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(Some Guy)   High school band sick and tired of marching through poop   ( divider line
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7157 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 May 2003 at 6:45 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-17 12:34:36 PM  
Good for them. Well done.
2003-05-17 12:46:07 PM  
Most marching bands have shoes that dont have a whole lot of grip on the bottom so when you step in the horse poop you slide like you're on roller skates. When you are carrying a 30 lb. drum this is very scary and dangerous.
2003-05-17 01:23:25 PM  
I was in marching band back in HS. They put my group at the front-line during one parade, so we got to dodge the crap first.
2003-05-17 01:31:42 PM  
This one time ... at band camp ...
2003-05-17 03:20:27 PM  
When I was in high school band the people on the front of the line was the designated road hazard patrol. You come acorss shiat, a puddle, or even a pot hole they were to stop in the front of it so the rest of the band marched around them and missed it. Problem solved.
2003-05-17 06:48:03 PM  
Why don't they just march in front of the animals? Problem solved.
2003-05-17 06:51:32 PM  
The first line of the band should have vacuum cleaners as instruments, they make a noise and can be used to suck up the poop
2003-05-17 06:55:17 PM  
I totally agree with you, by the way, what drum did you play? I played all (snare, bass, quads).
2003-05-17 06:55:26 PM  
in my town, somone always trips over the railroad tracks during the parade
2003-05-17 06:55:45 PM  
The idiots who put this parade on should be shot. What group of morons would have horses lead a parade knowing that people will have to either dodge or step in the horse poo? Well done band; show the idiots.
2003-05-17 06:57:06 PM  
You were all in band because you're all dorks.
2003-05-17 06:58:50 PM  
I always hated parades because of horse crap. I was always in the front, and had to 2-step around it, thus throwing off my marching rhythm.
2003-05-17 07:01:09 PM  
Biatch, biatch, biatch. Sheesh. The brats get a chance to march in parades and then whine because they have to avoid road apples.
2003-05-17 07:05:59 PM  

As a drum major, I would always make sure the poo was a certain distance away from me. Since we had people spaced two paces apart, I could always lead the band so that the poo would end up between the lines. If the band members were being 'tards and weren't properly spaced out, they got poo on their shoes.

That band director is a moron, btw... animal poo a known hazard of parade marching. It's like jumping into a vat of hungry pirahnas and biatching because they're biting you.
2003-05-17 07:06:25 PM  
thought: why not put somone with shovels and cans between the horses and the marchers?

2nd thought: Play "Poop and Circumstance"
2003-05-17 07:07:46 PM  
How about the band members pooping in the street and make the horses step in it?
2003-05-17 07:11:02 PM  
how about the cancel the piece of shiat parade and save some farking money and time? Parades suck, bands suck, and you suck. i win.
2003-05-17 07:12:59 PM  
Sounds like a job for the Poopsmith
2003-05-17 07:15:15 PM  
Whiney-ass babies.
2003-05-17 07:16:33 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
great parade....for me to poop on!

(sorry, but someone was going to say it...)
2003-05-17 07:16:49 PM  
What's up with IckyMettle today? Forgot his anti-troll meds?
2003-05-17 07:18:35 PM  
finally...they make a stand after all the shiat they had to go through...

2003-05-17 07:20:14 PM  
Culov wins.

/believing what I read.
2003-05-17 07:22:42 PM  
I guess none of you are familiar with the shovel clowns (except for Bill_Wick's_Friend, as I noticed right before I was going to hit add comment, but I'm too lazy to rewrite the comment). They're 2 clowns, one with a shovel, the other pushing a garbage can. Shovel clown picks up poop, puts it in can, band behind them stays poop-free.
2003-05-17 07:24:11 PM  
I got kicked out of band in Grade 6 'cause I kept talking about my "tromboner". fark, was that funny back then.
2003-05-17 07:24:52 PM  
Marching band sucks,

However, getting to make music in a standard wind ensemble is a good experience for you. It's made me realize there is a lot more to Music than a guitar, vocals and pyrotechnics.
2003-05-17 07:25:36 PM  
I dunno if its like this there, but arent horses required in many places to wear those things that catch the crap before it hits the ground on the houses?
2003-05-17 07:27:34 PM  
Ackbar: "It's a Crap!"

