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(Yahoo)   Christina Aguilera got tubby to prepare for the rigors of touring (third item)   ( divider line
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45094 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 May 2003 at 8:10 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-15 11:56:03 AM  
If I pinch you

you will know.
2003-05-15 11:57:48 AM  
Oh I guess I read that wrong. Its not "If I hit you..."
2003-05-15 12:04:19 PM  
trolling for compliments thread?
hardly. It just sucks that people think that she is fat when shes not. She DOES wear clothes too small for her though, which could be a major part of the problem.
2003-05-15 12:08:45 PM  
15 minutes are over in
2003-05-15 12:11:22 PM  
Athenax311: People? These are Farkers, Average age:18 gender: Male. Girlfriend Name: Kleenex.
2003-05-15 12:11:36 PM  
As far as I know, I didn't have to troll to get the compliments... all I said was that I wasn't fat. And still, aside from scary clothes and all, don't guys like t & a? Seems to me she's got it now.. before, and I still hold to it, she was as striking as an 11 year old with heavy amounts of tanning cream, and makeup.
2003-05-15 12:17:33 PM  
Cola:'s the men who are farked in the head.

Give me a farking break. Should I say women are farked in the head when they say they like Brad Pitt or prefer a 9 inch cock? Everyone has their ideal form. The ideal form is generally something rare or exotic rather than the norm. Of course, most folks are realistic and still find beauty in the norm, but you can't fault someone for having a particular preference.
Women shouldn't fret over not looking like old-school Christina any more than men fret over not looking like Brad Pitt (which is generally very little).

Stop the man bashing and take some responsibility for your own neuroses.
2003-05-15 12:18:17 PM  
But anyhoo... I've got to ride my bike to work now, so I'll be sure to find another thread to lavish my idealistic posts and viewpoints on. Lator, Gators!
2003-05-15 12:18:24 PM  
Bathe her and bring her to me.

/That is all
2003-05-15 12:20:47 PM  
Corporations do everything they can to promote the 'if you're over "X" pounds, you're worthless' mentality. People who are unhappy with themselves spend more money, trying to fill that unhappiness with material possessions. People happy with their bodies tend to be more active, watch less TV, and spend less.
2003-05-15 12:22:33 PM  
I'd bet she even smells like pork!
2003-05-15 12:22:44 PM  
"We seem to be on the same page with alot of these posts. Must be a HawkeyeFan thing!!!"

oh and not everything. I always thought she was fugly to begin with. So now I just think she's fugiler.
2003-05-15 12:24:12 PM  
Lots of farkers love the fatties i see.

She is fat, ya'll.
2003-05-15 12:25:28 PM  
HappyBoy-funny, maybe slightly true??
Tessie-" striking as an 11 year old with heavy amounts of tanning cream, and makeup." I totally agree.
HeOfTheGoiter-just for the record, I don't hold men to extremly high standards, as in walks erect, can carry on a conversation, has all of his teeth Brad.
2003-05-15 12:28:19 PM  
::off to the pot thread to munch popcorn and see if a flamewar about legality ensues::
2003-05-15 12:28:28 PM  
I don't know about you guys - but all I see lately are stunning women with, shall we say, "less than perfect" men. So obviously our standards aren't that exacting. And no, these aren't all golddigging scenarios either.
2003-05-15 12:33:08 PM  
Jeebus_Frist: True, situations such as that which you mentioned aren't all golddigging. Some of them--dare I say, the rest of them--are a varied mixture of low self-esteem, codependency, fear of being alone, and intoxication. And for some of us, that's all we got.
2003-05-15 12:35:33 PM  

A personal trainer once mentioned that it's actually less healthy for women to have a six pack than a normal rounded belly (this is not the case for men).

Man boobs are OK though, right? Just checking.
2003-05-15 12:37:53 PM  
Christina Aguilera got tubby to prepare for the rigors of touring

I got a beer gut to prepare for the rigours of drinking.
2003-05-15 12:39:14 PM  
HeOfTheGoiter, er, somehow you seem to have missed half of my quote which means that the other half doesn't make much sense at all. My point was to not waste your energy on trying to submit to what you believe men want as the ideal isn't reality and you'll just make yourself unhappy in the process.

