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18260 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Apr 2010 at 7:57 AM (7 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2010-04-21 04:04:09 AM

"This is a BIG F*CKING DEAL!"

2010-04-21 04:08:11 AM  
2010-04-21 04:29:48 AM  
2010-04-21 04:52:55 AM  
2010-04-21 05:09:45 AM

Invisible dumbbells - all too visible dumbass

2010-04-21 05:21:55 AM  
Shake Weight gave me toned, sexy, sculpted arms and they can do the same for you!
2010-04-21 05:58:14 AM  
"...and then he pulls his dad's foreskin over his head, the Aristocrats!"

Now with voting!
2010-04-21 06:06:39 AM  
"I'm a Veep! I'm a Veeeeep! Suck my diiiiiick!! I'M A VEEEEEP!!!"
2010-04-21 07:06:56 AM  


2010-04-21 07:12:46 AM

To the delight of the crowd, the winner of the Stretch Armstrong Doll Lookalike Contest is revealed.

2010-04-21 07:24:43 AM  
"I'm strong to the finish cause I eats me spinach..."
2010-04-21 07:58:36 AM  
Not only are we going to New Hampshire ... we're going to South Carolina and Oklahoma and Arizona and North Dakota and New Mexico, and we're going to California and Texas and New York! And we're going to South Dakota and Oregon and Washington and Michigan. And then we're going to Washington, D.C. to take back the White House, Yeeeeeaaaaaargh!
2010-04-21 07:59:04 AM  
I came!
2010-04-21 08:02:34 AM  
No! Don't look over to my left! Look at me!
2010-04-21 08:02:43 AM  
"They gave me back that filet-o-fish! They gave me that fish!!!"
2010-04-21 08:03:33 AM  
"DING!!! Fries are done!!!"
2010-04-21 08:04:05 AM

2010-04-21 08:05:01 AM  
I am Cornholio I need TP for my bunghole. Bunngggghoooolllllleeee.
2010-04-21 08:05:49 AM


2010-04-21 08:07:34 AM  
It's in! Oh my god It's farking in! and it feels goooooooood!
2010-04-21 08:11:10 AM  
Ladies and gentlemen, citizens of this great country of ours, I would just like to say right here and now that I too can count to potato!
2010-04-21 08:12:00 AM  
And now here's my anti-McCain impression.
2010-04-21 08:12:15 AM  
I'd like to see John McCain do this!
2010-04-21 08:12:41 AM  
I love this ship university! Its exciting!
2010-04-21 08:13:38 AM  
"Guess which hand your adjusted income is in!"
2010-04-21 08:14:17 AM  
Mom was right! It did freeze that way!
2010-04-21 08:15:27 AM

2010-04-21 08:16:48 AM  
Gimme a F
2010-04-21 08:17:51 AM  
And on THAT day I'll be PRESIDENT!!!
2010-04-21 08:20:23 AM  
I just found out where penis goes!
2010-04-21 08:21:05 AM  
Before I saw Charles Atlas's ad in the back of Archie Comics, I was a 90-pound weakling. Now I kick sand in the face of bank CEOs and the chicks dig me!
2010-04-21 08:27:46 AM  
2010-04-21 08:28:01 AM

Is this where I pay my late library book fees?

2010-04-21 08:31:16 AM  
"B.O. is taking Air Force One to Europe through volcanic ash. Now I will be the President",
2010-04-21 08:32:00 AM

2010-04-21 08:37:12 AM  

uhhhh .... this is GeorgeTOWN, right? Right??
2010-04-21 08:38:07 AM  
2010-04-21 08:38:27 AM  
2010-04-21 08:38:33 AM  

Damn straight it is.
2010-04-21 08:39:07 AM  
Vice President Biden, seen here falling for an April Fool's jokester's prank call informing him that President Obama is dead and he is now President of the United States.
2010-04-21 08:39:14 AM  

"Two invisible d!cks!"

2010-04-21 08:39:35 AM  
"Two million strong, and grooowing!"
2010-04-21 08:45:28 AM  
"We're gonna have pudding today... PUDDING!!!!!"
2010-04-21 08:52:07 AM  
The economy is in the dumps, world opinion of the United States is slowly rebounding and our infrastructure is failing on every level. But I have some good news, America. I just saved a ton of cash on my car insurance!
2010-04-21 08:54:02 AM  
"I got mail! YAAAAAY!"
2010-04-21 08:56:11 AM

Drill,baby drill!!

2010-04-21 08:58:12 AM  
Wait 'til they get a load o' me!
2010-04-21 08:58:36 AM  
"Ok ladies, time to put this cardboard cut-out in the closet next to Kirk. By the way, good work on the "Vice President" seal Jill!"
2010-04-21 08:59:26 AM  
Boy, it's great to be here. This morning, I was up in New Jersey, talking to people, getting their opinions on banking reform. Later, I was over in Maryland talking to the folks there and meeting some really nice people. I had a rushed lunch in Deleware before running up to Philly for more meetings. It's hectic being the VP. You are on the go 18 hours a day. For most men, that would mean fatigue and back pain. But not On the Go Joe! With my Kramerica Eighteen Hour Manzierre, I can take what the world hands me and do it all with out the aching back or the saggy man-bags. Check them out. They're as perky as a 20 year old steroid abuser!
2010-04-21 09:04:56 AM  
They charge HOW MUCH to go here?!

/GW alum
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