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(News24)   Step 1: Collect underpants. Step 3: Profit. Step 2 appears be: Sell underpants to Chinese restaurant   ( divider line
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12781 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 May 2003 at 12:50 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-12 11:50:23 AM  
[image from too old to be available]


[image from too old to be available]


2003-05-12 12:53:45 PM  
"Who ordered the poo poo platter?"
2003-05-12 12:54:43 PM  
So for those of you wondering how you got SARS and Herpes, that's why
2003-05-12 12:55:29 PM  
Eeeewwww, old pants! They might have been near a girls bum!! That's where cooties come from!
2003-05-12 12:56:27 PM  
nobody ever offers to buy my old underwear
2003-05-12 12:56:30 PM  
I'm hungry. I would like the General Tso's Chicken with Chicken Fried Rice and a Shrimp Egg Roll.
2003-05-12 12:57:02 PM  
Ugh, that is really really sick, I'm glad I haven't eaten lunch yet.
2003-05-12 12:57:40 PM  
"Scuse me waiter. It seems that my Peking Duck Platter has a skidmark on it. And I specifically said I did not want any corn."
2003-05-12 12:58:37 PM  
You've been MSG'd OH!
2003-05-12 12:59:07 PM  
creamofsomeyoungguy jokes in 5,4,3,2,...
2003-05-12 12:59:22 PM  
Sure, it may be on the extreme side of disgusting, but if no one has gotten sick from eating there...what's the problem?
2003-05-12 12:59:48 PM  
Step 1: Find strange article. Step 3: See mistake in your headline after it's too late. Step 2: Post it to Fark.
2003-05-12 01:01:24 PM  
what did they use for table napkins??
2003-05-12 01:01:38 PM  
I thought it was "Phase 3" not 'step 3'
2003-05-12 01:02:24 PM  
Uh... AwkwardSilence, don't ya have to sell it to profit?
or was there something actually wrong with the headline that I'm just too stupid to notice?
2003-05-12 01:03:17 PM  
Step 1: Register name "AwkwardSilence". Step 3: be a jerk. Step 2: Wait for hilarious headline to be posted that makes you jealous.
2003-05-12 01:03:26 PM  
This is why I never eat at a Chinese restaurant. Too many bad rumours.
2003-05-12 01:03:40 PM  
I dont see nunthin wrong with the headline. Am i missing my underpants?
2003-05-12 01:03:55 PM  
Used Underwear:

*Lint free-won't leave fuzz in your food
*Non-Abrasive-does not scratch your fine china
*Absorbant- soaks up that extra little bit of liquid
*Economical- cheaper than paper towel
*Environmentally friendly- new after market use of a traditionally single user product.

The real question is who wouldn't use it in their kitchen?
2003-05-12 01:04:40 PM  
pube garnish
2003-05-12 01:05:16 PM  
The article is nowhere near as bad as my imagination. I thought maybe they were making soup with old underwear.
2003-05-12 01:06:17 PM  
05-12-03 01:02:24 PM Voodoo_Stu

Uh... AwkwardSilence, don't ya have to sell it to profit?
or was there something actually wrong with the headline that I'm just too stupid to notice?

I think his point may have been the sequence of events. You have to sell something first before you'll profit - no?
2003-05-12 01:06:47 PM  
That must have been a crappy restaurant...
2003-05-12 01:08:03 PM  
so THAT explains the hot and sour soup...
2003-05-12 01:08:11 PM  
I think I now know from whence they get their "fish stock"...
2003-05-12 01:09:04 PM  
<startshiat class="waits_for_the_inevitable_history_lesson">
I would never eat in a Chinese restaurant. We killed 100,000 of them during the war.
2003-05-12 01:10:13 PM  
Speaking of poor dishwashing...
I was at the Elephant Bar for a Mother's Day champagne brunch over the weekend. All-you-can-stand dining. Normally, a decent chain to go to.

However, I determined that many of the plates in the buffet line had a lot of food residue on them. It was easy enough to see the discoloration on many of the plates, and even the "clean" plates had a definite already-been-used texture to them (i.e. not clean, flat ceramic... possessing a grainy caked-on food feeling).

