar salad and a shot of tequila.

Take that, vegans!

2003-05-21 07:47:47 AM  
If you go to McDonalds you deserve whatever you get, no matter what group you belong to.
2003-05-21 07:50:17 AM  

Meet ya there! ***wooosh!!

2003-05-21 07:51:20 AM  
05-21-03 07:42:16 AM FarkingBastage

I want my own planet! Anybody with me?

If I was with you would it still be your own planet?
2003-05-21 07:52:00 AM  
Theres more of us, and less of them. How about we shoot those farkers into space?
2003-05-21 07:53:05 AM  
"$10,000,000 divided by 24 "groups" = $416,000 apiece"

Except the lawyers have to take their 99% first. Scumbags.
2003-05-21 07:55:37 AM  
I don't know much about it but I do know that Vegan poetry is really bad.

/HGTG reference.
2003-05-21 07:57:19 AM  

Well, it would be a benevolent dictatorship on my planet. Everyone would have to conform to my rules or face torture/imprisonment. Hot ladies who break my rules would be forced to be my concubines. Kinda like a kinder, gentler Saddam Hussein.

Actually, Crazyjim may have the solution. Cheaper and more practical.
2003-05-21 07:58:45 AM  
Um... if McDonald's says "this is vegetarian" and it turns out to contain meat, it's a lie and it's false advertising. Companies should be punished for that.
2003-05-21 08:00:11 AM  
Trapped-in-CH: +5 points for HGTG reference, but -5 points for a really terrible pun. No credit.
2003-05-21 08:01:32 AM  
Antialias: Hey Pretty!
2003-05-21 08:01:54 AM  

I agree. But the vegetarians still suck.
2003-05-21 08:02:45 AM  
Antialias: It's pretty dead here so far. I've been farking around ever since I got here. Easy day!
2003-05-21 08:03:42 AM  
Oh yes, Trapped-in-CH, I thought that some of the metaphysical imagery was really particularly effective.
2003-05-21 08:03:51 AM  
Antialias: Terrible puns are my life! You're suckin the life-blood out of me man!

Vogon Poetry Archive - BBC

Vogon / Vegan... They all taste the same to me.
2003-05-21 08:05:25 AM  
Trapped-in-CH: OH GOD, NO! Vogon poetry! Make it stop, make it stop!
2003-05-21 08:07:26 AM  
Agree on the part of punishing McDonald's for lying. But I have a great song for the "vegetarian/vegan" populace to read:

she's not eatin' bacon, not eatin' sausage,
and she won't eat eggs, not eatin' chicken
not eatin' turkey, she won't have a steak,
but i just can't help feelin' sorry
for this poor little lettuce head
you know, i can't stop cryin' cause i
know this broccoli's dead
vegetarian, i'm not a vegetarian, vegetarian...she's a
poor little cow, little sheep, little fish
how can I sleep? when carrots are bleedin'
plants are screamin' and tomatoes cry,
you say 'it's not so bad, they're only
vegetables', that's what you said
maybe i'm a murderer, but i'm hungry
and they're better off dead.

save a plant, eat a cow,
i want beef, i want it now!
i'm gonna eat it cause it's red!
i'm gonna eat it cause it's dead!
maybe i should eat it raw let the
blood run down my jaw
i'd eat people if it was legal,
i'd eat people if it was legal!

Reel Big Fish says it so well :D
2003-05-21 08:11:25 AM  
There is no such thing as a 'vegetarian'.

Capture one. Hold them for a week without food. (water is ok)

After a week, shove a nice, juicy BigMac in their face.

Let go or lose fingers
2003-05-21 08:12:12 AM  
Bleaugh. Speaking as a vegetarian, I can say that McDonalds really sucks for me.

Some restaurants (Dairy Queen, Jack in the Box) that don't actually have veggie patties still give you a lot of lettuce and stuff if you ask for a meatless burger, it's well worth the value...

But if you get a McVeggie burger at McDonalds... Well for one thing they taste pretty bad, but for another, EVERY TIME (okay, only twice) that I've ordered one, there have been rather sizable scraps of meat on the bun. Sizable being about 1" x .5" and a disgusting gray color. Do they toast the buns where they cook the meat patties? I don't know; supposedly they cook the veggie patties separately from the meat, but I wouldn't even believe that.

You may not think McDonalds looks bad, but compared to all the good things the other fast food places do? McDonalds doesn't seem to care at ALL.

(Oh--A note for any other vegetarians who might read this; my local Dairy Queens in Washington use shredded lettuce on small burgers, and very often get your meatless order wrong. Jack in the Box actually has a button for 'no meat', so they tend to usually get orders right, and they use whole chunks of lettuce.)
2003-05-21 08:13:36 AM  
Arioch, you sound like a guy who knows how to party.
2003-05-21 08:15:15 AM  
No, they're getting it for McDonald's false advertising. Or do you guys believe corporations should be able to say whatever they want about their products, even if they're lies?
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