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(ESPN)   Red Sox player throws caught pop-fly ball to crowd in stands. Doesn't realize there were only two outs, loses game for team   ( divider line
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21528 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 May 2003 at 1:18 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-17 08:30:06 PM  
Shouldn't this have happened in the postseason?
2003-05-17 08:38:11 PM  
Actually, he didn't lose the game. The Sox were down 3-2 when it happened, and didn't score again, anyway.
2003-05-17 08:43:36 PM  
On this date in 1947, a seagull flew over Fenway Park and dropped a three-pound smelt on St. Louis Browns pitcher Ellis Kinder.

Yep, I remember reading about that in Fark back then. Back when Fark was a newspaper and it'd arrive two weeks later.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go drop a three-pound smelt...
2003-05-17 08:46:19 PM  
That sucks.
2003-05-17 08:46:57 PM  
2003-05-17 08:50:42 PM  
Did someone say "Drug Test"?
2003-05-17 09:10:00 PM  
Wow, that ball will be worh a bundle some day.
2003-05-17 09:40:20 PM  
That sucks for him...I bet he never forgets that dull feeling in the pit of his stomach when he realized what he had done...and he's a great player, too. It doesn't matter, though, the Sox are cursed, cursed I tell you!
2003-05-18 01:22:41 AM  
Boy, that Babe Ruth curse sure does work in weird ways sometimes.
2003-05-18 01:23:51 AM  
Isn't it a little early for the Red Sox to start blowing games using nothing other that their prowess for errors. Shouldn't this start around September or at least late August and reach critical mass in October?
2003-05-18 01:24:47 AM  
I dont watch football.
2003-05-18 01:26:09 AM  
Isn't it a little early for the Red Sox to start blowing games using nothing other that their prowess for errors?

As opposed to the Detroit Tigers, who blow games using nothing other than their prowess for suck. Go Tigers!
2003-05-18 01:27:33 AM  
Wow, that ball will be worh a bundle some day.

Bundle? Who says bundle anymore?
2003-05-18 01:29:16 AM  
2003-05-18 01:32:16 AM  
reminds me of a basketball game a few years ago...there was a guy shooting freethrows and he missed, a guy from the other team rebounded and scored for the missed free throw, i dont know who won though
2003-05-18 01:34:06 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-18 01:38:48 AM  

They blow.
2003-05-18 01:42:29 AM  

Cool, that gave me a seizure.

/enjoys the minty fresh seizure....
2003-05-18 01:47:42 AM  
He was just trying to be nice to a kid. I feel bad for him, but someday he'll laugh about this.
2003-05-18 01:54:00 AM  
What's funny is if you watch the clip, the retard fans were calling for the ball. And after he gave it to them they were all cheering and shiat. The fans were as retarded as the player.
2003-05-18 01:56:26 AM  
The play before with one out there was a high popup that Bill Mueller was about to catch at the edge of foul territory when an idiot fan reached in his way and startled Mueller into dropping it--the ball was up there so long and the out seemed so certain that I'm sure Trot counted it in his head and then when he got the fly ball thought it was the third out.

This is still the year we win it all though. Seriously.
2003-05-18 02:01:20 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-18 02:09:19 AM  
In high school, I when I got my first slam dunk, it was for the wrong team. Grrr. No wonder there was no defense.
2003-05-18 02:15:53 AM  
Geez, you just can't get good help for $2,700,000 nowadays.
2003-05-18 02:35:41 AM  
willie mays did something like that, he caught the 3rd out, then threw the ball back in to keep someone from scoring, someone commented at the time, 'Mays doesnt always do everything right , sometimes he doesnt count'

re buckner, mo vaughn, the met who hit the ball that went through buckners legs points out that he was on 1st base by the time it happened
2003-05-18 02:39:37 AM  
Trot Nixon is a quality outfielder. He plays Fenway's odd right field like a young Dwight Evans.

Unfortunately, he experienced a major loss of focus and threw the ball into the stands. Doesn't make him any worse, just makes him human.

