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(BBC)   Swiss climbers hide in glacier for 38 years   ( divider line
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7076 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Oct 2001 at 12:00 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-04 12:09:21 AM  
see when i saw 'hide' i thought 'peekaboo! we're alive!'
im disappointed...
2001-10-04 12:20:21 AM  
I've been of a couple of glaciers in that area. The only way to "hide" there for 38 years is the same way the mafia might "hide" yo under a building's foundations.
Those farkers weren't hiding, they were deader than a very dead thing.
2001-10-04 12:23:10 AM  
Uh, no they died and kinda laid there frozen for a while, I don't think Drew's Thesuars is working too well (niether is my dictionary).
2001-10-04 12:35:26 AM  
"Slow-moving glaciers eventually surrender bodies even though the process sometimes takes decades."

this thing apparently happens all the news here, move along please
2001-10-04 12:53:58 AM  
2001-10-04 01:03:11 AM  
Heck, the "boobies" tag would have been just as appropriate.
2001-10-04 01:07:35 AM  
Seems a common story for ice climbers..
I've heard from a lot of people that Everest looks like a dumping ground.. Oxygen bottles, backpacks, food laying everywhere when people got too lazy to take it with them.. Even bodies - nobody's interested in dragging a corpse back down the mountain.
2001-10-04 01:24:34 AM  
So...those guys are dead?
2001-10-04 01:31:32 AM  
I wouldn't spend 38 minutes in NZ. So how stupid are those coonts for spending 38 years there.
2001-10-04 01:32:02 AM  
my dad's been hiding in a box for about 8 years. he suxor at listening for 'olly olly oxenfree'
2001-10-04 01:50:51 AM  
Geez, could you imagine the case of Blue balls you would have
2001-10-04 01:55:37 AM  
I was out hiking on Everest the other day and found this:
[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-04 02:03:06 AM  
Unfrozen cave man lawyer!!
2001-10-04 02:06:06 AM  
Hell, it was called the Hooker Glacier. No wonder they stayed there for so long.
2001-10-04 02:31:19 AM  
Yeah, amazing how well Mallory was preserved up there.

This would've been cooler if they'd been found like 4,000 years from now. They should take them back to the start of the glacier and rebury them.
2001-10-04 04:00:15 AM  
a few years ago, i had an instructor in a criminal justice class who had, as a police officer, worked with search and recue people or whoever it is who is supposed to go and get people like this. anyway, he was telling us that there's some guy frozen up in the mountains somewhere in washington who, based on descriptions of his clothing is from approximately the thirties. they're just leaving him up there because there's no practical way of retrieving him without some serious risk to the lives of the "rescuers". they get reports about him every couple of years, though.
2001-10-04 04:30:27 AM  
How dissappointing, i was lead to believe they were still alive! Like a bunch of ice-people who lived on eating and drinking ice...

2001-10-04 04:54:21 AM  
Whaaaat? I can't believe it! You mean, they didn't survive 38 measly years in a glacier?

2001-10-04 05:34:17 AM  
Thats good farknut cos we wouldnt have you for 38 seconds.
2001-10-04 08:16:01 AM  
125 people found hiding in Graveyard.
2001-10-04 08:41:34 AM  

A bit touchy are you 'girlfriend. All you coonts are go for is putting planes into mountains, bankrupting airlines and farking sheep (and your sisters)!!!!! You total ZERO.
2001-10-04 09:01:59 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
mis-leading story deserves off the subject post, so here it is. that's funny ivan.
2001-10-04 09:04:04 AM  
2001-10-04 09:25:21 AM  
OK people, I have to admit that I submitted this one.
I finished the title with:

"think its safe to come out now!" which was removed by the Gestapo
I know it's corney, but 'made-ya-look'
Enjoy your lives, take what's given to you, and spit out the trash ;)
2001-10-04 12:11:59 PM  
Your strange world frightens me.
2001-10-04 12:14:48 PM  
Speaking of hiding out for 38 years. Ya'll remember that episode of Giligan's Island with the Jap soldier who thought WWII was still on, hilarious man, HILARIOUS!
2001-10-04 01:58:46 PM  
So they never heard of Brittney Spears,J-LO,N*sync,etc...?
Lucky guys.
2001-10-04 03:33:30 PM  
gives a whole new meaning to the cool tag
2001-10-04 04:59:41 PM  
I wouldn't spend 38 minutes in NZ. So how stupid are those coonts for spending 38 years there. - Syd H Bridge

Stupid enough to get themselves killed. If you come visiting for 38 minutes I promise we'll only wound you.
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