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(Sioux City Journal)   Stray cat survives being shot in the head with a nail gun. Please welcome "Amazing Grace" to Caturday   ( ) divider line
    More: Caturday, I Am Alive, Amazing Grace, caturday, nail gun, not found, stray cat, stable condition, cats  
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2010-05-20 05:09:11 PM  

Happy Caturday everyone!


take the plunge! post some "blanks" of YOUR kitty and see how fun it is to see your kitty in lights and your family's kitty might get a fun or silly caption of his or her very own! a detailed "how to post pics on Caturday and on fark in general for dummies" page can be found here (new window). once you get the hang of it, posting pics is very easy, but it can seem daunting if you haven't ever done it before. take a look at that web page and it will make sense. there's even a bonus section that shows how easy it is to caption your own pics.


introduce your new charge(s)! perhaps we can have a naming "contest". post a pic of your kitty and let everyone make suggestions. some of the ones Caturday comes up with are hilarious and often very appropriate. my guy, "LittleOne", recently got his new long name "Jester Lord Fluffy Bottom" (partly mine and partly another lovely farker's - take credit you-know-who!).


please post details and pose questions. Caturday is a lovely place to get help as well as have fun. many of us, having had lots of kitties and having taking care of their lovely and many, many lives and, unfortunately, injuries and illnesses, have become "kitty health resources". post the issues and we'll all see if we can help, and for myself, please feel free to email me (my address can be found in "how to post pics on Caturday and on fark in general for dummies" (new window) or in my profile).


for those who have recently lost a kitty, please do let us know. please show us your pics, tell us the story. sharing helps. a wise person once told me "a joy shared is twice a joy, a pain shared is half a pain". tell us of the lovely times of days past when kitty was around. tell us of your heartbreak at losing kitty. it's safe around here; no one will judge. most all of us have been there and will sympathize.


there is a fun map that was started by KimJ that shows where various of us Caturdayians are around the globe. to see it and hopefully contribute, go to KimJ's Caturday map (new window)


2010-05-20 09:36:17 PM  
Stray cat? I imagine he's not chasing mice around right now. (new window)
2010-05-20 09:37:10 PM  
Yeee-Haaa! It's Caturday!
2010-05-20 09:42:13 PM  
Cats in Spaaaaaaace!
2010-05-20 09:44:00 PM  

quantum_jellyroll: Yeee-Haaa! It's Caturday!

Kind of a hard-fought Caturday. :-)

tIdtmcats... do your thing!
2010-05-20 09:47:08 PM
Iz caturday?
2010-05-20 09:50:45 PM  
Better luck next time, nail gun!
2010-05-20 09:50:50 PM
new starts here
2010-05-20 09:51:00 PM  
I wish I could stay up to see the stars come out but... well, here's a cat instead:
2010-05-20 09:53:50 PM  
I don't think I've *ever* been this early for Caturday! :D Breeng on ze cats!
2010-05-20 09:53:59 PM  
I don't care if it is green... I'm damned skeered to post anything.

2010-05-20 09:54:39 PM
ANd I'm working on another video so you'll end up feeling like this
2010-05-20 09:58:07 PM
Then you'll be all...
2010-05-20 09:58:39 PM
2010-05-20 09:59:14 PM  

DesertZephyr: I don't care if it is green... I'm damned skeered to post anything.


You're among friends now.
2010-05-20 10:00:43 PM  
I know it's the wrong kind of basket and it's been done before, but I couldn't resist.
/By the way - what is going on with all these mean people?
2010-05-20 10:01:13 PM
(not mine)
2010-05-20 10:02:23 PM  
Woo hoo! In before the disclaimer this week! Thanks, qj!

/So my foster dog gets fixed Monday...
2010-05-20 10:02:41 PM
2010-05-20 10:03:03 PM  

Lar Jorgen: DesertZephyr: I don't care if it is green... I'm damned skeered to post anything.

