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(Yahoo)   Man arrested while carrying severed head through town   ( divider line
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17405 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 May 2003 at 10:25 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-07 10:26:37 AM  
Condon, is that you?
2003-05-07 10:27:33 AM  
Got Head?
2003-05-07 10:27:51 AM  
Please no Austin Powers head jokes.
2003-05-07 10:28:36 AM  
I wonder if they finally found Jimmy Hoffa?
2003-05-07 10:29:03 AM  
His defense is that the victim told him "I'll give you head for 10$"

2003-05-07 10:29:16 AM  
Just for my own clarification, is it possible to carry a non-severed head around?
2003-05-07 10:29:52 AM  
Nicu8697 You really got my mind working now !
2003-05-07 10:29:57 AM  
Police arrested a German man on suspicion of murdering his sister-in-law on Tuesday after he was spotted carrying her severed head through the streets of a town near the Dutch border.

Hey, folks, he's innocent until proven guilty.
2003-05-07 10:30:04 AM  
NICU8697:- I would imagine you're doing it right now.
2003-05-07 10:31:45 AM  
Is getting head from your sister-in-law considered incest? Hmmm....
2003-05-07 10:33:30 AM  

It's a sad world when you can't walk through AACHEN, Germany carrying a severed head, what is the world coming to.

NICU8697 - Only your own.

2003-05-07 10:33:32 AM  
If this had happened in the USA... "Defense attorneys argued that the severed head should not be allowed into evidence, because it had been observed by the arresting officers prior to the man having been read his Miranda rights..."
2003-05-07 10:33:41 AM  
Wacky Germans...
2003-05-07 10:33:57 AM  
Oh grab a brain people!
2003-05-07 10:35:13 AM  
Severed head in one hand + knife in the other = suspicious

Go figure!

It was also not known why the man was walking through town with the head.

Umm, probably the same reason why he killed her, cause he's a !#$%# whack job.
2003-05-07 10:37:33 AM  
Awww, how cuuute. He's showing his sis-in-law the sights one last time before they plant her.
2003-05-07 10:37:34 AM  
Ichabod Crane was was called in to ascertain the cause of death.
2003-05-07 10:37:56 AM  
Man arrested while carrying severed head through town
His own?
2003-05-07 10:38:21 AM  
That's why I *ALWAYS* carry my severed heads in a back pack.
2003-05-07 10:38:27 AM  
Yea its a plot by the man to frame him.
2003-05-07 10:39:28 AM  
Dig up Shakespeare-- he could make a great tragedy out of this! Let's see now... the sister-in-law is the secret lover of this man's father, and....
2003-05-07 10:40:10 AM  
Don't know any good severed head jokes, but here's one from Mitch Hedburg (I kan't spel hiz naime).

"A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer"
2003-05-07 10:40:28 AM  
A re-enaction of the event.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-07 10:41:33 AM  
Ah, see, it wasn't walking around with the severed head that got him in trouble, it's because he was walking around with a severed head in an unapproved container that was the problem.

easy to fix with a wicker basket, now on sale at pier on--er Trader Vic's!
2003-05-07 10:42:15 AM  
There can be only one!
2003-05-07 10:42:30 AM  
Jan in the pan, anyone? Shouldn't he be storing that head in some neck-juice while he searched out a new body for it?

2003-05-07 10:42:31 AM  

That image was for people too lazy to read the article.
2003-05-07 10:43:09 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

I've got a bunch of Severed Heads in my car. What's the problem?
2003-05-07 10:44:15 AM  
I betcha he was surprised!!

He was probably saying:
"I didn't do nothin, man... it wasn't me... really, it wasn't. I found it on the floor of a meat department in a grocery store."
2003-05-07 10:45:41 AM  
Why would a wookie walk through town
with a severed head under his arm?

[image from too old to be available]

Ladies and gentlemen of the
supposed jury,
2003-05-07 10:46:37 AM  
you are incorrect StoneG
2003-05-07 10:48:03 AM  
Nothing says 'respect' more than a severed head on a under your arm.

/family guy
2003-05-07 10:48:27 AM  
LOL! Jay_vee. i guess i should have seen the highlander reference coming.....
2003-05-07 11:03:28 AM  
If this guy was so sick of his sister-in-law's biatching that he was forced to remove her head how bad is his wife's nagging?
2003-05-07 11:04:25 AM  
And let that be a lesson to all you brother-in-law provokers out there!
2003-05-07 11:06:36 AM  
Avixxen2 writes:

LOL! Jay_vee. i guess i should have seen the highlander reference coming.....

Yeah, but isn't the beheaded suppose to impart the knowledge and power of the vanquished enemy on the victor?

Seems all this guy got was the dumbarse qualities.

2003-05-07 11:06:43 AM  
When I see a pretty girl walking down the street, I think two things. One part wants me to be real nice and sweet and treat her right.

And what did the other part think?

What her head would look like on a stick.
2003-05-07 11:07:02 AM  
You gotta love the "Quit snoring" ad just beside the article... esp the pic
2003-05-07 11:09:02 AM  
Icabad Crane?
2003-05-07 11:09:40 AM  
Could be worse.....he could have carried it around town with his penis in it's mouth Patrick Bateman style!
2003-05-07 11:12:29 AM  
It's actually quite disturbing how many of my favourite movies and shows have lead characters who behead people. 24, Sopranos, American Psycho, Highlander, Itchy and Scratchy, Seven.
2003-05-07 11:12:39 AM  
Anyone else been to Yahoo's Oddly Enough and read the article about the guy cutting off his own head in a supermarket?​/2003050 7/od_nm/suicide_dc

/no html skills, sorry.
2003-05-07 11:15:00 AM  
Here is a photo of the suspect:
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-07 11:16:37 AM  
With the wonders of modern medicine I'm sure they'll be able to reattach it. As soon as they tattoo their alma mater's logo on it.
2003-05-07 11:18:24 AM  
Jonr: I was thinking that movie too :)

Anyway, this is a funny story! It's just so far out! hehe
2003-05-07 11:25:04 AM  
You're not supposed to carry the damned thing around with you. Even I know that!
2003-05-07 11:27:25 AM  
The prosecutors' office said police were investigating the man's mental state at the time of the attack.

You don't say!
2003-05-07 11:29:34 AM  
Bild reported that the man was having an affair with his sister-in-law but she wanted to end it.

So he DID end it.

Why won't women ever learn that you can't just go around wanting to end relationships...

it's a joke people
2003-05-07 11:31:21 AM  
Great sister by the way huh ladies?

not that the crime justifies the punishment
2003-05-07 11:32:53 AM  
Sounds quite a bit like what's happening with NHL goalie Martin Brodeur right now, except for the decapitating part.
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