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(Kiro TV)   Couple ordered to remove carpeting from front lawn   ( divider line
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14484 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 May 2003 at 5:49 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-06 02:49:09 PM  
ahhh florida
2003-05-06 03:18:43 PM  
What would lead them to make the mental leap from "no luck with grass seed or landscape logs" to covering their lawn with multicolored swatches? I've seen some strange ideas implemented by people before but carpeting your yard takes the cake.
2003-05-06 03:58:58 PM  
So their sofa should just go on the bare ground or something....
2003-05-06 04:20:49 PM  
This reallu needs the Florida tag.
2003-05-06 05:40:38 PM  
Now they need to get to work getting rid of all those "carport" tents that so many rednecks seem to find necessary as a permanent installation in their front yards -- at least until the next windstorm comes through and puts it in someone else's yard.
2003-05-06 05:51:58 PM  
Sweet, this gives me an idea.
2003-05-06 05:53:17 PM  
Shag or berber?
2003-05-06 05:56:21 PM  
I bet it's easier to mow.
Maybe they should have gone with linoleum.
2003-05-06 05:56:49 PM  
Just imagine the mold mildew and funkiness that the carpet collected after a week or two. And the smell...
2003-05-06 05:56:56 PM  
How is that a "Public Nuisance"?

Please shed some light on that one.
2003-05-06 05:57:32 PM  
pink flamingos, cars, rvs,and gnomes o.k..
2003-05-06 05:57:50 PM  
I already submitted this article with the Florida tag.
2003-05-06 05:59:15 PM  
Yeah, but does the carpet match the drapes?

I got nuttin'...
2003-05-06 05:59:47 PM  
Port Richey is a safer place tonight.
2003-05-06 06:00:36 PM  
Shoulda used it that everlasting green, even in the heat of summer.
2003-05-06 06:01:01 PM  
Now the dogs will have to shiat all the dirt instead of on the carpet
2003-05-06 06:03:31 PM  
Embarrassed.... we have carpeted 1/4 of our back yard (4 dogs, all dirt/mud in the back)... we call it our red neck patio. Thinking we should maybe move to Florida??
2003-05-06 06:04:22 PM  
A picture of the family:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-06 06:04:47 PM  
by the by strikitrich... berber works best
2003-05-06 06:04:59 PM  
With the watering restrictions that are in place down here some people have also taken to painting their lawn.
2003-05-06 06:06:41 PM  
THe NFL replaced it's grass with carpet for many years.
2003-05-06 06:07:31 PM  
Celow, I don't know about you, but if my next door neighbour had old, dirty, mildewy carpet all over his lawn, I'd be pretty annoyed.
2003-05-06 06:08:54 PM  
What happened to people actually having a sense of humour?
2003-05-06 06:10:00 PM  
ya gotta love white trash!
2003-05-06 06:15:15 PM  
Firefox, so does being annoyed about the carpet constitute it as a "public nuisance"?

I would probably just make fun of them as we are in this forum rather than call the police or city council about it. I guess the only time it would bother me is if I was trying to sell my house and my neighbor did something like that.
2003-05-06 06:16:08 PM  
as a florida meter reader, i assure you nothing is grosser than people who use indoor carpet, outdoors. It gets super-funky and never seems to be thrown away or "freshened" in any way. It is just gross and Port Richie was correct in nipping that in the bud. Next up - "back yard cars" and "front yard dogs"

- considerate neighbor
2003-05-06 06:19:04 PM  
Nothing says kiss my ass like colored pea gravel and plastic plants.
2003-05-06 06:20:51 PM  
When carpet squares are outlawed, then only outlaws will have carpet squares...
2003-05-06 06:21:28 PM  
Funny story:
One of my neighbours replaced his front lawn with barkmulch. Looked ok but the city made him replace it.
2003-05-06 06:24:16 PM  
the villagers lobbied so hard for a Florida tag, now we dont even use it.
2003-05-06 06:24:28 PM  
I just bought a house farkers, and I can't wait to try shiat like this out!
2003-05-06 06:27:53 PM  
I like the idea of tearing up the carpet and exposing the rich hardwood floors underneath. Why would anyone want to carpet over a beautiful hardwood yard anyway?
2003-05-06 06:30:32 PM  
Lay down concrete and paint it green.
2003-05-06 06:32:14 PM  
When I was a kid my mom took the scraps from carpet stores and made a carpet for our house from them. We had about 40 different kinds and colors of carpet in that house. I liked it. But then I was about 12 years old. They were all odd shapes too. Like a puzzle. I wouldn't like it outside too much though. The smell of rotting carpet is not a pleasant thing. At least to me it's not.
2003-05-06 06:32:40 PM

