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(Yahoo)   Mayor of Turkish resort cracks down on rowdy shopkeepers, "chasing them with cameras and extracting signatures"   ( divider line
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2003-05-08 10:02:25 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-08 10:53:46 PM  
Turkish? Named after a crash?

2003-05-08 10:58:21 PM  
I prefer shoes and bullets
2003-05-08 11:03:14 PM  
Follow in your books and repeat after me as we learn three new words in Turkish:


May I see your passport please?
2003-05-08 11:03:23 PM  
Sounds like Tiajuana, though they are starting to realise that people will buy more if they are not being harrassed. South Korea is entirely different again.
2003-05-08 11:05:44 PM  
Why, he was so mean they say that he once shot a man just for snoring too loud!
2003-05-08 11:05:53 PM  
I'd like to see Mayor Bloomberg try that on a hotdog vendor.
2003-05-08 11:08:30 PM  
Silly Jews.
2003-05-08 11:18:07 PM  
And when his wife gave birth, it was to a beautiful 16oz porterhouse...and the afterbirth was sauted mushrooms!
2003-05-08 11:22:42 PM  
"I'm sorry, did you say you were not a Turk?"
"No, I'm Afgh--"

*blam blam*

"Next time, be a Turk."
2003-05-08 11:24:41 PM  
Oh, you mean Turkey is not Turkmenistan?
2003-05-08 11:26:14 PM  
Honestly! I was just walking by and this man grabbed me by the arm and forced me into his titty bar!

That's bad for tourism. And marriage.
2003-05-08 11:30:28 PM  

Some guy also saw him totally uppercut some kid just because the kid opened a window!
2003-05-08 11:35:56 PM  
Turkish, I am an Ottoman.
2003-05-08 11:39:41 PM  
having just watched the tornado article being pulled, i think that the asshat who posted the Weeners probably shouldn't have written "your mother" as his comment...the 4 posts after that weren't much better
2003-05-08 11:40:51 PM  
"f.i.r.s.t. c.o.m.m.e.n.t." warrants Weeners?
2003-05-08 11:44:23 PM  
When I saw that the shopkeepers were being chased with 'cameras', I figured it would be much simpler to chase them instead with a vacuum. Hell, it works perfectly on my cat.

"Look, Mohammed, it's the mayor with a Dirt Devil ! Back in the shop now !"

2003-05-09 12:00:35 AM  
o0o Turkish "pound-me-in-the-ass" prison? Pfft, Turkish prison = worse than the most maximum security prison in the states.
2003-05-09 01:16:00 AM  

Good point, Kelly Osbourne is sold as hot, though really not.
2003-05-09 01:20:36 AM  
Xtremehkr: Kelly Osbourne is through.
2003-05-09 01:22:16 AM  
Feh, screwed the link, just C&P if you'd like...
2003-05-09 01:42:52 AM  
It is so harmful for the tourism sector to drag tourists by their arms and legs and force them...

Is it really? I can think of a few people who would pay extra for "services" like that.
2003-05-09 01:51:21 AM  
So, the mayor is kickin' ass and takin' names? Well, sort of.
2003-05-09 02:10:50 AM  
Stop with the threadjacking.

2003-05-09 02:15:45 AM  
Hey, if the new thread is more entertaining, then why not bestow us with blessings rather than castigation? Eh? Eh?

2003-05-09 02:19:18 AM  
Awwwwwww, all the FUN off-topic conversation was deleted.

So, to be on-topic: This CAT sure looks like it's watching something that was having its signature extracted by a Turkish cigarette-smoking subculture-hating thug.

2003-05-09 02:20:18 AM  
(head bobbing in aggreance.)
I'd sign up for Total Fark if there was a daily personal ad photoshop/ridicule thread. Instead we've got this weird Turkish merchant screaming about how the world will end if we don't buy his sugar dates. I'd like to declare the "featured personal rollover" to be on-topic for when it happens

/runs and hides

2003-05-09 02:27:53 AM  
I guess if they had oil, the problem would be over with by now.

But, since they don't.....
2003-05-09 02:43:00 AM  
Turkey makes me sleepy...

