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3817 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 May 2003 at 6:36 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-11 02:48:58 PM  
"We also get the occasional case of beer and bottles of alcohol," she says, adding these are often reclaimed.

You think?
2003-05-11 05:39:14 PM  
Actually, I haven't been in Alberta for years.

/ears burning
2003-05-11 06:30:33 PM  
Oh that's where it went.
2003-05-11 06:40:27 PM  
i've been to edmonton.

that's it. really. i've been there and that's that.
2003-05-11 06:43:33 PM  
Damn, that's MY hashpipe I left on that bus. Wonder if they'll say anything when I go to pick it up..... brb.
2003-05-11 06:46:46 PM  
I wonder if they've found common sense. It seems to have gone missing.
2003-05-11 06:52:45 PM  
I read one once about a guy who left his artificial leg on the subway. I do you miss that? Seriously?!
2003-05-11 06:57:01 PM  
did anyone else have formatting issues with that page? or is it just opera?
2003-05-11 06:59:42 PM  
Ah, Edmonton - my home town hasn't changed much since I left in 1996, it seems. Dentures everywhere on the bus seats...
2003-05-11 07:01:04 PM  

It's Opera. Looks fine in IE.

/bill gates
2003-05-11 07:03:12 PM  
Edmonton, the snow just melted a few days ago... no really.
2003-05-11 07:05:12 PM  
CG - don't jinx us... it might come back!
2003-05-11 07:09:33 PM  
I know this article was just published today, but it feels like this was posted several months ago. Perhaps by a different publication?

2003-05-11 07:14:58 PM  
"I know this article was just published today, but it feels like this was posted several months ago."

Yes, I find it familiar, as well. I think I may have seen it on
2003-05-11 07:21:36 PM  
I can't believe I screwed up the link.
2003-05-11 07:47:10 PM  
Yay, never thought I'd see my hometown in the headline of a Fark article !!

CG is right, the snow DID just melt. Some bizzare snowstorm last week on the heels of plus 20c weather. Only in Edmonton.
2003-05-11 07:48:35 PM  
Pooter: you're probably thinking of the fark thread about the lost and found for NYC's subway. Stories about strange stuff at the lost and found are a perennial favorite.
2003-05-11 08:03:52 PM  
I just laid down a 5 spot for totalfark.

Do I get my badge now?
2003-05-11 08:04:31 PM  
oh good
2003-05-11 08:38:20 PM  
One thing that can be said about Canadians is they tend to be polite and honest. In america, how many of those wallets would be returned with the cash, or returned at all?

Oh wait. It's Canadian money- it doesnt count. :)
2003-05-11 09:08:36 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Do they ever find any of these? Are they ever reclaimed?
2003-05-11 09:19:09 PM  
"We also get the occasional case of beer and bottles of alcohol," she says, adding these are often reclaimed.

Wait a minute- bottles of alcohol in Edmonton? Wow, who would have thunk it...

/cheap dig at Edmonton
2003-05-11 09:22:25 PM  
Also, Anti_Freak_Machine, last time I checked, the greenback was plummeting faster than Britney Spear's underwear.
2003-05-11 09:37:01 PM  
As a former Edmontonian I can attest to the liquor being left on the busses and LRT. Although it gets left there mostly because the Natives hauling it around are too drunk to remember it.

Ah the memories...
2003-05-11 09:37:56 PM  
ETS sucks ass, the busses never match up on time at the transit centers, their either late or early, and they keep increasing prices of bus passes and fair while they don't improve nothing at all, crazy ETS.
2003-05-11 09:40:36 PM  
this article is funny cause this place has actually got a kitchen sink!!! WHOA!

2003-05-11 09:59:26 PM  
...stupid canadians...
2003-05-11 10:06:18 PM  
Outlaw:We are not stupid, you are.
2003-05-11 10:11:47 PM  
Riding the LRT is fun... oh wait, last time I rode, my friends and I got threatened by a huge ass group of injuns.
I swear all the natives in Edmonton do is drink and harrass people.

On an un-related note, I'm starting NAIT soon.. is anyone here a graduate of NAIT?
2003-05-11 10:31:13 PM  
My friend took Avionics at SAIT. Pretty much the same thing, except 300 klicks south.
2003-05-11 10:32:20 PM  
Poop-n-Slop, see my above post.

Yea, the Natives on the LRT tend to be the drunk/harassing type. Take this time myself and some people I worked with were packed in an LRT car at Corona Station.