Hey, at least he didn't misplay a simple deep fly ball in the World Series and cost his team the series-clinching sixth game like Barry Bonds did last year.
2003-05-18 02:42:45 AM  
Some years ago I saw the late Dan Quisenberry do something similar. He'd had to haul it over to first for a covering play and after making the (second) out, he "bowled" the ball back to the (unattended) mound and jogged to the dugout. It happens...
2003-05-18 02:51:42 AM  
Good grief...
2003-05-18 02:52:04 AM  
Somewhere, Bill Buckner gets a moment's respite...
2003-05-18 02:54:52 AM  

Yeah, i was just waiting for someone to make reference to Barry Bonds. Being a G-Men fan, i think you're an assclown.
2003-05-18 02:55:28 AM  
this dude coule still buy and sell a dozen of me.

/respectful of disgusting wealth
2003-05-18 02:58:34 AM  
Yes well he's no Bucky Farking Dent.
2003-05-18 03:05:57 AM  
I hear the Sox are commemorating the event with a Trot Nixon throw-back jersey.....

/a stretch
2003-05-18 03:16:12 AM  

If I have to hear how Bill Buckner (and, more appropriately, Bob Stanley) cost the Sox the '86 Series, you get to hear about how Barry Bonds cost the Giants the '02 Series.

Of course, we didn't pay Buckner quite as much to lose the World Series for us.
2003-05-18 03:19:56 AM  
Poor Trot, my fav player. It didn't actually end up costing the Sox the game though.
2003-05-18 03:22:49 AM  
maybe mo vaughn was on first, but wasn't it mookie wilson who hit the ball through his legs?
2003-05-18 03:26:23 AM  

Yes. Right after Bob "Vulture" Stanley had thrown a knockdown pitch.
2003-05-18 03:54:33 AM  
how come he couldn't just ask for it back, like Larry Walker did several years back. that 1 is classic
2003-05-18 04:21:48 AM  
Yes Jeremy, it was Mookie Wilson who actually hit the ball. The thing was, if I remember Mookie's stats (and we were tremendous Mets fans back then), Mookie actually had a chance of beating out the tag, because he could HAUL ASS around the bases.

It was still an easy out and doubtful that Mookie could have done anything with it, but there was that possibility. Ray Knight was the guy who actually scored, waving and jumping like a maniac. Those 86 mets were all about Gary Carter, Keith Mitchell, Ron Darling, Lenny Dykstra, Keith Hernandez, Dwight Gooden, and Darryl Strawberry.

Also don't forget Howard Johnson, who in 1986 didn't have an "Official Hojo At Bat" unless he whacked 4 or 5 foul balls.
2003-05-18 04:39:56 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

It's presidential night with the 'Hawk ...

2003-05-18 04:44:12 AM  
Does anyone else find it really sad the way the american sports use the term 'world series' when it is principally amaerican teams?
2003-05-18 04:53:30 AM  
excellent pshop

in other news, it's my third link posted to FARK!!!!111111111!1111one!11!1
2003-05-18 05:51:51 AM  
Yay! McMoose doesn't know what he's talking about!
2003-05-18 06:13:40 AM  
I saw him going to toss it, and was very confused for a second or two. Apparently I wasn't the only one. That clip's going to make the sports blooper rounds for a few weeks, I'm sure.
2003-05-18 08:11:36 AM  
I think Nixon actually threw the ball to Buckner in the stands, but he missed it. It went between his legs.

2003-05-18 08:26:33 AM  
Trot's wife is smokin'

/got nuttin
2003-05-18 09:06:53 AM  
A little known fact about Buckner in the '86 series. He tried to kill himself after the game. He jumped out in front of a moving bus................but it went through his legs.

2003-05-18 09:17:26 AM  
This thread is a prime example of spreading Urban legends. The headline is not correct but 98% of the people responding don't realize that fact and babble on and on.
2003-05-18 09:44:33 AM  

The Sux Suck!
2003-05-18 09:45:45 AM  
Baseball sux.
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