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(   Women who held picnics to watch nuclear bomb tests wonder why so many friends died of cancer   ( divider line
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14717 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 May 2003 at 2:57 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-08 04:51:13 AM  
2003-05-08 10:11:06 AM  
Wine, cheese and mushroom clouds. What a lovely want to spend an afternoon.
2003-05-08 11:13:30 AM  
Oh, look at the pretty colors in that one!
2003-05-08 11:23:49 AM  
Hey, my uterus fell out. Must've been those day-glo salad croutons.
2003-05-08 02:34:49 PM  
Wow this aspestis salad stays so cool in my new lead container. It's going to be fun in 20 years when we find out what where using now that is bad for us.
2003-05-08 03:00:43 PM  
What's a football court? And a tonne?
2003-05-08 03:02:03 PM  
"We were allowed to go out to the desert to watch the nuclear tests which was very exciting because how many people in the world got to see an atomic bomb," she said.

UMMMMMMM I have never had a desire to see a nuclear bomb go off nor would I ever have that getting shot in the head, I have always wanted to see what that would look like!!
2003-05-08 03:02:16 PM  
This is kinda like those old Radar guys stationed in Alaska in WWII and Korea who would warm up by standing in front of the big Microwave Dishes. They said it worked real well. They could feel the heat all through their bodies.
2003-05-08 03:02:32 PM  
SirLoin: I think you made a wrong turn in Albequrque(sp?)
2003-05-08 03:03:56 PM  
It's Christmas at Ground Zero
There's music in the air
The sleigh bells are ringin' and the carolers are singin'
While the air raid sirens blare

It's Christmas at Ground Zero
The button has been pressed
The radio just let us know
That this is not a test

Everywhere the atom bombs are droppin'
It's the end of all humanity
No more time for last minute shoppin'
It's time to face your final destiny

Well, it's Christmas at Ground Zero
There's panic in the crowd
We can dodge debris while we trim the tree
Underneath a mushroom cloud


You might hear some reindeer on your rooftop
Or Jack Frost on your windowsill
But if someone's climbin' down your chimney
You better load your gun and shoot to kill

Oh, it's Christmas at Ground Zero
And if the radiation level's okay
I'll go out with you and see the all new
Mutations on New Year's Day

It's Christmas at Ground Zero
Just seconds left to go
I'll duck and cover with my yuletide lover
Underneath the mistletoe

It's Christmas at Ground Zero
Now the missiles are on their way
What a crazy fluke we're gonna get nuked
On this jolly holiday
What a crazy fluke we're gonna get nuked
On this jolly holiday
2003-05-08 03:04:05 PM  
Why is it that radiation causes cancer, yet they use radiation treatments for cancer patients?
Is it just the amount you're exposed to that makes the difference? Is it a different kind of radiation?

Anyone want to weigh in on this one?
2003-05-08 03:04:50 PM  
well, people used to think smoking was ok too. doctors used to smoke while they gave you a check up. at least that's what my momma says.
2003-05-08 03:05:00 PM  
Slapmesack: I think the more appropriate question is, "How many people can still talk about the fact that they got to see an atomic bomb."

I'm sure that there are tons of people who saw those first few nanoseconds in Hiroshima and Nagasaki...
2003-05-08 03:06:11 PM  
More nonsense anecdotal crap with no scientific basis doled out to make people fear radiation.

I only wish I'd been able to picnic and watch some nuclear bomb detonations.... sigh.
2003-05-08 03:08:42 PM  
Were you referring to "asbestos"?
2003-05-08 03:09:26 PM  
Atomic bombs? that's no picnic.
2003-05-08 03:09:30 PM  

""We knew they (government officials) were blaming the heat but we knew it wasn't the heat."

Of course it wasn't the heat: it was the humidity !

2003-05-08 03:11:11 PM  
Atomic bombs? that's no picnic.

Hydrogen Bombs... now THAT'S a picnic my friend.
2003-05-08 03:11:41 PM  
this totally explains mary poppins.
2003-05-08 03:11:51 PM  
I sometimes wish I could watch planes crash into sky scrappers while eating ham sandwiches and maccaroni salad.
2003-05-08 03:12:08 PM  
Ah, the good old days, brings a tear to me non irradiated eye.
2003-05-08 03:12:18 PM  
RBCP: I knew that song was going to hit this thread at some point! :-)
2003-05-08 03:12:38 PM  

I'm going to take a crack at this one.

Radiotherapy uses large quantities of radiation specifically targeted to the cancerous cells which kills them. The radiation you receive as a result of being around nuclear tests is at a much lower level but not targeted. It buggers around with your DNA causing cancer. In other words radiation is bad for all cells - we want it to be bad for cancer cells.
2003-05-08 03:12:43 PM  
Uh--HUH !!
That there was some real good fireworks show....

2003-05-08 03:12:53 PM  
yes, but that's no walk in the park.
2003-05-08 03:13:37 PM  
People seem to forget that they didn't KNOW it would cause these sorts of problems back then. It was the 1950s that they did this.
2003-05-08 03:13:58 PM  
Sounds just like the outings we used to have here in Nevada (and will have again soon on account of el presidente)...
2003-05-08 03:14:44 PM  
Way back when it happened, nobody knew any better, and even the ones that did (scientists) couldn't say anything because of secrecy contracts. It looks like the government didn't warn the citizens because it was just the cost of 'national security'.

