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(ABC News) NewsFlash Another Hijacking, this time in India   ( divider line
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2001-10-03 04:19:12 PM  
Biggest difference from September 11: this one landed safely.

This and the bus crash... we need to remember that, despite the horror of last month, there's still a "Random Bad shiat Quotient" that must be maintained. Not every bad thing that happens is related.
2001-10-03 04:19:15 PM  
I bet anything unusual that happens on an airline for the rest of the year will make news: "A United Airline's flight today ran out of those free peanuts during a Bangor to Chicago flight today. This is not believed to be linked to Osama bin Laden."
2001-10-03 04:20:05 PM  
who cares if it aint one of ours or the towel heads doing it
2001-10-03 04:22:21 PM  
Good one! BugReaper
2001-10-03 04:22:40 PM  
I think that when your plane is hijacked, the airline should give you a complementary beverage.
2001-10-03 04:25:23 PM  
Or a complementary toolbox with souvenier box cutters.

[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-03 04:28:06 PM  
BugReaper, they wear turbans in India too, so it probably was "the towel heads doing it." Moron.
2001-10-03 04:29:29 PM  
hey can anyone update me on this... what's going on
2001-10-03 04:30:54 PM  
Very short article. breaking news?
The article about the burn victim was good too.
2001-10-03 04:31:34 PM  
I agree with CCSF, above. We would never have even noticed this sort of incident in the past. Now we're paying attention to what's happening around us.
2001-10-03 04:32:03 PM  
The headline should've read:

img.fark.netView Full Size
Hijacked plane lands safely in India

Then there would have been no reason to click the link.
2001-10-03 04:37:50 PM  
It was the Arabs, wasn't it?
2001-10-03 04:38:37 PM  
Click on the story link to the right of the India hijacking story entitled "Terrorist Codebook found". It's a cooler story anyways, and if you scroll down to the header "Further Attacks Feared", at the end of the 1st paragraph the United States is spelled the "Untied States". That's treason!
2001-10-03 04:38:50 PM  
The article grows in size as they get more information. At the time of submission, it was not reported it landed and the artile was about a paragraph long.
2001-10-03 04:38:59 PM  
Yes, RobbieFal, it was the Arabs. Every single one of them, and their cousins. And their goats.
2001-10-03 04:42:14 PM  
I did it. I needed drugs.
2001-10-03 04:44:19 PM  
I'm at home and flipped on CNN and FoxNews. They haven't said anything about it in the last 15 minutes. Is this for real or are the news stations a little behind.
2001-10-03 04:44:26 PM  
Of course, the Arabs are not fond of India.

Profiling = Arrests for crimes actually committed.
2001-10-03 04:47:36 PM  
NexR - I think they are a little behind, it just popped up on the front page of
2001-10-03 04:48:29 PM  
Hijacking in India... Doo... Dah.. Doo Dah...
2001-10-03 04:52:30 PM  
Now, why didn't India tighten airport security? or did they?
2001-10-03 05:01:53 PM  
I wouldn't be surprised if the Indian Government did it themselves. Their filthy enough and do enough bad things to their people - this would rate somewhere in the middle. It might just be a wierd act for the West to do something to Pakistan. You never know with India.
2001-10-03 05:02:31 PM  
According to a recent Fark posting, the Indian government is more interested in making a better condom and is measuring the male population for statistics.....

India literally got caught with their pants down on this!
2001-10-03 05:03:29 PM  
Yes. They did. All white passangers in India must now get a cavity check.
2001-10-03 05:03:44 PM  
Bombay security is fairly tight - machine gun toting guards are common.

Planes also have to fumigate the cabin for insects prior to landing. Apparantly Bombay has reached critical mass for bug population.
2001-10-03 05:07:21 PM  
What's the big deal? They landed safely, after all. Usually, the bad stuff happens in India and occurs later to a lesser degree in the US (i.e. floods, riots)

img.fark.netView Full Size
2001-10-03 05:23:02 PM  
India was "on alert". dunno if that means tighten security but you would think it does. And they say they suspect "Islamic Militants" man these guys sure do want to piss the entire world off.
2001-10-03 05:33:07 PM  
Did they land safely? I gleaned from the article that the hostages are still on board...they're on the ground, but not yet safe...
2001-10-03 05:49:16 PM  
Yes, landed safely, but not safe.

