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(BBC)   Say hello to your future world superpower: Poland   ( divider line
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13734 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 May 2003 at 2:16 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-10 11:04:32 AM  
If they hadn't killed off all their jews they probably would be a superpower already
2003-05-10 01:41:55 PM  
Polish jokes comming in 5... 4... 3... 2.....
2003-05-10 01:48:30 PM  

That was the Germans who killed off all the Polish Jews.


Also, the Polish had the world's largest calavy at the beginning of WWII in 1939. That's right they had guys on horseback fighting tanks. Oh yeah, and the goddam Russians decided to fight on the side of Germany in 1939 as well.
2003-05-10 02:12:01 PM  
Polish were very cooperative in handing them over
2003-05-10 02:21:57 PM  
2003-05-10 02:23:21 PM  
I, for one, welcome our new Polish overlords.
2003-05-10 02:24:28 PM  
Hahaha, I'll never forget my 10th grade history teacher going over how Poland fought the Nazis: *pantomimes riding a horse* "Dananananana..BANG BANG!...dun dun dundun!...BANG BANG!"


2003-05-10 02:24:40 PM  
2003-05-10 02:25:47 PM  
2003-05-10 02:26:06 PM  
2003-05-10 02:28:13 PM  
Hey, I'm half Polish. Does that make me half super, like Aquaman or somethin?
2003-05-10 02:28:36 PM  
The Polish have been powerful allies in Europe since before Napoleon. Napoleon's second wife was Polish.
2003-05-10 02:28:37 PM  
To become a true superpower they're going to have to change their name.

I'd suggest Latveria.
2003-05-10 02:31:21 PM  
bah...germany versus poland in a wwii rematch for the empire world title

...would make a nice ppv, eh?
2003-05-10 02:31:34 PM  
Ok, not to threadjack (it's tangentially on-topic) but I'm now going nuts trying to remember the origin of "I, for one, welcome our new _______ overlords." It's become such a common meme I can't recall where it came from - and googling it just brings up derivations.

2003-05-10 02:32:42 PM  
Well, the Poles were pretty complicit in the rounding up of Polish Jews in WWII. Still, today is a different Poland. Poland is a great country, and Poles in general are cool as hell. I've always had a blast visiting that country. They deserve to rival Germany, France, Spain and Italy on the European mainland...
2003-05-10 02:33:09 PM  
Mmm... Kielbasa...
2003-05-10 02:33:43 PM  
sure, why not! that should teach the french and germans a lesson on cooperation.
2003-05-10 02:34:04 PM  
WizardX, Simpsons? Homer in space? Ants?
2003-05-10 02:34:17 PM  
Good. As an American, I say let them deal thanklessly with the World's problems.

Then we can sit back and be Canada!
2003-05-10 02:35:40 PM  
Napoleon's second wife was Polish.

and Napoleon went into exile twice and lost at Waterloo during that marriage, didn't he?
2003-05-10 02:36:23 PM  
Cola BLESS YOU. I feel so much better now. May a thousand shiny ants beam their messages of frood upon you.
2003-05-10 02:36:29 PM  
Paradoxflux, it wasn't just the Polish Jews who were killed in WW2. Poland as a whole had 6,028,000 deaths which was equivalent to 17.2% of their population (yes, more than 1 in 6!). In fact, in the early '40s the largest non Jewish population of concentration camps was Polish.
2003-05-10 02:39:52 PM  

Doesn't change the fact that during the German occupation and Warsaw ghetto, Poles were very complicit in what happened to the Jews. There was resistence of course, but the majority of the population turned the other cheek, and some aided the cause...
2003-05-10 02:40:02 PM  
Bring back the junkers!
2003-05-10 02:40:05 PM  
I'm full Polish and half my family is over there, but....
The economy sucks right now and the new generation more-or-less refuses to work hard jobs/on the farms because it doesn't pay well enough. Instead they sit at home complaining about not having jobs. Poland won't become a competitor on a large capitalistic market unless some social change is brought about first.
On a side note, the Poles that don't refuse to do hard work are really proud people and most of them are incredebly freindly.

