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(Portland Press Herald)   Not-so-bright bank robber uses cash stained by exploding dye pack to pay for motel room. Jailarity ensues   ( divider line
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2003-05-13 01:51:28 PM  
Come on, we all know how this can happen. You get the motel late, you're tired and in a hurry, the clerk moves slow. Easy to reach into the wrong pocket and pull out the red money.
2003-05-13 02:50:11 PM  
I frequently get money that has been stained with a dye pack as change. No one has ever questioned me about it when I use it to pay for something. I guess I just don't look like the bank robbing type.
2003-05-13 08:09:47 PM  
Then he shot a man for snoring too loud!
2003-05-13 08:16:06 PM  
"Jailarity ensues" officially no longer funny.
2003-05-13 08:16:35 PM  
When I rob banks, I make it quite clear to the tellers: "If you even think about putting a dye-pack into this bag, I'll blow your f'in head off right now, and if you think I'm kidding, watch this...." as I shoot a few customers in the heads. Works every time.
2003-05-13 08:24:41 PM  
"No really, my money was in my jeans when I washed them with my new red sweater."
2003-05-13 08:32:39 PM  
Looks like he got caught red handed...

2003-05-13 08:35:46 PM  
People are complete morons; there's only one way to rob a bank, yet no one has tried it.

2003-05-13 08:52:46 PM  
repeatage ensues?
2003-05-13 09:00:47 PM  
I swear it's blood i did not rob any bank, I went fishing.
/Scott Peterson
2003-05-13 09:01:47 PM  
Wrong sean Jailarity ensues" was never funny
2003-05-13 09:10:27 PM  
No way in farking hell if I worked at a bank would I place a dye pack or transmiter in there. What if it explodes right outside the bank and the robber comes back in and blows my head off. For 12 bux an hour? I think not.
2003-05-13 09:12:00 PM  
"No, that money's not stolen. It's the new colored money that supposed to be impossible to copy. Really."
2003-05-13 09:15:59 PM  
I actually think "Jailarity Ensues" is quite funny.
2003-05-13 09:21:10 PM  
Mental note #294

If I ever rob a bank ask the teller to put the money in seperate bags. So each bag holds a maxim of 300$. That way when the dye pack blows I will only lose a small amount of money.
2003-05-13 09:22:53 PM  
Perhaps I should go bail Steven out. I have the 25,000.
I wonder if they will notice the red dye when I try to bail him out.
2003-05-13 09:26:50 PM  
He should have stopped by the money laundry.
2003-05-13 09:27:24 PM  
Helpful hint #254; When you rob a bank, do NOT stuff the money down your pants.
2003-05-13 09:31:38 PM  
hehe.. revrendjim..

can see it now.. your in prison..

inmate #1:Hey Why do they call you little red?

inmate #2:Oh man this is so embarrasing..

Inmate #1 : comon tell me.

Inmate #2 :alright I robbed a bank and stuffed the money down my pants. Then a dye pack exploded. I am red from my waiste to my knees.

Inmate #1 : Oh man that just aint right. *drops some cigarettes on the floor* DOh can you grab those for me.

Inmate #2 : Um ok..*bends down*

Inmate #1 : we now call you little red riding biotch
2003-05-13 09:42:49 PM  
man, the fact that the guy was able to elude law enforcement long enough to try and check himself into a motel makes me think that if he had been a little bit smarter, he may have been able to get away with it.

dumb bastard.
2003-05-13 10:12:04 PM  
your idea would take to much time

my idea: stuff in those vacume bags you see on tv (you know 4 quilt with all the air sucked pou looks like one shirt), and if one explodes minimal dye on most of the loot.
2003-05-13 10:23:31 PM  
LOL: Jailarity -- is that a new word?
2003-05-13 11:27:16 PM  
jailarity ensues made me spit on my screen.

and why is Maine in the news so much latley??? poisoning the church members and robbing banks and getting caught.
2003-05-13 11:51:54 PM  

I blame it all on the french blood in most people from maine!
2003-05-14 12:34:49 AM  
If this guy can afford to live in Cape Elizabeth, why the fark is he robbing banks? And staying in Westbrook??

Dumb bastard.
2003-05-14 01:13:49 AM  

Im from Westbrook, and let me tell ya its a dump!
perfect place to hide.
2003-05-14 05:14:50 AM  
Hah! Jailarity strikes again!
2003-05-14 06:33:09 AM  
Rules for robbing a bank.

1. Bring your own bag, preferably clear.
2. Tell them you that everything blows if anything happens to "your money."
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