I personally don't find the average normal male to be attractive. I only like a few of them and then they have to be of a specific limited age group and generally having the same look. Since I only see guys as friends/entertainment/decoration rather than potential partners this is not an issue for me. I notice heterosexual male versions of myself though who still don't seem to have come to the realization that they probably don't like actual women and that they should be better off without.
2003-05-15 12:45:29 PM  
JJ_UK: That was just a beautiful way to say what I was thinking. Tears came to my eyes, I swear.
2003-05-15 12:56:28 PM  
"I wouldn't go so far as to call Christina filthy, but she's definitely dirty. But, Christina's got personality, personality goes a long way."
2003-05-15 12:57:19 PM  
What men find attractive doesn't matter to me as they don't interest me in "that way" but I do feel for straight women who are desired based on physical and emotional immaturity rather than development and growth. I hope that the women will eventually understand that the problem isn't their natural form, it's the men who are farked in the head.

Yeah... but all women out there have such noble standards for men.

Stop stereotyping. There are total assholes on both sides of the fence who go for superficiality and immaturity, and in the world of manipulation, women have at least an equal footing.

/flame on
2003-05-15 12:58:29 PM  

I've gotta weigh in here (pun intended).

I like very small women. My girlfriend is a size zero. Of course, I'm 5'6" and 130, so that might have something to do with it. I don't feel bad about this. This is the way I'm made.

I'm attracted to a girl by their looks, primarily. Once I get to know them, other things may or may not attract me, but their looks are what I notice first. I don't feel bad about this. This is the way I'm made.

So, to some of the more prolific cock-haters in here (read: Cola), why is it that I'm farked up for desiring what I'm naturally attracted to? After all, it's what comes naturally to me. So, if it's fine for women to be, in my opinion, overweight (which I don't see a problem with; I'm just not attracted to it), why isn't it fine for me to be attracted to small, skinny chicks?

Seriously, what is so wrong with being attracted to women primarily based on their looks?

As an aside, if having some excess weight is natural and attractive, why don't the Chippendales have beer-guts?
2003-05-15 01:03:54 PM  
OK, i have thought long and hard about this. And i think the "SHOCK" of seeing the NEW C.Aguilera is not because the "new" C.A. is so fat or tubby or thick. Because really she isn't that big. It's that the public image of C.A. is Pencil-thin, starvation patient.

If she had begun her career with her current figure, nobody would have said diddly. It's just that she went from size -1 to size 2 or 3 (I don't really know women's clothing sizes, i am approximating).

Anna Nicole Smith is a great example. We loved her as we knew her. Voluptuous, Big, Busty. She was never thought to be "THIN". Now everyone is calling her fat. Was she ever thin? No.... but now she is "FAT" because she is 'FATTER' than we are accustomed to.

Anybody see Stephen Furst (Flounder from Animal House)? That guy has lost about 200lbs. The shock is similar. When you think of Flounder, you think Big and Chubby and Fat. When you see the "New" Flounder, he's down to about 155. It freaks you out. There is chubby Flounder all thin. Similar freakiness when you see skinny Linda Ronstadt all fat and chubby.

It's the change that people can't handle. No matter which direction you are going.

If Linda Ronstadt were always fat, nobody would say, "Look how fat she has become."

I never talk about how fat Ann Wilson from "HEART" is, because she was ALWAYS BIG. That's the way I've always known her, so if she gained 10lbs or lost 10lbs, who would care. If she loses 100lbs, everyone will freak out and say, 'Oh my God, did you see Ann Wilson? Or Carnie Wilson for that matter???'
2003-05-15 01:07:27 PM  
I agree with you - we all have our tastes and most of us would choose trim and attractive people, generally speaking. But, if you're going to be that exacting about your standards I only hope that you can offer up a hot bod on your part in exchange. What chaps my ass are these fat, ugly, awful men who all think they deserve nothing less than a supermodel. Why, I ask you?
2003-05-15 01:08:30 PM  
shes always been a whore. now shes a fat whore, and an attention whore to boot!
2003-05-15 01:08:42 PM  
Vodka, it's great you're all into health and fitness and defying the American ideology that we must all eat at least 5.67 servings of everything until we are full to bursting...but...

Who really cares? So she put on some weight. Big deal. I'd rather see her than that skinny, pasty, wanna-be-M.J. Justin TimberFake any day.

But then again, my taste in music doesn't gravitate toward crappy pop anyhow. This is just another chick who wants to be the Pat Benatar of the 00's. And it ain't gonna happen.

That said, I'm going to listen to some friggin' Joan Jett & The Blackhearts and try to forget why everybody cares so damn much.
2003-05-15 01:26:49 PM  
250 posts and still no nude photos, you guys are getting slow.
2003-05-15 01:29:15 PM  
I'd still do her, but i probably wouldn't brag about it. Much
2003-05-15 01:31:21 PM  
Ok, so she may get to fat to hit, but she can still blow me. I'll just close my eyes and pretend she's Britney....
2003-05-15 01:38:55 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
nuff said

more fat picks!
2003-05-15 01:40:34 PM  
"I'll just close my eyes and pretend she's Britney...."