/ugh. shoot me.
2003-05-17 07:29:09 PM  

It's made me realize there is a lot more to Music than a guitar, vocals and pyrotechnics.

Pardon? ;}
2003-05-17 07:31:50 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"He called the shiat poop!"
2003-05-17 07:32:28 PM  
Anyone ever hear of a street sweeper?

Anyone? Anyone? Beuler?
2003-05-17 07:42:18 PM  
LOL! all you guys biatching about horse poop never had to muck out a barn. the random pile here and there isn't so much after that.
2003-05-17 07:50:24 PM  
I was in Drumline and that movie of the same name glorified it like it was like playing sports. Fact of the matter is it was boring with alot of walking with ugly uniforms. I wouldn't have traded it for the world. (Snare and Quad also Albroz).
2003-05-17 07:53:37 PM  
Whew, I can definitely sympathize with this story. Of course, the solution is just to have the band ahead of the horses. When you're marching and playing, you are standing erect just following the back of the person in front of you, and the people in the front row are just following the drum major. You can't really stare down at the asphalt to watch for horse poop. Things like this never seem to get into the minds of the parade planners. And this from a town with a perennial state finalist band and a football team that won a grand total of eight games in three years...most of the spectators at the games were just there to see the band, and the stands really emptied out after halftime. We in the band always got a good chuckle out of this.
2003-05-17 07:53:49 PM  
I'm so glad my marches don't have horse!

/neener neener
2003-05-17 07:55:27 PM  
I remember my days in the band. Bass drum, xylophone, and tuba (dci style, not sousaphone). We just had band parents in the school colors scan the road during parades and direct us around it. Plus there were only 4 or five horses, even during the major annual X-Mas Parades (Norfolk, Va - TBP).
2003-05-17 07:56:25 PM  
If the parade organizers want the horses to lead the parade so badly, they should require the horses to wear poop catchers under their tails. This isn't hard to figure out, apparently unless you're a Storm Lake 4th of July Parade Organizer...
2003-05-17 07:58:15 PM  
Way to rise against the fascists guys! These activists are making a farking DIFFERENCE!
2003-05-17 07:58:18 PM  
In every parade i marched in (New Jersey). They had pooper scoopers behind the horses. On another note my H.S. Band had way more talent than our fotball team.
2003-05-17 07:59:17 PM  
Couldn't they figure out a way to put the band on horses? The parade would be shorter and the kids wouldn't have to worry about stepping in shiat. Of course, I'm sure PETA would whine because the fat kid playing the tuba puts too much strain on the walking glue factory.
2003-05-17 07:59:46 PM  
Good for that band. They're not horsing around any more. No one should have to put up with that sh*t!
2003-05-17 08:05:18 PM  
They had better learn to adjust. It's simply a metaphor for the rest of their lives.
2003-05-17 08:07:32 PM  
dugga dugga.
2003-05-17 08:09:14 PM  
i know how they feel. i'm a band geek also.
2003-05-17 08:18:40 PM  
I know it was the same at our school. Hell, me and the other bandmates would crack jokes about the suck-a** teams, about how they're unintentional first half comedy acts were just the warm-up for the half time show. The band parents at major competitions even made shirts with that slogan, they were called "Fear Nothing" t-shirts (a rip on the no-fear line).
2003-05-17 08:22:34 PM  
This brings back memories. I miss marching band :)
2003-05-17 08:25:14 PM  
since this has turned into a survey of marching band whatnot....i played bass drum until my senior year (when i played snare) i have had the worst luck at UNL memorioal field, my first year my while walking from the practice area, my bass drum obstructed my view and i walked into a pole. then, during my final marching band performance of my life i had a quasi drum solo, and dropped my stick in front of about 1500 people, good times
2003-05-17 08:27:10 PM  
Band geeks...
2003-05-17 08:28:07 PM  
Hoskins says the kids can't play if they're too busy watching their feet.

Then put the music on their shoes.
2003-05-17 08:34:30 PM  
I side with the band members here.

Why make them march through horse crap?
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