/off to read the article now
2003-05-10 02:40:09 PM  
2003-05-10 02:40:24 PM  
Anyone ever read "The Long Walk"? A book about a Polish Calvary officer captured by the Russians, tortured and sent on a forced march to prison camp in Siberia. He escapes with four other guys and they walk south all the way out of Russia. (While in Tibet they see Bigfoot). The killer is this is a true story. The guy's still alive.
2003-05-10 02:41:19 PM  
Still, they sure did suffer at the end of the war. Today Poland kicks ass...they've done a lot with their country since Solidarity...
2003-05-10 02:42:01 PM  

Canada owns you! If it wasn't for us, the British and French would have been destroyed in World war 1 and 2. Don't believe me? It was the Canadian forces that held off the Germans while the British and French took the more favorable positions. Examples: Ypres and the Somme. AND, you ungrateful bastard, Canada supports America in 95% of its endeavours. We only back off when Americans become war-mongering or trigger-happy. Sadly, with your current commander-in-chief, that's happening almost constantly.

2003-05-10 02:42:16 PM  
2003-05-10 02:43:58 PM  
Also, Americanisation (sp?) of the Polish culture is a sad thing to see.

TooDees, ever read Stephen King's "The Long Walk"? It really sucked.
2003-05-10 02:48:22 PM  
Hey, the Pope is Polish... at least, for a bit longer.
2003-05-10 02:48:57 PM  
My friend's polish, maybe I can become a sidekick
2003-05-10 02:50:53 PM  
How come there hasn't been a single link mentioning Canada's decriminilization of pot on june 14th? and the threats we're getting from the US?
2003-05-10 02:51:37 PM  
Polish Foreign Minister Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz - Holy CRAP that name should be illegal.
2003-05-10 02:54:51 PM  
Hitler had help from Italy, so Bush might as well get help from Poland...
2003-05-10 02:55:45 PM  
I wouldn't necessaraly call them a new superpower considering these were the only guys they sent into Iraq.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-10 02:58:15 PM  
Bad.ilk, there was. The headline was "Canada opens first pot-legal coffeeshop. Confused US stoners seen massing at Mexican border", or something like that.
2003-05-10 02:58:32 PM  
Screw that, SrWapo, King's "The Long Walk" was awesome. It'd make a potentially excellent film, but a lot of potentially excellents have turned to shiat of his, hmm.


2003-05-10 02:59:50 PM  

Are all Canadians still pissed about Somme? Or just Newfoundland?
2003-05-10 03:01:18 PM  
CNN (New York)- A message from the Polish Commander In Chief warns of new powers in the ranks of the Polish people. When pressed for details, he produced a document detailing a portion of military spending. It seems they've purchased 45,000 septic tanks from various manufacturers in Europe. The Commander left us with this chilling remark: "As soon as we figure out how to drive them, we're invading Germany."
2003-05-10 03:09:17 PM  
Robsul82 like The Running Man? Another decent book he wrote as Richard Bachman that was absolutely destroyed for the film version.
2003-05-10 03:14:25 PM  
Poland: The Mexico of Europe.
2003-05-10 03:19:30 PM  
Q: How do you get Woodstock out of a tree?

A: Wave to him.
2003-05-10 03:20:21 PM  
Also, the Polish had the world's largest calavy at the beginning of WWII in 1939.

and your point is....

2003-05-10 03:21:08 PM  
Better the Pol's than the French and Germans (two countries doomed to continue their downward spiral...).
2003-05-10 03:21:36 PM  
Dualm4s I doubt it. Possibly horse cavalry, but I think Germany had them hands down with mechanized cavalry.
2003-05-10 03:25:57 PM  
Two Poles were walking down the street, one of 'em walked into a bar, the other one ducked...

/runs away...
2003-05-10 03:26:09 PM  

I was quoting Auckhum

And yea, horse cav. doesnt stand a chance in hell against armor. The Poles fought back hard tho, lost the most ppl, and were one of the major players of ww2
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