This group of natives walks by as they were having a conversiation, and suddenly one of them turns to my co-worker and angrily demands "What was that?" He looks back at the guy, puzzled, only answering "What?". At this point the other natives (four more, if I remember) start to mull around and the 'leader' again asks my co-worker "What was that you said? Huh?" He's still puzzled, and him and the people he was talking to state they didn't say anything. At this point the leader gets more pissy and states. "I heard you, you said something in Cree." Now my co-workers are baffled, and continue to flout innocence. The leader speaks up yet again. "I heard you, you said (quick Cree word here), which means 'Idiot'. You calling me an idiot, huh?"

His companions start to close and at this point my co-workers start mouthing back the Natives telling them if they want to start something they'd be more than happy to finish it at the next station. The leader and his chums start to back down at this resistance to them, and I believe the fact that they suddenly realized the train car was full of his challenge's co-workers, far outnumbering them.

They eventually backed off and continued to utter quiet threats for the rest of the ride.

A plesant folk, I don't miss that one bit.
2003-05-11 10:52:52 PM  
Winter brought the smallpox around,
fourteen hundred blackfoot in the ground.
All to the joy of the Cree,
hearing of their enemies' disease.

Now the tables are turned,
now the Cree's gonna' learn,
tangle with Potts and you'll likely lose your head."

Ahh, I don't know why I suddenly remembered that song, but it brought back memories of my elementary school days in Alberta.
2003-05-11 11:36:30 PM  
imagine the 80 year old lady who found the hash pipe

"i found this funny smelling piece of pipe on the bus, i saw some kid drop it."

i would love to see that
2003-05-12 01:49:33 AM  
On an un-related note, I'm starting NAIT soon.. is anyone here a graduate of NAIT?

Yep and now i'm unemployed.
2003-05-12 02:28:49 AM  
I too am a graduate of NAIT... but actually employed!

Wow... so many edmontonians, who'd a thunk it?

In regards with comments on edmonton, I'd agree with most. However, Anti_Freak_Machine, I'm afraid you do have to count canadian currency again. Your illustrious leader has sent the exchange rate soaring. Time for another go at trickle down economics anyone? Let's see... maybe we just need to give more money directly to the rich... that'll make it work.

p.s. Is it trolling if you really think it's both true and obvious?
2003-05-12 02:38:45 AM  
Piglet, exchange rates don't have that much to do with the President (just like our high rates these days have little to do with our own government). It's just the way the world economy works- investors percieve greater risk and/or unstability in the US, so switch their funds to other currencies, which lowers the value of the greenback, which then increases the value of every other currency relative to the US dollar.

In fact, the fact that our dollar is up to $0.72 or whatever is probably worse than it is good. It's good for people who are making lots of purchases of American goods, it's good for importers, and it's good for CAnadian companies increasing their capital stock. But aside from those areas, it's bad for everything else. Contrary to popular belief, a high-valued currency isn't neccesarily a good thing (especially for a country like Canada).
2003-05-12 03:04:45 AM  
as bill cosby said theres a free show on every train...i know i live here (edmonton). Im also a NAIT grad, what courses did you other folks take. CST for me and now Im working at convergys...i feel dirty

and im pretty sure some of those beer bottles are mine
2003-05-12 03:29:43 AM  

I assure you I was kidding. I was serious about the Canadians being polite though.
2003-05-12 08:55:43 AM  
As a 'proud' Edmontonion myself, All I'll say is That's my kitchen sink!
2003-05-12 08:59:04 AM  
Also, I missed the snowstorms, I was getting a dark tan in Costa Rica *sticks tongue out* ;)
2003-05-12 09:56:37 AM  
//drops keys looking for hashpipe..........

(what,.... no i don't speek cree)
2003-05-12 10:23:01 AM  
They found my glass eye and hash pipe. Now me and the druges can go out for a little of the old ultraviolence tonight.
2003-05-12 11:16:17 AM  
If you forget your wallet or purse on a bus there's a good chance it will be returned unscathed, says Adonyi.

farkin' liar. i've lost two wallets in the past six years on edmonton transit (that'll teach me to keep it in my back pocket), and neither were returned, despite being empty of money but full of i.d. carrying my name and address.

"good chance" my ass.

2003-05-12 11:47:16 AM  
I miss Edmonton, badly, for about 3-4 months a year. It really is a beautiful place to live during the spring/summer/early fall. But since I hate the cold, the rest of the time I'm glad to be in Arizona.

One thing's for sure, though, Phoenix could learn a lot from Edmonton's public transportation system/bicycle paths. Hell of a lot more pollution here.
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