The porkers around me were eating and consuming food at such a rate that the dishwashers didn't even spray down the plates very well.

What did I do? I found the least unclean plate and got a second mimosa (to kill whatever bugs I actually did ingest). Spent the rest of the day somewhat ill...
2003-05-12 01:10:27 PM  
2003-05-12 01:12:20 PM  
well the taint panel does make for a good scrubbing device
2003-05-12 01:12:56 PM  
Feh, with the frequency that they actually wash the dishtowels in most cheap restaurants, the underpants probably aren't any worse. After a couple days of use, the average dishtowel becomes a bacteria trap. Nevermind that most of these restaurants only replace their washcloths after they've completely fallen apart. With that said, I'm off to mail away some laundry.

/Puts a stamp on the boxes marked "To China"
2003-05-12 01:13:45 PM  
ok, guys, which of you honestly expects to eat at a chinese place and NOT be exposed to underpants germs, SARS from the new guy in the kitchen fresh from Canton, cat meat in the mu shu "pork", or a waiter who sticks his thumb in the bowl while delivering your won ton soup?

be realistic
2003-05-12 01:14:19 PM  
Anyone actually eaten in China? Recommend you leave the pigeon soup alone, unless the sight of floating pigeon skull dosen't put you off your lunch. Washing the dishes with old pants is one of the least off-putting things our yellow friends get up to in the kitchen.
2003-05-12 01:15:08 PM  
Uh, yeah Binnster. I thought that was what I said. It was what I was trying to convey anyway... He just showed step 3 before step 2, but the topic creator labeled 'em right.

(Sniff, sniff. Great; my Boobies on fark and some one says I did it wrong...)
2003-05-12 01:15:11 PM  
What, doesn't everybody's recipe for General Tso's Chicken call for a thong?
2003-05-12 01:17:10 PM  
...was outbid on ebay for General Tso's wife's used thong.. I brame it on bad ruck
2003-05-12 01:17:57 PM  
Well, flies eat shiat, and they can FLY ! Hell they even got a thousand eyes. Who am I to be picky about cleanliness ?

(goes and reheats some leftover haggis)

[image from too old to be available]

2003-05-12 01:17:59 PM  
Damn, now I gotta go out for chinese at lunch.
2003-05-12 01:18:33 PM  
Argh, he posted again before I replied to him...
I was refering to your 05-12-03 01:06:17 post, of course.

(Damn, I suck at this)
2003-05-12 01:19:01 PM  
Me Chinese
Me Play joke
Me use undies
to clean and soak
2003-05-12 01:19:20 PM  
I see nothing wrong with the headline.
2003-05-12 01:20:56 PM  
"Yellow friends"? What're you, sparkling ivory?
2003-05-12 01:21:01 PM  
If this happened in Japan instead of China people would pay extra for it. Dude, what &*$% is wrong with Japanese people?
2003-05-12 01:22:20 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-12 01:24:46 PM  
i used to enjoy eating out in restuarants........ until i read Fark.
2003-05-12 01:25:41 PM  
"General SARS' Chicken"?
2003-05-12 01:28:48 PM  
I've seen worse in every restaurant I worked at. Ernie the Loon used to spit on every pizza he made - no exceptions. Fouling people's food is the #1 source of amusement for our low paid restaurant workers, and who doesn't need something to raise their spirits in these tough times.
2003-05-12 01:30:56 PM  
I did a lot of restauraunt work in college, including two two chinese restauraunts. My ex-wife, who at that age looked pretty good in a pau, worked in 3 or 4 Chinese restauraunts.

Let me tell you, this story doesn't suprise me in the least, and it's probably the least disgusting thing you'd see in the kitchen of a Chinese restauraunt.
2003-05-12 01:31:04 PM  
Gha!! I don't remember writing 'Boobies' (05-12-03 01:15:08)...
*Remembers about the words that refer to an "initial message"*
Aww, crap. Since someone made fun of my "premier communication" and I messed up my second one...
I'm gunna shut up and go away.
2003-05-12 01:31:59 PM  
Work alll night sleep all day gotta have under pants hey hey hey
2003-05-12 01:37:13 PM  
I will never eat chinese food again

Hmm, I'm hungry for an eggroll.
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