2003-05-15 01:43:26 PM  
TheUnknownFarker: Who is She gonna pretend You are?
2003-05-15 01:45:58 PM  
SOOooooEEEeee! Grease that pig up and ride 'em cowboy! sorry - just the male chauvenist pig in me. I'd still poke her if she was into trolls like me!
2003-05-15 01:48:18 PM  
I don't hold it against her that she puts some pounds on... but if she thinks her career will last looking like that, she's sadly mistaken... and I'm SURE her management knows that.

When your entire career is based on looking, acting, and dressing like a skanky whore, you best look the part.

Now she looks like a skanky trailer-park whore, instead of a skanky young whore... big difference.

As for the weight, if she had some talent and wasn't marketed to horny 15 year olds, then it wouldn't be a problem.
2003-05-15 02:01:55 PM  
Is it just me, or does anyone else think in the coming years CA is going to make Mariah Carey look well adjusted.
2003-05-15 02:09:22 PM  
SchlingFo, hey I don't hate the cock! The cock is good! It's the rest of the male I have a problem with!

Seriously though, if you think anyone said that it's wrong to dig skinny chicks then you've just missed the entire point and there's no use in discussing it further.
2003-05-15 02:20:45 PM  
again ... for those of you that dont think she's fat ... you're spoiled by the american sentiment that 20-30lbs overweight is ok.

she's not OBESE ... but she's definitely fat.
2003-05-15 02:29:47 PM  
Who is this "tubby" person and why do they need to prepare for a tour?

2003-05-15 02:36:52 PM  
"Now she looks like a skanky trailer-park whore, instead of a skanky young whore..."

I don't think she looks like Britney at all.
2003-05-15 02:37:45 PM  
theres a difference between fat and thick, thick is what Christina is, mmm yummy. Fat is what Rosie, Operah, and Ricky lake et. all, are. I hate those skinny ass crackhead looking chicks that society and the media constantly pound into girls heads.
2003-05-15 02:42:11 PM  
Christina Aggugaliagara so set herself up by posing almost-naked for the past year to prove she's all grown up.

Now, she's just another squirrel in my world lookin' for a nut- or 2 or 3...
2003-05-15 03:12:58 PM  
if the coach of a team sees one of his players lose 2 tenths of a second on the 40 yard dash because he gained weight, we would think nothing of him not just asking but demanding that the player lose the weight. if a horse jockey shows up to the race weighing 115 pounds instead of 110 the horse owner is likely to want to murder him for not staying on his diet. Face it, part of the job of singers and actors is looks and weight. It's perfectly ok for the public to require that the stars look a certain way and if the stars don't conform to ditch them.

Of course, demanding that your wife or girlfriend diet is entirely a different thing, and it's something that you will only do if you think she has health problems from obesity.

Saying Christina has turned into a big fatty and needs to shape up is no different from the Seahawks cutting Levon Kirkland because he got too fat. They are ridiculously highly paid entertainers, and it's not too much to ask for them to do their jobs.
2003-05-15 03:18:48 PM  
40 Dog:
2003-05-15 03:26:55 PM  
These arguments are as futile as the political ones.. probably even more so.

If someone eats right and stays fit by going to the gym a few times a week or doing moderate exercise, people will say they're sick, unhealthy, and dangerously underweight, despite the fact that it's what's perfectly fine for the actual individual. They're then accused of being a proponent of the typical societal construct of what an attractive person is supposed to look like.

On the flip side, if someone appears a bit "chunky" (not different from the "norm," which would be a foolish thing to say, as the "norm" is such a difficult thing to pin down and analyze, nevermind actually defining it), there will be others who say that they are vastly overweight. I'm sure a lot of those reactions were vastly exaggerated for effect, but there are bound to be a few people who actually believe what it is they're saying.

Then, of course, there are the people who cater to neither side, and they instead pull out the objective commentary.

So, I'm just going to post a picture of Frog:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-15 03:35:34 PM  
frog is my hero.
2003-05-15 03:37:29 PM  
Thick is a dumb term that has been made up in the last few years.
2003-05-15 04:00:58 PM  
I'd hit it, all day. Not as fine as her Maxim photos, but yum..
2003-05-15 04:13:34 PM  
Damn, we've had like two pictures (I think) that are supposed to show what she looks like now and they're both blurry as Hell. Could we get some pictures posted, please?


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