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(Detroit Free Press)   Arab owner of burnt dollar store promises to reopen, only this time with better crap.   ( divider line
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2001-10-02 03:25:14 PM  
And if selling cheap crap at rock bottom prices isn't what America's about, I don't know what is
2001-10-02 03:28:30 PM  
[rant] I'll tell you what's american Drew, people that take all that crap they buy at $ store and stack it around/on/above/in their PC's making my day a hassle. [/rant]
2001-10-02 03:29:01 PM  
"As soon as we can, we're going to rebuild again. We are not giving up on this community. How can we give up on a community that's been so good to us?"

Right on! If it weren't for your community, your worthless store would have still been standing!
2001-10-02 03:29:50 PM  
Fb- you making it a mission to post on every single topic? So far I think you got em all
2001-10-02 03:31:28 PM  
Nah, I think I missed 28 of em today.
2001-10-02 03:36:00 PM  
"Everyone wants to hear that it's a hate crime," said Charlie. "We don't need to speculate on that; it sends the wrong message to the bad elements out there. Right now we need to stick together."

Damn straight.
2001-10-02 03:37:13 PM  
I'd buy that for a dollar. Oof. Sorry.
2001-10-02 03:40:36 PM  
If we're going to have a [hero] tag, let's use it for better things than someone re-opening a dollar store.
2001-10-02 03:43:22 PM  
Fb - I must agree, I love how everyone expresses themselves with that crap.....your expression is in the way of my work
2001-10-02 03:43:28 PM  
Damages of fine knockoff goods and beauty products in foreign languages were estimated to be about 95 dollars.
2001-10-02 03:50:08 PM  
You completely missed the idea didn't you Jabooty?

2001-10-02 04:07:26 PM  
Good for him.. good that he isn't gonna use his race to get concessions from the courts. America needs more people like him. Not more scum like the kind that protests in Cincinatti.
2001-10-02 04:09:53 PM  
"Right on! If it weren't for your community, your worthless store would have still been standing!"

Let me get this straight... some Arabs nutbars attack the WTC, and to get back at them, some American rocket scientists burn an Arab's store. So the guy's store wouldn't have been burned if it weren't for the actions of the Arabs who attacked the WTC. Hmmm? Let's apply your logic to the WTC attack itself.

The US has interfered in the affairs of other nations to protect its own interests - sometimes to the great frustration of other governments and groups. This is not an opinion, but a fact. (read all about the Iran/Contra affair as one small example of this farkupery). Now even though the people in the tower had absolutely nothing to do with any questionable actions of the American government, they are of the same "community", and so deserving of their fates?

Yeah right... it's the victim's faults.

Man... it use to be that owning a computer at least meant that you had to be relatively intelligent... now any 'tard can walk into a store, slap down a couple of bucks, and vomit their inbred views all over the place.
2001-10-02 04:13:09 PM  
Find the morons that burned his store down and burn THEM down.
2001-10-02 04:13:22 PM  
I am amused. Way to sum up Sugarlarry.
2001-10-02 04:14:01 PM  
Or rather, "way to sum up, Sugarlarry."
God dammit.
2001-10-02 04:21:44 PM  
Think I might have misread SG's comments. Feeling stupid. Will go soak head now. Sorry 'bout that.
2001-10-02 04:23:25 PM  
Sugarlarry, the "community" in question was the store owners neighbourhood, not Arabs. He's not giving up on his neighbours, and I think this is the community that Soylent Green was blaming for burning down the store.
2001-10-02 04:26:50 PM  

Is this the same guy that torched his place to collect the insurance?

Ok, then.
2001-10-02 04:49:00 PM  
people who torch their own failing businesses are heroes...
2001-10-02 05:12:50 PM  

I feel sorry for the lil' ol' loveable patriotic towel head.
2001-10-02 05:52:26 PM  
This isn't the same guy. The guy who torched his own place lived in New York and I think that was a convenience store. This is a different incident.
2001-10-02 06:18:36 PM  
good post sugarlarry. your comments are always good and level-headed.
2001-10-02 06:30:24 PM  
Hero? What a joke. You praise an Arab with a burnt down store, and make a joke out of Alzheimer's on the next link. Oh, Slurpy man...YOU are MY HERO! Get a life...
2001-10-02 06:36:55 PM  
NutSackDance - yeah? So?
2001-10-02 06:55:47 PM  
No, he's a hero because he could just say "fark you", pack up his toys and go home. Instead, he's staying where he's at, rebuilding the store and not seeking to have it declared a hate crime.

Sounds like a hero to me. I'd think that all of the right-wingers would be hailing this guy, after all, isn't he doing what they say we all should? You know, all that crap about entrepenurial spirit and all? How America rewards those who try?

2001-10-02 07:00:46 PM  
He just sounds like a good, red-blooded American man to me.
2001-10-02 07:22:30 PM  
2001-10-02 07:23:01 PM  
Where's my two dollars??!!!
2001-10-02 09:34:44 PM  
Hey Soylent Green... what's the deal with all this "your community" crap? Dollar Store Charlie represents "his community" as typically as Washington/ Nixon does politicians.
Tell us all who best represents their community:
Jerry Fallwell or Billy Graham
Bill Cosby or Rodney King

Do you think any of the above distribute a monthly newsletter so they keep up with how they otta look?

Unless grampa slept in teepee, we're all immigrants somewhere down the line. And everyone who came here did so to get away from assholes who thought everyone in their "community" was the same.

Soylent Green is made of people, all mixed together. Tastes like chicken to me.
2001-10-02 10:18:12 PM  
"Man... it use to be that owning a computer at least meant that you had to be relatively intelligent... now any 'tard can walk into a store, slap down a couple of bucks, and vomit their inbred views all over the place."

Is farkupery a word? al-Qaida is a MUSLIM group- not an arabian one, its "used to be", not "use to be" and I don't know about yours- but my computer cost me more than "a couple of bucks"
2001-10-02 10:37:31 PM  
where is the store any tard can walk into and buy a computer for a couple of bucks? i need a computer, but i'm broke. is there an outlet near me? if not, do they deliver?
2001-10-02 11:02:11 PM  
I believe the "couple of bucks" was a reference to renting computer time.

BTW, the non-tard era was over long ago. When AOL started offering internet access and their army of cluelessness started infesting the usenet newsgroups, the end-days were at hand.
2001-10-02 11:28:16 PM  
Having been accused of being a "right-winger" on a number of occasions (but I'm feeling much better now), I'd have to agree with 3horn.

Per my earlier post, this guy shows a commendable, (dare I say it?) American attitude. Yeah, there's assholes out there in the community, but he's not letting it get to him. He's actually talking about sticking together with his community. Right-farkin'-on.

I hope the shiat-for-brains who did this read his comments (okay, have the comments read to them) and realize that they are the turds in this community's punchbowl.
2001-10-03 12:15:04 AM  

fark-upery is a word my wife invented to describe some of my zany schemes.
2001-10-03 12:27:53 AM  
is that 'hero' tag the puerto rican flag?
2001-10-03 05:43:40 PM  
He's not taking the "I'm a victim" stance. I don't know if that makes him a hero, but it sure as hell is better than most people would do.

Spuds: No it's an upsidown Texas flag.
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