I remember the urban legend that Shirley Temple Black did this.
2003-05-06 06:37:06 PM  
2003-05-06 06:37:32 PM  
Basstovin Dont you be dissing flamingos and yard gnomes. Take them away and I've lost all the ambiance around here.
2003-05-06 06:37:46 PM  
I could understand if it was rotting and disgusting...but it is their front either case the multicolored funkiness is a bit odd..
2003-05-06 06:40:09 PM  
What, no South Park references to licking carpets?

For shame farkers!
2003-05-06 06:40:58 PM  
Shoulda carpet-bombed their neighbours lawns.
2003-05-06 06:48:49 PM  
Hmm... where do people come up with ideas like this? Hey! we have that old carpet in the garage! How about we put it down in the yard as ground cover! Yes, that will look so neat! Who cares about how fabrics get after being allowed to stay wet for long periods of time!

I like the idea of doing groundcover that is different from plain old grass. A guy in the area I grew up in got tired of mowing, so he sprayed his yard with roundup, put down mulch, and added perennial plants all over. His yard looks really neat, and is a lot easier to maintain. yes, he had to periodically buy mulch to replace what gets depleted, but says it's cheaper than buying/ maintaining/ fueling a lawn mower.

However, when doing "alternative" ground cover, PLEASE choose materials that are meant for use outdoors!

Celow, you ask how this is a "public nuisance?" Well, the carpet is a perfect breeding ground for mold (a serious allergen) mildew, unpleasant odors, and general unsanitary conditions. That, in and of itself is a nuisance. However, say you live across the road from these people, and you are wanting to sell your house. Everyone who comes and looks at it says "Well, I like your house, but I don't think I could live here because of that thing across the road." As a result, the value of your house drops. I think that the authorities made the right decision here.
2003-05-06 06:53:06 PM  
Live in New Port Richey, and am absolutely not surprised by this article. These are the same people that drive 30 in a 50 mile an hour lane during rush hour on US 19 slowing down at every restaurant and making me want to shove their boat like car straight up their geriatric a$$es.

We have a horrible drought down here, and the water board wont let us water much. So, unfortunately any grass he gets dies anyways. I think that even dirt would be better than the carpet. And this guy lives on an incline. It's all gonna wash out no matter what. He should invest in AstroTurf. Then again, his nosey neighbors wold lose their livelihood as they have nothing to complain about.

(Sorry for the rant. I needed to blow off steam)
2003-05-06 06:58:17 PM  
how about using synthetic grass?
2003-05-06 07:06:41 PM  
not defending carpet in the front yard by any means... but as a "red neck" patio owner, have to say that carpet is free if you know where to look, whereas other alternatives might be too expensive for us poor folks, or people on a fixed income. While carpet works for us in the backyard to keep mud out until we can afford cement, those of you who commented on the odiferous (sp?) nature of said carpet were right on the money.
2003-05-06 07:13:04 PM  
The "public nuisance" aspect of this case reminds me of similar story years ago 'round these parts.

An elderly woman in Detroit was something of a junk collector, and piled all her finds on the front lawn. There was a picture of it in the newspaper - old tires, car bumpers, broken furniture, etc. It was a perfect nesting area for rats, and the neighbors complained. But before the city could do anything, someone (can't remember if was the ACLU or Jesse Jackson or what) actually got an order to delay destroying her "art" - yep, they took it to court, saying her pile of trash was actually a display of African-American folk art, and to remove it was racist. I wish I was making this up.
2003-05-06 07:19:12 PM  
Beezer909, there are 12x12x1 cement slabs that are cheap and are great for backyards. They keep my dog from digging in that area and look nice.
2003-05-06 07:23:12 PM  
B0rg9... Where did you find them?
2003-05-06 07:28:32 PM  
"I love the smell of wet carpet in the morning."
2003-05-06 07:39:13 PM  
Beez, Home Depot or Lowes. I think they're around a buck and a half a piece.
2003-05-06 07:51:54 PM  
It would not be an issue if she shaved regularly
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