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(ESPN)   Feburary 3rd + New Orleans = Mardi Gras & Super Bowl   ( divider line
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1137 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Oct 2001 at 7:25 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-03 07:34:48 PM  
oh ya, the day after my date of birth, send me greeting cards of mardi gras! you'll be glad you did.
2001-10-03 07:35:24 PM  
I'm going to be there that week.
2001-10-03 07:41:53 PM  
I'll be there for Mardi Gras for sure. I can find a new job in New Orleans by then, I'm throwing a Mardi Gras party!
2001-10-03 07:53:09 PM  
Cool!! Boobies AND the Rams.

Rams vs.Whoever / 41-17
2001-10-03 08:02:55 PM  
BOOOOOOOOOBBBBIIIIIEEESSS! And a football game! What more could a red-blooded American ask for?
2001-10-03 08:06:20 PM  
I'm not gonna say I won the pigskin pool last week but you know I couldn't help myself
2001-10-03 08:17:05 PM  
I wonder what a flight from The N.O. airport to the Superdome costs?
2001-10-03 08:17:06 PM  
Mardigras is oficially feb 27, so teh party doesn't get full in gear by the 19th or so. so you might wanna hit town a littel later.
2001-10-03 08:19:51 PM  
sixfivel figured out a way to keep last post atleast for another hour and 10min
2001-10-03 08:21:55 PM  
yea, the 27th, mojojojo is right.

1. When is Mardi Gras Day 2001?

Mardi Gras day in 2001 is February 27. There are about two weeks of parades leading up to Mardi Gras Day. Mardi Gras Day (which is also Fat Tuesday) is the last day of the Mardi Gras Carnival season. Mardi Gras day falls on a different day each year. It is always 46 days before Easter.

so this article header is basically worthless, i'd suppose.
2001-10-03 08:24:57 PM  
You just know that they reached an agreement yesterday, but the auto dealers had to go in the back and check with the manager before finalizing the deal.
2001-10-03 08:25:12 PM  
boobies, BEER, beads and boobies.
2001-10-03 08:26:25 PM  
heh. Remember folks, this is for MARDI GRAS 2002 we're talking about. Not 2001. It's on February 12th.
2001-10-03 08:29:01 PM  
I thought they were trying to get the Super Bowl in New York next year. What happened to that?
2001-10-03 08:29:43 PM  
Sixfive1 is right, Mardi Gras is February 12th. That is 1 week and 2 days after the Super Bowl.
2001-10-03 08:30:11 PM  
I meant shiathead....
2001-10-03 08:31:05 PM  
No one was trying to get the Super Bowl in New York, it was only brought up in case it couldnt be scheduled in New Orleans. It was always meant to be in New Orleans for 2002.
2001-10-03 08:31:46 PM  
Feb 12, not 27 dumbshiats.
2001-10-03 08:43:17 PM  
remember, when youre dancing at mardi gras you dont realize it but youre doing the Chubby checker and
2001-10-03 08:48:07 PM  
How did Sixfive1 post a message almost an hour into the future?
2001-10-03 08:52:14 PM  
2001-10-03 08:54:13 PM  
Mardi Gras is on Lincoln's birthday? Neat.

Go Giants.
2001-10-03 09:05:57 PM  
God Damn it!
2001-10-03 09:11:43 PM  
Fb-: Maybe the time-thingy somehow switched time zones, and is showing Sixfive1's time instead of yours. Unless you live on the east coast, in which case I'm stumped.
2001-10-03 09:12:50 PM  
Nope, it's happening here, too. I'm in the EST, and my post appeared ahead of his. Ahhh! It must be h4x0r skillz.
2001-10-03 09:29:52 PM  
I am confused.
2001-10-03 09:31:03 PM  
I'm due to be there that week too. And the week after, and the week before. In fact, I'm due to be in N.O. most of the year as I kind of live here.
2001-10-03 09:32:01 PM  
Ok, bit0 did it to piss the guy off. I hate the first post people.
2001-10-03 09:34:21 PM  
I'm due to be in New Orleans the following week. Beads and boobies.
2001-10-03 09:38:03 PM  
anyone here realize that mardi gras and/or the superbowl is probably a bad place to be now....a whole shiatload of people...a whole shiatload of potential targets...bad combo in my opinion.........
2001-10-03 09:49:39 PM  
I'm not going to live my life in fear. Then the terrorists win.
2001-10-03 09:58:36 PM  
If someone is willing to host a Mardi Gras Fark party, I am *so* there. Been going to Mardi Gras for the past 3 years... it's a great time. Weeeeeeeeeee!
2001-10-03 09:59:05 PM  
boobies now gets automatically bumped an hour into the future
2001-10-03 09:59:24 PM  
And I like this mardi gras fark party idear
2001-10-03 10:00:14 PM  
If I have an apartment by then I'm throwing a Mardi Gras Fark party.... Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! lol
2001-10-03 10:05:24 PM  
Kickass. Count me in
2001-10-03 10:22:42 PM  
Futuristic boobies?
2001-10-03 11:06:37 PM  
Time travelin boobies :)
2001-10-03 11:09:14 PM  
Great move by the National Automobile Dealers Association. They truly invoke the American spirit of working together.

I suggest writing them a thank you e-mail. You can go to their webstie at or send them an e-mail at na­da­[nospam-﹫-backwards]a­d­an*o­rg.
2001-10-03 11:28:42 PM  
But I can get shiat faced and act like a retard here. Jazz Fest is where it's at.
2001-10-03 11:40:38 PM  
i think a better tag might be [scary]
2001-10-04 08:48:22 AM  
This link deserved boobies.
2001-10-04 09:53:47 AM  
Bamf75 - It looks like most people here are just ignoring you but I've got to say, that was in very poor taste.
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