These tourists must be of the asshat variety...I lived in Turkey for 1 1/2 yrs and shopped all over the place..never let any of the vendors push me around...let alone grab me and force me anywhere...

For the travelling impaired:
Soil Yourself...they'll leave you alone!

/angry at the Canucks
2003-05-09 02:46:54 AM  
These tourists must be of the asshat variety...I lived in Turkey for 1 1/2 yrs and shopped all over the place..never let any of the vendors push me around...let alone grab me and force me anywhere...

I can understand it if the tourists come from a country where they aren't used to such... uh... personal interaction. ;) Like Germany, or Japan, or even the U.S.

Now, no pity if the tourists come from a country where people as a culture get into your face, such as Italy.
2003-05-09 02:53:32 AM  
You know what I hate? People who lord false and arbitrary authority over people.
For example, this resort manager that chases around vendors so that his customers will be satisfied.
"Defend my honor, challenge you to a duel, demand satisfaction. . ." (/Homer J)
His authority is entirely arbitrary and he wields it like some flaming Sword of Truth. I hate it when people do that. It really riles me to think that they honestly believe that their silly little power holds a significant impact on my or anyone else's life.

But those people do exist. They're everywhere, from Turkey to our federal government to within our daily hobbit-holes.

At least there are grounds against the people the article references:
Foreign visitors have long complained of rowdy Turkish shopkeepers, who shout in the streets to attract customers and often drag tourists by force into their shops and restaurants.
They're effecting bodily confrontation, so their power becomes tangible. Still, though, what gives them the right?


2003-05-09 03:01:33 AM  

(Great name for this discussion, BTW): You won't be banned, there just needs to be some order regarding the comments. (ooops, sorry)

Back on-topic, bazaars are among the coolest things ever created. In Morocco, you can still buy a paper grocery bag full of great weed for under $40. And you can barter over the price... :)

But getting to their booths can be a major biatch. The markets there are based on bartering, and all the merchants feel that if they can just get you in the stall, you'll buy something. Many of them use children to gain sympathy as well, but if the children don't bring in customers, they get slapped around.

Perhaps this is just a first step in their child-abuse legislature...
2003-05-09 03:56:43 AM  
Thanks Mods. I promise to stay on topic 100% from here on out. ;)
2003-05-09 04:03:52 AM  
SpaceMunky: Regarding Viet, it's fairly simple...

1: Check 80% of your money in at the desk. Have an unaffiliated witness certify the monies going in.

2: Take the other 20%, and split it between:

A: A normal wallet, holding no more than 30% of the total;

B: A money belt (If you don't have one, get one), holding approx. 40% of your spending money;

C: Use either DEEP pockets, or socks, if you're wearing them (and SPLIT THE MONEY BETWEEN THEM), to carry the remainder. Pulling money "out of your ass" (but not too much at a time) will strengthen your trade position if you're dealing with a difficult vendor/driver/situation.

3: Don't carry any more than 150% of the money you plan to spend on an outing.

4: Have fun! ;)
2003-05-09 04:05:30 AM  
Must say I haven't been there yet, but these basic points have worked to my advantage enough to pass them on... :)
2003-05-09 05:04:47 AM  
I've been to Turkey, can't say that I've seen the merchants ever try to physically drag anyone inside. It is like Tijuana though, were they'll stand by the door and pester everyone who walks by.

The ones that got my business always had a better tactic, they'd give you a beer to drink as you browsed around the shop. I'm not sure how widely that technique is actually used around the whole country, I was mostly constrained to an area that catered to US airmen, but the Incirlik merchants damn sure knew what their customers wanted.
2003-05-09 08:18:01 AM  
I thought the featured personal ad was to be discussed on the deadest/most dead article thread. Damn- I'm going to have to rethink that theory.

...and if some turk pulled me into a shop I'd kick his ass and break his stuff... and stuff.

2003-05-09 11:39:44 AM  
Turks will pester people who walk by, they won't force them into a shop...dunno what the fark this poster is babbling about..(I live in Turkey)
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