If I remember back to the heyday of hijacking that was the 70s and my childhood, if they are on the ground and in a hostage situation, this could be very far from over. Merely landing the plane is not the end to the story.
2001-10-03 06:07:02 PM  
BOMB-bay? Hey, I hope they don't have that "no jokes" policy at their security checkpoints. Same goes for Waukee-GUN or Michi-GUN.
2001-10-03 06:14:10 PM  
but the pilot has asked for two engineers. There is speculation that the hijackers may want more fuel for the plane. The plane is believed to have enough fuel for an hour and a half of flying time

Uh oh.
2001-10-03 06:20:02 PM  
ClearChannel will now require that the name Bombay not be used as it may evoke an emotion in oversensitive people.
2001-10-03 06:20:24 PM  
Took the diapers off their heads, put a dot on their forhead, and walked right past security.
2001-10-03 06:30:34 PM  
The only way to make airplanes reasonably hijack-resistant is ti remove the door between the cockpit and the passenger area. This would mean losing a number of seats because they'd have to add an outer door and bathroom to the cockpit (I don't think they have restrooms in the cockpit now, but I could be wrong) and a way to prepare coffee, snacks and meals, these things would enlarge the cockpit at the expense of passenger space. But if this isn't done, hijackings will continue.
2001-10-03 06:36:28 PM  
I think pilots should have to hold it. No bathrooms for them. Think of what it would do to the airline's bottom line. Pilots should be trained like doctors. Where doctors have to work for 3 or 4 days straight when they are learning, pilots should learn to do without bathrooms. Hell, if you don't let them eat, they won't have to go- two birds with one stone, and no highjackings to boot.

Great idea though.
2001-10-03 06:40:45 PM  
TRUE Islam teaches exactly as Bin Laden and his ilk believe. The so called moderate Muslims are an abberation from the original.
Islam has always been a religion of intolerance. The crusades are generally considered to be a thing that Christians began, not so. Christians began to kill muslims in defense of their faith.
Islam embraces a false god and prophet.
But, dont be fooled into thinking that "fundamentalists" are apart from the normal Islamic religion. It just turns out that the "new Islam" is easier to deal with.
The fundamentalists are fanatical, and very dangerous. They hate Christians and they hate My Beloved Lord, Jesus. For this reason alone, I am not fond of them. They are worse than Mormons!!

I think that the goverment of the USA especially our "justice department" is much more dangerous to it's citizens than any Bin Laden.

the Taliban and BATF/FBI have a lot in common

The BATF/FBI/ killed a whole bunch of Christians in the USA and nobody blinked. Mexico has some really great tortures. Cuba tortures people for fun. The entire continent of Africa is one huge torture chamber

Not only do I think Klinton is responsible, he probably had something to do with the attack.

Ask yourselves. Who did Klinton want dead that was in those planes?

Barbra Olson wrote a truthful book about Hitlery Rodham Klinton...

Klinton's body count is up there with Hitler's, although he has a way to go to catch up with Pol Pot and Stalin.

I would trust Osama Bin Laden before I would trust Bill Klinton, Hitlery or Janet 'Gas and Burn' Reno.

America voted the likes of Bill Klinton into orfice twice. He bombed that aspirin factory and blew up some tents.
America is gitting paid back for its Godlessness. Abortion, the supremes, The killing of Christians by the US gubbermint, making it a crime to pray in school....Hey...payback is a biatch. Bill pissed off some people by what he did.

If these folks deserve to be nuked, why not do it?
I mean we did it to Japan to "save American lives". Twice.
Why not do it again to "save American lives"?

