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(Some Guy)   The design of the new $20 bill revealed   ( divider line
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27416 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 May 2003 at 10:02 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-13 03:33:22 AM  
Site looks good... I was skeptical that it was really a government site (, but I'll be damned, it really is.

Bureau of Engraving and Printing (MONEYFACTORY-DOM)
14th and C Streets, SW
Washington, DC 20228
2003-05-13 08:52:21 AM  
Legally, does a bill have to be updated every X number of years? What is the value of X?
2003-05-13 09:03:44 AM  
No, there's no magic number of years that bills keep their design. The govt changes the design periodically to make things difficult for counterfeiters.
2003-05-13 09:28:10 AM  
Show me the money!
2003-05-13 09:30:26 AM  
thanks Recockulous

So, why is this not a .gov site?
2003-05-13 10:07:03 AM  
theres no picture .. wtf?
2003-05-13 10:08:38 AM  
lol i love the bobby v1.2 approved.. good to know kids with downs can browse the site just fine.
2003-05-13 10:08:56 AM  
Photoshop contest in 3..2..1...
2003-05-13 10:09:07 AM  
Yeah, it'll take a few minutes or an hour for other sites to carry the picture. I'm not going to wade through streaming video to catch a glimpse.
2003-05-13 10:10:25 AM  
Live Webcast?! I want my taxes back.
2003-05-13 10:11:47 AM  
That site was less than easy to navigate.
2003-05-13 10:12:38 AM  
It could use some flames, maybe, and a picture of a snake eating another snake.

Maybe a big picture of The Cheat, too.
2003-05-13 10:12:40 AM  
So, I guess it's not a hoax, I just looked up and they have a little blurb about the new bills too. Although, I thought that we just changed the money a couple of years ago. WTF?
2003-05-13 10:13:50 AM  
DAMN!!!! This will destroy my counterfeiting business.

::goes out and gets real job::
2003-05-13 10:13:53 AM  
what, no free samples???
2003-05-13 10:14:10 AM  
Link to images new bills (I think)

They look the same to me, but it says they are the new bills.
2003-05-13 10:14:28 AM  
Am I on it?
2003-05-13 10:16:32 AM  
Am I on it?

Do you bear a striking resemblance to Andrew Jackson?
2003-05-13 10:17:21 AM  
They are primarily gonna be the same thing only in different colors such as blue.

Parker bros. surrenders.
2003-05-13 10:20:12 AM  

No, That's the current money.
2003-05-13 10:20:37 AM  
Just show the damn bill already!
2003-05-13 10:22:55 AM  
I dunno, they still look the same to me...

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-13 10:23:25 AM  
Any printable PDFs?
2003-05-13 10:24:38 AM  
Ok, the same only bluer?
2003-05-13 10:25:34 AM  
I don't know which is worse: these people rambling and dragging this out or that closed-captioning person doing such a crummy job keeping up...
2003-05-13 10:26:46 AM  
They have some color change thingie in the bottom right corner. I think it tells you if your money is autobot or decepticon.
2003-05-13 10:27:51 AM  
Join us on May 13, 2003 at 10:00 am for a live webcast as we unveil The New Color of Money.

What's the time zone? Dolts.
2003-05-13 10:27:58 AM  
If you're really interested, here's an update on it. The color hasn't been determined though, but they did facelift it. Submitted it as an update, but hasn't shown yet.
2003-05-13 10:29:41 AM  
Am I on it?


Do you bear a striking resemblance to Andrew Jackson?

Do you bear a striking resemblance to Peter Gammons?
2003-05-13 10:29:44 AM  
New bills? Damn...back to the drawing board.
2003-05-13 10:31:06 AM  
Greenspan is confident of the "success of the new design." Success? Is there fear of revolt against 20-dollar bills?
2003-05-13 10:32:37 AM  
Nothing shocking about the new 20. It's the new 69 dollar bill that will upset people. Check it out!
2003-05-13 10:32:47 AM  
I dunno, they still look the same to me...

Yeah, from what I can tell the only thing they changed was printing the word "COPY" twice on the front and back.
2003-05-13 10:34:29 AM  
From my understanding, the new $20 will look the same, but on blue tinted paper.

Not a bad idea, actually. Green is boring. So many other countries have bright, vibrant money. Besides, I'll be able to know what bill I'm pulling out of my wallet by first glance after a while.

"Fuscha... that's a five... and Blue, that's a twenty. Here ya go."

2003-05-13 10:34:58 AM  
Yeah like this will stop counterfitters... just like how the old new 20 stopped them...

2003-05-13 10:36:47 AM  
Hercules, LMAO
2003-05-13 10:36:59 AM  
IT'S OFFICIALLY....slightly less green? This is bull-jive!
2003-05-13 10:38:21 AM  
X = 4

this is based upon the fact that i remember the one dollar bills being all 1988 then all being 1992.
2003-05-13 10:38:32 AM  
i just saw the new one.. on the webcast.. what did they change?
2003-05-13 10:38:36 AM  
Here's a few screenshots:

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-13 10:39:30 AM  
I don't get it
2003-05-13 10:39:46 AM  
Two listings of a non-existant story. Fark meet CNN. CNN, Fark.
2003-05-13 10:39:47 AM  
I couldn't tell much from the webcast but is there also some red in it? Will it look cool with 3D glasses?
2003-05-13 10:39:58 AM  
Black and white?! BIG FRICKIN' DEAL!
2003-05-13 10:40:21 AM  
I don't see any difference. It's still whiteish
2003-05-13 10:41:09 AM is now farked.
2003-05-13 10:41:16 AM  
So they took out the oval.

Wow. Underwhelmed would be an overstatement.
2003-05-13 10:41:46 AM  
Actually, it doesn't look the same.

The pictures on that link above are the old bills. The new bills don't have a frame around the picture of the president's. Their bust covers the width of the whole bill like some European currency.

I still haven't seen a picture of the new color though.
2003-05-13 10:42:09 AM  
I have to agree with the Caption-typer critique, they need to fire him (or her), several crucial words were left out. And he was slow...
They made the bils much bigger now, that will never fit in my wallet
2003-05-13 10:42:23 AM  
As seen above, there is one fundamental difference with this new $'s about 500 times larger than the original.
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