You're among friends now.
2010-05-20 10:03:54 PM

2010-05-20 10:05:13 PM  
Yay for Caturday!! It is ever so needed this week - a lot of ups and downs.

Quick thread jack: I think I found a doc who can help with my pain stuff, but it's going to end up being expensive because I'm not going to have health insurance for much longer. After a few months of having the job from hell, I made up my mind to give my notice tomorrow. I do have an application out right now, but it doesn't close until June 1 and then however long for them to go through the hiring process before I find out. It's a very scary spot to be in. However, the Mister just found out (literally... I'm talking to him now) we're going to be buying a semi, which is incredibly good news!

So, the other piece of the job thing (going back to that) is that it has completely taken away my ability to quilt, as I cannot leave town. I'm expected to be on-call 24/7... and we don't have any quilt shops here. So in my upcoming down time, I will be starting to work on quilts again and don't plan to let anything stop me again. So those of you who had asked about a quilt and are still interested, please email me and I will start working again on designs. akimbotoo generously donated a bunch of fabric and some great kitteh quilt patterns. I apologize to everyone for my inability to follow through up to this point. When I took this job, it was billed a tad differently than it actually ended up and I'm very upset things went the way they did.

**hugs** to all!! And now some kitteh pics to make up for all my talking.
2010-05-20 10:05:20 PM  
For a "Certain Special Someone":
2010-05-20 10:05:51 PM  
Ebil peeples are ebil.
2010-05-20 10:06:28 PM  
Nice to see the mods greenlight a Caturday thread that doesn't use the words "just in time".

That phrase should be an automatic red.

hmm. . .I should dig up those old photos from my childhood. . .if I could only find the disk that I backed them onto. . .
2010-05-20 10:06:59 PM  

predle: /By the way - what is going on with all these mean people?

Some people feel so powerless that the only influence they feel they have is to pee on somebody else's Wheaties.
2010-05-20 10:07:02 PM  
A blank:
2010-05-20 10:09:09 PM

/I just like saying 'snuggy bubble'
2010-05-20 10:09:54 PM  
Angry cat guide for Dummies:
2010-05-20 10:10:44 PM

/didn't see the catfight earlier
//glad to be in early
2010-05-20 10:12:10 PM  
Oh, and tidtmc... I was confuzzled. I thought you knew what would get greened and was oblivious to how you post in all possible threads until I started reading everything submitted. I feel bad you got picked on so much! If I was brave, I'd go biatch about how many political articles are submitted... or how a single article can be submitted elebbinty bazillion times, particularly if it's for the Florida tag...... **sigh** But I'm not brave.
2010-05-20 10:13:39 PM  
What mean people? Did I miss something?

/Goes to look at failed other Caturday threads...
2010-05-20 10:13:55 PM
two tracks time for a break
2010-05-20 10:14:31 PM  
Some cats from the Classic Caturday Files:

And I'm spent. For now.
2010-05-20 10:15:56 PM
no kitties were harmed. The top was nice and big and they were only there for a few seconds
2010-05-20 10:17:00 PM
I think I'm going to start my own music genre
2010-05-20 10:17:19 PM  
Uh-oh Toto!
2010-05-20 10:17:31 PM
the facts of life
2010-05-20 10:17:52 PM
They are starting to get personality
2010-05-20 10:18:55 PM
"borrowed" from ICHC
2010-05-20 10:19:18 PM
I think all call it "Robo" because it will make more sense if you down a bottle of cough syrup first.
2010-05-20 10:20:02 PM
2010-05-20 10:21:07 PM
bleh, bleh....
2010-05-20 10:21:47 PM
2010-05-20 10:22:05 PM
in sepia and black & white
2010-05-20 10:22:30 PM
Ha I got post #42
2010-05-20 10:23:41 PM
Oh you people make me laugh, and I need it this week
2010-05-20 10:24:36 PM
They aren't quite up to the task of toys yet
2010-05-20 10:24:56 PM
2010-05-20 10:25:22 PM
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