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(Some Guy) Weeners Tired of fumbling around with conventional condoms? Try new EZON "Bidirectional" condoms. (Safe for work)   ( divider line
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6835 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Oct 2001 at 11:16 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-02 11:21:10 AM  
Shouldn't the weeners be put under the classifieds as well?
2001-10-02 11:27:23 AM  
Made in the USA, but not Sold in the USA.
2001-10-02 11:29:16 AM  
Why aren't they sold here? Maybe they are like finger cot size, you know meant for the Asians!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha, cause they have small wieners.
2001-10-02 11:38:18 AM  
The dimensions are mentioned in the article and they seem reasonably large to me.
In case you are metrically challenged: One (1) inch is 2.54 cm is 25.4 mm.
2001-10-02 11:43:39 AM  
Condoms? I thought this gum tasted funny.
2001-10-02 11:47:36 AM  
Condoms suck.
2001-10-02 11:52:08 AM  
all i can say is thank goodness. you ever try to roll one of them sumbiatches down backwards? drunk? in the dark? about to get some? and it's your last one?

hear, hear.
2001-10-02 11:53:51 AM  
oh, no i see. there's no wrong way to put it on. i'm interested to see how they pulled that off.

no pun intended.
2001-10-02 12:00:26 PM  
I can figure out a few ways they could have done all of them seem like they would be horribly loose-fitting. They should include a picture.
2001-10-02 12:04:18 PM  
EZON has been approved and licensed by Health Canada.
EZON is not available for sale or distribution to individuals in the United States of America (USA).

Oh the irony. The sweet delicious irony.
2001-10-02 12:05:19 PM  
"Shape: Tube/baggy fit"

Are we talking rubbers or jeans? Next, Levi's will be offering a boot cut.
2001-10-02 12:10:46 PM  
i'll bet it has something to do with those teleportation experiments. we are, after all, living in the future.
2001-10-02 12:22:16 PM  
In days of old, when nights were cold and rubbers weren't invented....
They wrapped a sock around their cock, and babies were prevented
2001-10-02 12:33:23 PM  
When they said "bi-directional" I imagined entering from either end like it was a tube of some sort.

But that would be stupid...wouldn't it?
2001-10-02 12:37:00 PM  
"Not only is EZON more "user friendly" it feels different"
Probably has a nice GUI too
2001-10-02 12:47:18 PM  
If it's anything like the female thanks. If you've never tried one just take a 50 gallon hefty bag shove it up one of your partners orafices and have at it. Imagine the fun. eccch.
2001-10-02 12:48:14 PM  
2001-10-02 12:51:45 PM  
Finally! A condom that's safe for work!
2001-10-02 12:57:22 PM  
C'mon people... if you couldn't figure out condoms, you didn't deserve to have sex in the first place. Hell, I'd imagine that noticing your partner has low manual dexterity, concentration, and intellegence would be a turn off. :P

Actually, this sounds pretty cool; i'd like to see how they got this to work. Damn non-FDA-approved prophylactics.
2001-10-02 01:30:44 PM  
maybe it works sort of like a water weenie, only closed. that way you just slide it on, no unrolling. it would have to be lubricated on the inside, i guess.
2001-10-02 02:12:07 PM  
But a water weenie depends on being open on the ends... it's a hollow cylinder. If it were closed, it wouldn't work. Also, water weenie's don't have an "inside"... just one big plane rolled in on itself.
2001-10-02 02:17:33 PM  
one for front, one for back (no!!!! that's so yesterday!)
Try the new one for the FRONT AND THE BACK!
Satifaction garanteed!

(re-using this condom may cause dangerous venerial desease)
2001-10-02 02:18:57 PM  
Maybe it's a Moebius Strip.
2001-10-02 02:28:48 PM  
god dammit i wanna see boobies!!!!! grrr
2001-10-02 02:49:06 PM  
Did anyone ever read that sci fi story about the tesseract IUD?
2001-10-02 03:09:55 PM  
2001-10-02 03:12:09 PM  
So when you finish, can you pull it off, then put it back on inside-out? Oh, wait...
2001-10-02 03:50:58 PM  

It's all a ploy to get you Americans to visit more. Though I don't know why we'd want that... :P
2001-10-02 03:55:40 PM  
bwhwhaha... when I posted, the page refreshed and gave me this:

[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-02 04:09:02 PM  
By the way, my girlfriend's due in December.
2001-10-02 04:43:31 PM  
'For the man who goes both ways'
2001-10-02 04:59:14 PM  
lots of weeners, where the boobies?
2001-10-02 05:14:13 PM  
Isn't that a little early to be calling dibs on a girlfriend, Bleach?
2001-10-02 06:18:38 PM  
I enjoyed the visual instructions on how to use the female condom at Down near the bottom of the page, it even advises, "Do Not Re-Use".
2001-10-02 07:52:56 PM  
I'll trade any Canadian a carton of cigarettes for a pack of me, we'll deal...
2001-10-02 08:42:00 PM  
You can put these on either way... so they're reuseable, right? (ducking)
2001-10-03 12:08:21 AM  
probably tastes like chicken
2001-10-03 06:55:45 PM  
Can anyone find a pic that shows how these things work.

And No, i don't just want to see a weenie.
2001-10-05 07:13:38 PM  
Speaking of female condoms... I've seen one in place, ready for action, and you know what? Oh, you want me to... into THAT? Umm... yeah. Maybe I could just cuddle you and listen to some more of your damn poetry. Don't nothin' gonna get "transmitted" tonight, that's for sure.
2001-10-05 07:32:28 PM  
Instructions for how to apply EZON.

Note that this site is drastically reducing the price, because the expiration date is July 2001. Guess they're selling a whole lot of 'em.

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