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(Kansas City)   Cruise ship intending to dump sink and shower water accidentally dumps 40 tons of sewage near Seattle. Grunge fans go swimming, bring soap   ( divider line
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7764 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 May 2003 at 11:51 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-07 11:28:12 AM  
Good Story for me to POOP on
2003-05-07 11:53:18 AM  
Yuck! Good thing I'm here on the East coast, where the water is clean enough to drink!
2003-05-07 11:53:31 AM  
"*hit Happens."

2003-05-07 11:54:55 AM  
Holy craap I ain't drinking out of there again!

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-07 11:54:57 AM  
"Hey that ain't a Babe Ruth floatin' in the swimming hole"

Urgh, doesn't bear thinking about.
2003-05-07 11:55:22 AM  
eh, what are you going to do.
2003-05-07 11:56:10 AM  
That stinks
2003-05-07 11:56:56 AM  
Well, its better than Saddams ship anchored on the edge of Basrah right now. It looks like a bomb was dropped down the smoke stack, and all the locals are stealing everything left off of it and burning it. Probably used to be a nice ship
2003-05-07 11:57:16 AM  
"Don't drink the water, there's poo in the water." -- DMB
2003-05-07 11:57:28 AM  
2003-05-07 11:57:45 AM  
why is a Kansas city website reporting on this? why is ANYONE reporting on this?
2003-05-07 11:58:48 AM  
There now you can swim you mellodramatic nervana hippies! eat dirt!

And when you are clean and stop convincing yourselves you are losers and will never amount to anything, go get real jobs and put something back into the government already...

2003-05-07 11:59:50 AM  
not to mention the free-flowing canals of waste in this city. Try swimming in that. Just driving by is enough to make you puke
2003-05-07 12:02:35 PM  
If only the public really knew what Navy and cruise ships "normally" dump overboard everyday...

/...Shakes head in disbelief of ignorance...
2003-05-07 12:03:01 PM  
One poopy McScoopy with fries, please.

ps. Do people in Kansas understand the concept of sea or for that matter cruise ship?
2003-05-07 12:04:14 PM  

This is the Exxon-Valdez of poo.
2003-05-07 12:04:30 PM  
what happened to that other ship by spain that spilled all that oil.... anyone know?
2003-05-07 12:05:31 PM  
2003-05-07 12:06:42 PM  
Damn dirty hippies...
2003-05-07 12:07:24 PM  
poopy McScoopy

Why is this the funniest thing I've ever heard?

/your an idiot...oh yeah.
2003-05-07 12:07:25 PM  
Berkez, youre comment just made me have a serious lapse of De-ja-vu, but whatever, and still... GROSS!
2003-05-07 12:08:45 PM  
Port Townsend? I could have sworn it said Pete Townsend the first 3 times I read it.
2003-05-07 12:09:25 PM  
I never swim in the ocean. Ths fish shiat in there.
2003-05-07 12:10:04 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Do *NOT* go in there !!!
2003-05-07 12:10:13 PM  
it is now called the Strait of Juan de Caca

that is all
2003-05-07 12:10:32 PM  
Welcome to our L, notice there is no "poo" in it, please keep it that way.
2003-05-07 12:11:51 PM  
The Strait of Juan de Fuca is Fuca'd.
2003-05-07 12:12:18 PM  
I aim to Please.
2003-05-07 12:12:26 PM  
They normally dont dump the shiat in a harbor or small body of water but in the middle of the ocean.... poop city.
Its just shiat, hey it happens. it will go away on its own if you let it and it wont really hurt anything but the smell of the place
2003-05-07 12:13:06 PM  
Wait a dern minute here smegma, you wont swim in the ocean because the fish swimith there, yet you have no qualms with breathing air? i mean seriously, there is more Shat in the air then in the sea

/Scratch an elephant?
/Club A seal?
2003-05-07 12:14:08 PM  
This is no big deal. The city of Victoria BC has been dumping sewage in the Strait of Juan de Fuca for decades.
2003-05-07 12:16:07 PM  
/your an idiot...oh yeah.

No, you're and idiot.
2003-05-07 12:16:53 PM  

i don't think so. that raw sewage has to go somewhere.
2003-05-07 12:19:15 PM  
hmmm, kinda reminds me of the Milwaukee River
2003-05-07 12:23:18 PM  
05-07-03 12:16:07 PM Zaphod42
/your an idiot...oh yeah.

No, you're and idiot.

No, you're an idiot.

Couldn't resist pointing out the bleeding obvious.
2003-05-07 12:25:59 PM  
el oh el
2003-05-07 12:26:33 PM  
I like the up-to-the-date and no-moss-on-me "grunge" reference to Seattle.
2003-05-07 12:26:51 PM  
I thought Grunge was dead.
2003-05-07 12:27:08 PM  
eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. brown water is nasty
2003-05-07 12:31:15 PM  
Well, whenever I'm on a cruise ship I always pee in the shower and poop in the sink, so even if they got it right you'd still have been screwed... After all, I don't trust those toilets on cruise ships, the WHOOOOOSH sound they make scares the heck out of me.
2003-05-07 12:35:53 PM  
Oh Captain, you're gonna need a dingy and a bucket.
2003-05-07 12:35:56 PM  
Trouble is, we've killed so many whales that we have to artificially fertilize the plankton. No big deal, really. It all comes out in the end.
2003-05-07 12:35:59 PM  
Zaphod42, damn. Talk about things that make you feel like a flaming jackass.
2003-05-07 12:38:41 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-07 12:38:48 PM  
As far as the Navy is concerned, we follow strict guidelines for dumping at sea. NO plastics unless it poses a health threat. NO oily wastes or hazarous material. All others MUST follow international rules. If caught violating these rules, at a minimum it will cost you several months pay plus reduction in rank. If serious enough a Courts Martial will be conviened and prison time to follow. The Navy takes its environmental stewardship responsibilities very serious.
/steps off soap box....The Chief
2003-05-07 12:39:25 PM  
People poop at sea? I've never seen that in a cruise advert.
2003-05-07 12:39:38 PM  
what was that river that caught on fire???? Anyone know??
2003-05-07 12:43:13 PM  
that was the Monongahela(sp) River
2003-05-07 12:43:46 PM  
"I never drink water. Fish fark in it you know."

W.C. Fields
2003-05-07 12:53:18 PM  

Lake Erie
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