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(BBC)   120 sucked out of Congo cargo plane   (news.bbc.co.uk) divider line 159
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2003-05-09 08:25:05 AM
i guess the captain couldn't get the fasten seat belt sign up fast enough...
2003-05-09 08:25:47 AM
Damn, I thought southwest got you unloaded fast....the Ruskies don't even wait for the plane to land first.
2003-05-09 08:25:50 AM
Congo cargo, try saying that 10x's fast
2003-05-09 08:26:16 AM
Man, those cargo planes sure do suck...
2003-05-09 08:27:37 AM
Imagine looking up in the sky and seeing 120 people falling from a cargo plane.
2003-05-09 08:27:57 AM
Dude that sucks.....

2003-05-09 08:29:02 AM
Does that say "on a" or "out of"?

2003-05-09 08:29:50 AM
... in related news, stock in Congolese parachutes plummet ... *rim shot*
2003-05-09 08:30:08 AM
Tragic accident. Add 120 more names to the 3 or 4 million slaughtered there in the last five years.
2003-05-09 08:30:47 AM
Congo = Cannibals

It was a food drop
2003-05-09 08:32:44 AM
"only the Russian crew survived"

isn't it obvious the Russian killed them all?
2003-05-09 08:34:45 AM

TOtally. Congo has the bloodiest war going on NOW since WWI & WWII.

check out "interruption" here http://www.markfiore.com/
2003-05-09 08:35:16 AM
That sucks
2003-05-09 08:37:25 AM
Maybe it's early.... and maybe it's because of my History final in 25 minutes..... and maybe it's lack of sleep. But did anyone else read that headline as "120 sucked off on Congo cargo plane"?
2003-05-09 08:37:34 AM
Gotta love natural selection
2003-05-09 08:38:02 AM
Wow. Lots of Google hits for
"open the bomb bay doors".

"Uh, sir, I've got a problem with that."
2003-05-09 08:38:26 AM
Reavil Wicked funny

2003-05-09 08:38:42 AM
who knew, Monica Lewinsky's show would debut in the Congo ...
2003-05-09 08:38:44 AM
That's what I saw too. Talk about a disappointing letdown.
2003-05-09 08:43:44 AM
Does being sucked off a plane qualify you for the mile-high club?
2003-05-09 08:43:51 AM
NarcisisticRage Fiore is funny, and he makes a very good point. Here is another good site with an article you may want to read about the conflict and on-going slaughter in the Congo.
2003-05-09 08:45:33 AM
"Our hostesses are guaranteed to go down on you."
"... that or the plane will"
2003-05-09 08:46:05 AM
Reavil - too funny.
2003-05-09 08:46:06 AM
I guess Nightcrawler couldn't get to them all.

2003-05-09 08:46:32 AM
Russians will get you from the plane to the terminal in under 10 seconds ... fantastic.
2003-05-09 08:47:19 AM
Airport sources told the BBC in Kinshasa that only the Russian crew members survived. I had to laugh when I read that...
2003-05-09 08:47:44 AM
119 too many for Nightcrawler to help.

/X2 ref
2003-05-09 08:48:15 AM
Oh, and they were BLOWN out of the plane. When there is a difference in pressure, it is the higher pressure area that pushes towards the lower area of pressure. It is impossible for nauture to "suck". It prefers to "blow".

Now change all of your sexual innuendo around to be scientifically correct.
2003-05-09 08:48:48 AM
Ach Cap! And with a pic too! *tips cap to Cap*
2003-05-09 08:50:50 AM
This will make them pay attention to "fasten your seatbelts" sign.
2003-05-09 08:52:30 AM
I'm pretty well informed on conflict diamonds & cival war in africa but i havn't read that one yet. thanks..

I'm trying to hold off my girlfriend's gold-digging, diamond-loving sorority sisters...man I hate them.

2003-05-09 08:53:35 AM
lol, thanks SherKhan
2003-05-09 08:54:27 AM
some Farkers will recall a rant I had early this week on the "dirt cheap diamonds" thread.
2003-05-09 08:55:49 AM
Were these Russians? Civilians? Military personel? Congoeenians? Need more info.
2003-05-09 09:04:03 AM
I'm sure everyone in the Congo found it equally amusing when 2,800 (or whatever it was) died on 9/11.
2003-05-09 09:04:49 AM
Dude ... bringing us down on a Friday.
2003-05-09 09:05:14 AM

Meanwhile, deep in the jungle...
2003-05-09 09:05:30 AM
NarcisisticRage: Good site! I tried to make my wife aware of the diamond trade, and what it really entails, but in the end, women want the rocks, and eventually, men buy them what they want. Unless your diamonds come from Canada, India, or Russia (less thatn 5% of the market), pretty much you are getting a stone from somehwere in Africa, and chances are, it was carved with the blood and sweat of some local who gets paid squat, while middle-men and diamond dealers make million$. And the irony is, diamonds are not that uncommon.
2003-05-09 09:05:44 AM
Well, that must have sucked!

(I wonder how many people already posted similar lines? heh.)
2003-05-09 09:09:13 AM
05-09-03 09:04:03 AM Cormee

I'm sure everyone in the Congo found it equally amusing when 2,800 (or whatever it was) died on 9/11.

You're joking right? What about death is amusing? Please explain
2003-05-09 09:09:46 AM
This has been added to my "ways I do not want to go" list.
2003-05-09 09:11:06 AM

I prayed for a mid-air collision.
2003-05-09 09:11:11 AM
either the russians were smart enough to fasten there seatbelts or they killed them,i tend to lean to the latter!
2003-05-09 09:11:25 AM
Wow, fell from 7000 feet? I don't think landing on Maggie would have saved them.
2003-05-09 09:11:58 AM
"I'm sure everyone in the Congo found it equally amusing when 2,800 (or whatever it was) died on 9/11. "

No, they probably thought "Wow, only 2,800 Americans died and everyone is creating such a fuss. Millions of us die and nobody seems to give a fark. Maybe we should try to find some oil in our land so they'll care."
2003-05-09 09:12:40 AM
Tragic news. God bless their souls.
2003-05-09 09:13:30 AM
Sroth - Absolutely nothing about death is amusing (to me) I feel sorry for everyone involved. However read back over the comments above mine - most farkers seem to think the fact that 120 people died in an air accident is hilarious - I'm quite sure if the same accident had happened in the USA it wouldnt be considered quite so amusing.
2003-05-09 09:16:48 AM
Cormee you are one sick bastard, thinking that people find 9/11 hilarious. Take your sick point of view somewhere else.

2003-05-09 09:16:57 AM
Sroth, I think the quality of a diamond is directly and positively correlative with the volume of tears and blood spilled on them by helpless workers and sweat-shop children. You see, the blood by the helpless villagers being slaughtered by the rebels adds a nice sheen to the diamond, whilst the tiny tears poured on the diamonds by children in a sweat shop have a polishing effect on them and makes it easier for the children to cut with their tiny, bony hands.

But then again I've never been terribly interested in jewelry, being a fellow with ADHD I'll just lose it in a week if it isn't vitally important to my well-being.
2003-05-09 09:18:17 AM
Good point TheGrayCat. What pisses me off is the hypocrisy of the farkers laughing in this thread - As I said if this happened in the US this thread would become a wailing wall but just because it happened a few thousand miles away in a 3rd world country it seems to have become some sort of Monty Python sketch for most farkers.
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