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(Local6) Video New species of giant jellyfish found (with pics, video)   ( divider line
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21331 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 May 2003 at 8:17 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-08 01:49:16 PM  
Also, today's theme ingredient.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-08 01:51:03 PM  
[image from too old to be available] It's going to eat you!
2003-05-08 01:51:16 PM  
Let me be the first to welcome our Jellyfish overlords.
2003-05-08 01:55:57 PM  
That jellyfish is kinda turnin' me on.
2003-05-08 01:56:55 PM  

like I've said before, the unknown of the deep ocean is a world we've yet discovered. Everytime they look deeper, a new species of something is found.

Kinda cool.

More $$ needs to go into deep exploration me thinks.
2003-05-08 02:11:12 PM  
Dunno about that Vegasj, sooner or later we will discover a race of Aquamen deep beneath the ocean and when they discover it was US who dumped a metric assload of sewage into the ocean over the past few centuries...

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-08 02:40:54 PM  
They named the genus "Tiburonia" after the research vessel "Tiburon" and the species "granrojo" for its color, but tiburon is spanish for shark, so really they're calling the new jellyfish a big red shark?
2003-05-08 03:48:41 PM  
Found off the Farallon Islands. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that an old Navy dumping ground?
2003-05-08 04:00:07 PM  
No. Old Navy is a dumping ground for Gap.
2003-05-08 05:42:07 PM  
Looks like that jellfish needs to lay off the jelly donuts.
2003-05-08 07:13:54 PM  
New Species of Giant Jellyfish Found, and in other news: Carmen Sandiego's luggage is still missing
2003-05-08 07:19:49 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-08 08:22:56 PM  
Is it a baby giant jellyfish???? Maybe ...

2003-05-08 08:27:31 PM  
Is it a baby giant jellyfish???? Maybe fb- 15 +h3 f4+h3r...

Damn dirty filters...

2003-05-08 08:27:34 PM  
Giant. Don't give us an idea of the size or anything, Mr. Journalist. They mention another jellyfish of a similar type that's 8-inches across - hardly giant - but nothing on that strange Mario-esque red thing.

Oh, and it's another sign that the stars are right, you know, between that and the Colossal Squid from a month or two ago.
2003-05-08 08:29:05 PM  
bet it would sting you bad.... ouchies
2003-05-08 08:30:19 PM  
Big Red, eh? Sounds like it's time for Cornell to get a new mascot.....
2003-05-08 08:32:31 PM  
2003-05-08 08:32:55 PM  

"A new species of jellyfish with a **yardwide** fleshy red bell and a cluster of wrinkled, thick arms has been found by scientists nearly a mile beneath the Pacific Ocean, according to a Local 6 News report."
2003-05-08 08:34:07 PM  
Man that has dick joke written all over it.
2003-05-08 08:38:14 PM  
Good call B0rg9. I submitted this article yesterday with the second sentence: "Spongebob unavailable for comment." Sure, it's not very creative, but it's better than what they got there now.
2003-05-08 08:40:36 PM  
Under the Pacific ocean? how could that thing exist in solid rock?
2003-05-08 08:41:57 PM  
We'll have the whole species wiped out in about a month...
2003-05-08 08:42:28 PM  
you know what would suck? to have one of those bastards sting you in the cock
2003-05-08 08:42:58 PM  
Uncledeercamp it's not all solid rock under the pacific ocean ... maybe it can live in molten magma.
2003-05-08 08:44:02 PM  
It's part three of the huge invasion machine that was started by Canadian web-spinning spiders.

I told you then Jellyfish had something to do with it. And I was right!

Now, a new breed has emerged... Soon, Giant Spiders will begin to move down from Canada.
2003-05-08 08:45:12 PM  
" width="350" height="289">,
2003-05-08 08:46:16 PM  
TheLude -
Let me be the first to welcome our Jellyfish overlords.

. . . and remind them that a newscaster can be useful in rounding up slaves to work in their undersea salt mines

or something like that
2003-05-08 08:49:07 PM  
i can't wait until they find some giant peanut butter fish
2003-05-08 08:49:19 PM  
Not safe for work?

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-08 08:49:50 PM  
Peanut butter jelly time
peanut butter jelly time
peanut butter jelly time
peanut butter jelly time
peanut butter jelly time x infinity
2003-05-08 08:50:13 PM  
Jellyfish are already a gigantic form of plankton.
2003-05-08 08:52:08 PM  
Omigawd, it's a jellyfish that lifts weights!
2003-05-08 08:53:18 PM  
That really grosses me out.
2003-05-08 08:53:32 PM  
So, it was time for Harry Knowles' annual bath, huh?

also, I thought "Tiburon" was a really shiatty "sports" car by Hyundai. Full-size, almost cool looking sports car... with a sub 2 litre, 4 cylinder engine. ooooooo scarrrry....
2003-05-08 08:54:00 PM  
I want one.

BTW sound suspiciously like someone I know.
2003-05-08 08:55:16 PM  
when is the naked jelly fish pageant on Fox ?
2003-05-08 08:56:15 PM  
I'd rather have a Jell-O fish.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-08 09:07:23 PM  
Yog-Sototh, or something
2003-05-08 09:17:55 PM  
the news coverage of today is suffering. a lot. what ever happened to news that was worth hearing? not that a giant jellyfish isnt interesting...but...why should i care about this? besides the obviuous laughter and interesting qualities of yet another new species.

apathy rules my life. im a cynical brat. sorry.
2003-05-08 09:22:45 PM  
Marine biologists discovered 23 of what they call Big Reds in Monterey Bay and the Sea of Cortez and off Hawaii, Japan and the Farallon Islands near San Francisco, according to an edition of Marine Biology.

Wow! With tentacles like that is it any wonder they're found off the coast of Japan?
2003-05-08 09:26:52 PM  
GojiraXP -

When done right, a sub-2.0L 4 cylinder engine can be quite capable of putting quite a few cars to shame, especially when the track isn't some boring straight line or big oval. Kinda fun embarassing some riced-out POS in the corners and twisties while driving a "funny looking VW". Interstate on/off ramps are an absolute blast too :)
2003-05-08 09:34:28 PM  
2003-05-08 09:35:53 PM  
Ummmm...does that thing look like a "Metroid" to anyone else?

/Mother Brain unavailable for comment...
2003-05-08 09:41:17 PM  
I dunno. I thought she was kinda hot.
2003-05-08 09:42:30 PM  

I don't think a Hyundai will be putting my C-5 Vette to shame any time soon though...

An engine that size is fine in a subcompact, but the Tiburon is not a very small car (unless I've somehow confused it with another Hyundai).

Side note: Someone also needs to tell Mazda that 6.8 seconds to 60 does not = "zoom zoom zoom". (that commercial came on when I was typing this)
2003-05-08 09:43:40 PM  
Oh and Porsche knows how to do 4-bangers right. THat's one sweet car, the 356.
Rat [TotalFark]
2003-05-08 09:46:18 PM  
Ma...we's gonna need a bit more dippin' sauce for the calamari!

/tomorrow night at the rat house
2003-05-08 09:50:00 PM  
It's a metroid! AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! It's got my head! Help me Samus!
2003-05-08 09:52:32 PM  
So - where's the pic of the world's largest jellyfish sting?
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