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(Honolulu Advertiser)   Nude models in Philly are forming their own union (with semi-not safe for work pic)   ( divider line 65
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2003-05-07 06:49:57 PM  
I'm just waiting for the time when they have to picket somewhere......
2003-05-07 06:51:31 PM  
Guess you'd need to blow up that photo to make it NSFW. I'm not even aware she's naked.
2003-05-07 06:58:14 PM  
America Works Best When We Say Union Yes...

Go boobies.
2003-05-07 07:15:57 PM  
"Mark Brakeman poses during a class at Incaminati...

I didn't know man-tit wasn't safe for work.
2003-05-07 09:25:40 PM  
Chastain86, that's no she...
2003-05-07 09:30:28 PM  
That's a man, baby.
2003-05-07 09:30:37 PM  
She's a man, baby!
2003-05-07 09:31:19 PM  
damn flood protection!
2003-05-07 09:32:17 PM  
Click on the picture and look at the blow up, it's semi-NFW.
2003-05-07 09:32:36 PM  
I am terribly, terribly disappointed.
2003-05-07 09:32:45 PM  
They want private changing rooms?! Why the hell do they need private changing rooms?!
2003-05-07 09:34:21 PM  
Despite there being a sad lack of weeners lately, I wouldn't want to see that dude's package unless he put a bag over his head.
2003-05-07 09:34:34 PM  
said Moore President Happy Craven Fernandez

I hope all can agree that "Happy Craven" is the coolest name ever. Does he/she/it put that name on business cards? I hope so...
2003-05-07 09:38:49 PM  
I had a couple of figure drawing classes with nude models. Most of the models are not all that attractive. Plus, a person sitting or standing in a fixed position is quickly not attractive. There was one lady about 40 who was hot in an Earth-Mother sort of way. And one of the models was a girl attending the university. She was pretty cute, and a natural redhead.
2003-05-07 09:40:14 PM  
For those of you who don't know who Happy Fernadez is count yourselves lucky. This stupid biatch formed a Welfare Mothers Union. In the fine tradition of welfare mothers they have yet to accomplish anything. This woman biatches and moans about how everything is the fault of "the man". Every problem is due to lack of social programs. No one is ever accountable.
She is an amazingly stupid retard and one of the funniest people in Philadelphia to laugh at.
2003-05-07 09:40:30 PM  
Hankins wants the all-women's art school to raise its $11 hourly rate and provide its 40 to 60 models with warm, clean, safe spaces in which to work.

Safe working environment being? What put away the scissors and super glue? Help me understand before I go on a Model Killing Spree!
2003-05-07 09:43:05 PM  
st of us go into this job because of the freedom it presents," said Breese

Um yeah, well the rest of us did it so we could have drug and beer money.
2003-05-07 09:44:32 PM  
"Most of us go into this job because of the freedom it presents," said Breese

oops, there's my quote
2003-05-07 09:44:41 PM  
I'd like to know why the guy looks to be wearing a dress and a wig in the picture.

On second thought, never the hell mind.
2003-05-07 09:45:26 PM  
Uncle_marcus, if by "best name ever" you mean worst name ever, then I agree whole-heartedly. I had to re-read that sentence half a dozen times, I thought the writer had just given up and started writing random words.
2003-05-07 09:45:29 PM  
VERY safe for work.
2003-05-07 09:47:21 PM  
The only picket line with semen stains...
2003-05-07 09:47:52 PM  
Uncle_marcus, I was about to say the same myself
2003-05-07 09:49:03 PM  
"Moore President Happy Craven Fernandez"

2003-05-07 09:53:33 PM  
[Looks at picture again]

2003-05-07 09:54:41 PM  
Mark's just trying to save for his huge pectoral muscles.
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-07 09:55:40 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-07 09:58:32 PM  
So the models formed a union
and demanded equal rights....
2003-05-07 09:59:22 PM  
Free Market Independent Contractors who Happy Craven Fernandez Just cannot Farking COunt on
2003-05-07 10:01:03 PM  
damn... i thought it was women models... but i guess they dont need to form no union
2003-05-07 10:03:13 PM  
2003-05-07 10:04:03 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-07 10:04:07 PM  
nude models of the world
unite and take over
2003-05-07 10:04:36 PM  
I've been a figure model, and let me tell you--in an oilpainting class you can pass out from the fumes. Bad news. I always had to bring my own heater, too.
It's not always just lying around, either. Any of you guys who have taken a beginning figure drawing class in college will remember "gesture" drawings, right? If a model is any good at all that biz is darned strenuous: 6-8 minutes of taking grand gesture poses for 1 minute at a time.

Any other models here?

2003-05-07 10:08:05 PM  
Look at the scabs on those scabs.
2003-05-07 10:14:57 PM  
I was looking for the Union label.....
2003-05-07 10:22:23 PM  
One ugly guy. Or one real ugly woman.
2003-05-07 10:30:33 PM  
Oh Oh.. Mighty Kong has woken from his slumber. It looks like it's time for a POP quiz. But apparently I'm grading on a curve.
2003-05-07 10:51:46 PM  
That guy reminds me of those Will Ferrell sketches.
2003-05-07 10:53:02 PM  
2003-05-07 10:56:48 PM  
The college where I wor....
Umm.. I mean... SOME RANDOM COLLEGE (get out of here, you pervs) uses nude models for the art classes.

One day the female was a no show, so they began with just the male.

15 mins later the female arrives late.. apologising profusely for missing her bus.
Since she was late, she just stripped right there.
Shall we say, this 'affected' the poor male model.
Tumescence! Look it up. I'll wait.
The poor guy was laughed out of the studio, never to be seen nude modeling again.
....and you thought that this would be a CAKE job
2003-05-07 11:09:18 PM  
src="" align=left>

I like this photo that was in the Philly Article better!!
2003-05-07 11:10:22 PM  
2003-05-07 11:11:55 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"I know when I'm not wanted. But before I go I've got something to say to you people. You talk about ancient beauty and life forms, but if you asked me you wouldn't know real beauty if it was outside in the parking lot waiting to give you hepatitis. Which it will be ten minutes from now. Good day to you."
2003-05-07 11:17:24 PM  
At one of the places I take classes in for art in Philly. We noticed one of the models had many scabs on her feet that resembled needle marks. Since she was almost emaciated with a distended stomach, we couldn't decide if she was a smack freak with Hep C or a man.

So, support your local nude posers union so they can afford to get food/and or smack.
2003-05-07 11:18:06 PM  
GImme a break, get a real job. If you depend on nude modelling gigs at the local college in order to make a living, then you seriously need to explore other options.
Isn;t this like a supplemental income kind of job?
2003-05-07 11:21:46 PM  
Complaining of low pay, cold rooms and air laden with paint fumes and charcoal dust, models who pose nude at a Philadelphia art school voted Wednesday to join a union.

What did they EXPECT the air to be laden with in an art class?

If you flung all the doors and windows open, they'd complain for other reasons. Maybe the studios just need better ventilation. We always shut the doors and windows in my drawing class when we have a model, and they haven't complained about the air before.

"We feel they are sporadic, occasional employees hired for a specific service, as opposed to employees that we can depend on," said Moore President Happy Craven Fernandez.

Yeah, that's a nice way to say that, lady. That'll make them feel better about the whole thing.
2003-05-07 11:23:21 PM  
...and the models are all kept equal by hatchet, axe and saw

(continuing Udo's Rush reference)
2003-05-07 11:24:38 PM  
Robotninja, there are plenty of other college kids willing to do this to make that kind of money. For a student, that's not too bad of a chunk of change.
2003-05-07 11:26:17 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
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