Fast forward to 2003....
replace radiation damage with the destruction of civil rights.
2003-05-08 03:14:48 PM  
irony n. simultaneously enjoying a picnic lunch and the detonation of an atomic bomb

ooooh, pretty! *clap clap clap*
2003-05-08 03:14:49 PM  
it was a dry heat. lmao
2003-05-08 03:15:09 PM  
I just dont know why these women can't substitute extra potassium in their diet like the plants at Bikini Atoll are doing.. a little extra potassium in the soil.. and in a few dozen or so years.. an acre or two will be habitable for maybe cultivation for eating or some research.... or sumthin
2003-05-08 03:15:41 PM  
Those microwave stories are urban legend's, albiet interesting ones :)

just in case html doesn't work:
2003-05-08 03:15:53 PM  
What's MOAB backwards?

2003-05-08 03:15:55 PM  

From what I understand yes it's a different kind of radiation (from a particle accelerator or x-ray beam), and the levels are higher to kill the cells rather than cause a cancerous mutation, but the idea is to irradiate only the cancerous cells to kill them, rather than giving the entire body a dose. The newest treatment machines are more capable of killing tumors without harming surrounding tissue.
2003-05-08 03:16:57 PM  
Q. What's MOAB backwards?

A. A city in Utah?
2003-05-08 03:18:51 PM  
1) people didn't know it wasn't safe.
2) it would seem the gvmt is still denying the nukes had anything to do with all the deaths

People were dumb back then.. my mom used to run with all her friends after the DDT truck because it was fun and determined to be not harmful to humans. Just like the lead pipes every house used to have..
2003-05-08 03:19:09 PM  
"we have perfected zie theromonuclear fetus bomb!"
2003-05-08 03:19:20 PM  

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-08 03:20:25 PM  
in 1950. it was shock and awe. would you not want to see it... oh well.. live and learn and die.
2003-05-08 03:23:43 PM  
Ah Woomera. Guess they're keeping all the illegal immigrants there hoping that they'll turn into freakish albino mutants.
2003-05-08 03:24:17 PM  
Oh man, wait until Fox hears about this. You KNOW they're going to want to make a reality show based on this concept.

"NO, YOU'RE THE BOMB" is scheduled for the fall lineup. This groundbreaking new show takes a closer look at what happens when 20 women secluded in a regal estate compete for the affection of one nuclear bomb, who the women think is a millionaire. Mondays at 8 (7 central) Dont miss it!
2003-05-08 03:25:44 PM  
never mind football court and "tonne",

What's a "kerb?"
What's a "gaol?"
What's a "tyre?"

Hey Australia, I love you and all, but join the 21st century!
2003-05-08 03:26:06 PM  
S'long mom, I'm off to drop the bomb
so don't wait up for me
while you swelter, down there in your shelter
You can see me...on your tv
Remember, mommy, i'm off to kill a commie
so don't wait up for me-
I'll be home when the war is over...
I'll be home when the war is over....

An Hour and a half from now!

sounds like a perfect "ozzie'n'harriet" 50's picnic...
2003-05-08 03:26:16 PM  
And my favorite.. the nuclear cannon!

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-08 03:26:18 PM  
Nothingyet: Yes I was. I ride the short bus so give me a break.
2003-05-08 03:26:35 PM  
Hey Booboo, we're gonna have a pic-a nic!

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-08 03:27:53 PM  
Wow, don't you love ancedotal medical evidence?

'when residents started "dying like flies" from cancer.'...'"All of my friends were having miscarriages at the time," Mrs Lister said.'...'"It was really sad," Mrs Lister said. "Everyone seemed to die."'

Now first I'd like to hear some evidence on how many people actually died of cancer compared to normal cancer levels. I'd also like to hear some evidence on actual radiation levels that they were exposed to. The media is wonderful at reporting about all the people getting cancer from power-lines, microwaves, and depleted uranium, but the scientific grunt work never seems to show it up.

What we've learned about radiation since the 1950's never seems to penetrate into the reportage:
2003-05-08 03:28:12 PM  
How are they dumbasses? They thought they were far enough away and in the 50s why should they think otherwise? You people are here 50 years later and know it's stupid because of what happened to people like these.
2003-05-08 03:28:39 PM  
Party at ground zero
A "B" movie starring you
And the world will turn to flowing
Pink vapor stew

Johnny, go get your gun, for the commies are in our hemisphere today
Ivan, go fly your MIG, for the Yankee imperialists have come to play
Johnny goes to Sally's house to kiss her goodbye
But Daddy says to spend the night
They make love 'till the early morning light
For tomorrow Johnny goes to fight
Johnny, Ivan, Ian, everybody come along for our nations need new heroes
Time to sing a new war song


Please do not fear 'cause Fishbone is here to say (say what?)
Just have a good time the stop sign is far away
The toilet has flushed and green lights are a ghost
And drop drills will be extinct
Speedracer cloud has come
They know not what they've done
Sin has just won
The planet is a crumb


2003-05-08 03:28:41 PM  

It's tire in the US.
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