Who cares if they are "innocent", so were the 6,000 dead in our country.

Jer 30:15 says "Why do you cry out over your wound, your pain that has no cure? Because of your great guilt and many sins I have done these things to you."

b 3^5
2001-10-03 06:40:51 PM  
43%-- I actually laughed at both of your previous comments. I don't think I've ever laughed at any of the thousands of other comments I've read on Fark. There should be a P.S.A. "Look for 43%'s comments, they're actually funny!"
2001-10-03 06:42:49 PM  
wow, i guess you haven't read all of my other stupid comments.

tx, though.
2001-10-03 06:46:53 PM  
oh for god's sake bobo - put a sock in it
2001-10-03 06:48:03 PM  
43% was funny, but then Bobo555 posted -- I'm STILL pissing my pants laughing!!!
2001-10-03 06:48:19 PM  
bobo, you're such a troll.

preach your crap elsewhere man.
2001-10-03 06:48:33 PM  
Wow, Bobo, what did you eat for breakfast? Maybe a bit too much sugar today? Do you feel better after ranting? I am no fan of the last administration, but I do manage to spell their names correctly. Damn, baby, you need to simmer down.
2001-10-03 06:52:13 PM  
20th jan 2000 news:

India has announced new security measures on domestic and international airline flights, following the hijacking of an Indian airlines passenger jet late last year.

The measures include deployment of highly trained commandos on flights identified as at risk of hijacking and tougher security screening at airports.

hmm - not so highly trained it would seem
2001-10-03 06:57:29 PM  
Look, a speech about fanatics by a fanatic.
2001-10-03 07:03:26 PM  
Breaking report: "It's all a misunderstanding".

Supposedly, it's not even a hijacking. Stupid news has ben discussing it all day and it's not even completely true.

Praise sensationalism.
2001-10-03 07:11:48 PM  
Err, crap. Maybe it really was a hijacking. I don't farkin know. Newsbiotch mumbled. Yeah, she mumbled.
Ooh, more breaking news...I'm a moron.
2001-10-03 07:13:31 PM  
here's the latest.....

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - A reported hijack of a domestic flight from Bombay to New Delhi was a false alarm and all passengers have left the plane, Civil Aviation Minister Shahnawaz Hussain said on Thursday.

The Alliance Air Boeing 737, with 52 people on board, was reported by air traffic controllers to have been hijacked on a late evening flight. It was immediately surrounded by commandos when it landed in the Indian capital.

Hussain, called to an emergency meeting with top ministers to discuss the reported hijack, said the scare was a result of confusion between air traffic controllers (ATC) in the town of Ahmedabad (news - web sites) and the pilots.

``It was a false alarm. The confusion arose between ATC Ahmedabad and the pilots,'' Hussain told reporters, adding that all passengers had been released safely.

``It was not a mock exercise or a planned exercise. We had assumed that the plane had been hijacked and the prime minister was also awake and was being informed,'' he said.
2001-10-03 07:16:01 PM  
Bobo say hello to Flawell for me
2001-10-03 07:18:07 PM  
'I agree with CCSF, above. We would never have even noticed this sort of incident in the past. Now we're paying attention to what's happening around us.'

HappyFunBall - I know what you are saying, but this kind of news always happens, you just have to read about it (sometimes you have to look for it). When I lived in the U.S., I had little interest about what happened in the world unless it directly involved the United States. One of the biggest criticisms I face here (as an American in Germany) is that some Americans don't know anything outside of their own country. I think the point of my blabbering is something like: "I hope at least now ALL Americans know that we are not alone on this planet".

BTW HappyFunBall - I am in no way putting you down, you just prompted me to make a P.S.A. Also not knocking Americans (again I am one too), just the ones that give everyone else a bad name. Thanks.

One last thought, I hope my attempt at using BOLD and italics works, otherwise you will all see how much of an amateur I am...damn, did I say that out loud?!
2001-10-03 07:20:29 PM  
The FarkQ really works! italic BOLD .
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