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(Minneapolis Star Tribune)   Maxim, FHM, Stuff and other men's magazines too raw for Sam Walton's stores, pulled from shelves   ( divider line
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5553 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 May 2003 at 11:12 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-06 11:14:49 AM  
"They have nuts and beer right?"
2003-05-06 11:15:48 AM  
What? Sam isn't down the the boobies?

2003-05-06 11:16:24 AM  
What do ya mean 'unlikely'? This is the same "merchandising giant" that won't carry half of the CDs and DVDs in the world because they might be objectionable.
2003-05-06 11:16:36 AM  
anyone read them of late?

Pretty goddam lame in comparison to the interweb.

People want porn , they hit kazaa. Why would anyone chose low-fi softcore over every fetish under the sun.

2003-05-06 11:16:39 AM  
Yet inbreds and alchohol are allowed to stay....
2003-05-06 11:17:38 AM  
Those mags suck anyway. they might have one good gore article and a couple boobies , but the rest is just filler crap.
2003-05-06 11:18:00 AM  
Wal*Mart is a private corporation. They can sell or not sell whatever thy farking want. If you don't like it, don't shop there.
2003-05-06 11:18:21 AM  
Thank God for fark on days like today - when I don't feel like farkin' workin'!

that is all.
2003-05-06 11:19:40 AM  
sigh - I suppose that the Christian groups will be coming after Fark's 'boobies' next.
2003-05-06 11:20:36 AM  
I flipped through the Swedish version of those kind of mags once and it sucked. Recycled boobies and tips for social rejects on how to score with women. Pretty depressing.
2003-05-06 11:20:54 AM  

Good point.

I don't.
2003-05-06 11:21:20 AM  
Wal-Mart is the evil empire. But they are just too damn cheap not to shop there occasionally. The devil tempts me to sin once in a while. Anyway, they don't sell CD's with "explicit" lyrics on them or ones that criticize them for selling guns. What do you expect? It is the religious right. Wal-Mart seems like a total cult to me with their weird training and what not. Somehow I don't think this will effect Maxim/FHM/other nearly indistinguishable men's magazines, so fark those religious extremists who tell me where I can buy a certain magazine.
2003-05-06 11:22:16 AM  
If anyone has seen Playboy lately, they unfortunately changed the layout to look more like Maxim I am really disappointed in this. I actually do read the articles, and not, instead of having a more New Yorker-ish text and article layout, it looks like farking MTV on a sheet of paper.
2003-05-06 11:22:45 AM  
If you don't like it, don't shop there.

And the other option is what?
2003-05-06 11:22:45 AM  
Stuff is pretty hilarious.
2003-05-06 11:23:57 AM  
Yeah. This is not unlikely. It's asinine!

Damn bastids.
2003-05-06 11:24:42 AM  
I refuse to shop at Wal-mart because it is the devil incarnate. I would pay twice as much for my shampoo at some mom and pop shop just to avoid a Wal-mart. That rat bastard ruined Main Street America, and all those adorable little mom and pop shops that were far superior.

But, hey, the guy can do what he wants with his own stores and I can't do anything about except not shop there, which I don't, so I am doing my part to bring down the devil!
2003-05-06 11:25:14 AM  
Walmart is the KING! They have so much power they can have you all killed and nobody would know it! Long live Sam..Wait, he's dead?!? See, my point exactly... Don't Fark with falling prices!
2003-05-06 11:25:30 AM  
I'd like to take this opportunity to say that my lovely wife just returned home after being overseas for a while and she was sweet enough to bring me back a European Penthouse. Complete with an insert that included a few good old fashioned money shots. God bless Europe and their loose morals!!!
2003-05-06 11:25:38 AM  
Maxim's a great magazine. The articles are interesting (WAY better than Playboy's), lots of celebs pose (that don't want to get completely naked) in great some great pictures, and it's cheap!

They get my approval. Maxim doesn't need Wal-mart. Fark Wal-mart.
2003-05-06 11:26:11 AM  
Screw Wal Mart. Sure they're cheap, but damn they have some wild ideals.
The Bill Gates of the supermarket chain.
2003-05-06 11:26:14 AM  
Yes, and unfortunately, since Wal-Mart is also the largest store in the universe, their decisions impact how and/or what producers of things actually produce.

So biatching about their stupid ass decisions is warranted even if we DON'T SHOP THERE, as is so ridiculously pointed out.

I'm pretty sure I didn't get boobies in my DOA: XBV game because if I did, prissy-a$$ Wal-Mart wouldn't have carried it...
2003-05-06 11:26:29 AM  
05-06-03 11:16:24 AM Kyosuke

What do ya mean 'unlikely'? This is the same "merchandising giant" that won't carry half of the CDs and DVDs in the world because they might be objectionable.

What DVDs don't they sell? AFAIK, they only go after music. I've seen plenty of R-rated movies for sale there. You can buy the movie "8-mile" there, but not the soundtrack. WTF?

And sadly, NICU has a point. For a good deal of us, we have plenty of shopping options. But if you really live in the boonies, chances are Wal-Mart is all you've got.
2003-05-06 11:26:38 AM  
I heard a rumour that Maxim editor in chief keith Blanchard is dating Rose McGowan.


/don't know why I care
2003-05-06 11:27:14 AM  
That rat bastard ruined Main Street America, and all those adorable little mom and pop shops that were far superior.

If the mom and pop shops were far superior how did Wal-Mart destroy them?
2003-05-06 11:27:25 AM  
Funny, those magazines are all too lame for MY stores.

Oh, wait, I don't have any stores.
2003-05-06 11:30:22 AM  
I think that this is getting outrageous. Wal-mart is starting to ban life itself in my opinion. Whats next? Condoms since they lead to sex and everyone knows that sex is bad. Or video games & action figures since they "lead" to violence. How about cigarettes and alcohol since they lead to lung cancer and ulcers. The list goes on and on.

Why don't they just give us a plain brown cardboard packaged, one serving life?
2003-05-06 11:30:38 AM  
The only thing worse than their censorship of merchandise (to which they have a right) is their treatment of employees. My wife's mom works there and they have no regard for basic fairness or any consideration for extenuating (sp?) circumstances.

Yeah, I shop there, but only when what I need or want cannot be gotten somewhere else.
2003-05-06 11:31:21 AM  
Doesn't matter - I heard on the radio that Wal-Mart only makes up like 3% of their sales. Or something.
2003-05-06 11:31:30 AM  
I used to shop at WalMart a lot. Especially now that I'm back in college- I went there for practically EVERYTHING last semester. But I went in a few months ago, it's just depressing, the WalMart here looks like a photocopy of my hometown WalMart (Harrisburg.) It's like McDonald's. No personality. Of course most people say they don't go to WalMart for personality, they go for low prices.

I'll pay the extra few dollars just to keep small businesses around as long as possible. I can't stand cashiers that ask how you're doing and you know most of them could care less.
2003-05-06 11:32:48 AM  
The grocery store I used to work in carried Maxim. It was on the top shelf, in the back, and very hard to spot unless you looked for it. All you could see was the title - you couldn't see the cover picture unless you pulled it down off the shelf. We had customers complain about it all the time. Give me a break. They obviously were looking for it, otherwise they never would have seen it. Find something more worthwhile to complain about. If you don't like it, then don't look at it. Kids can't see it because it is out of their reach. Besides, your kids see much worse on the internet every day.

Anyway, it didn't really matter to me. I worked in the back room in receiving, so when the magazine was pulled, the copies all went back to my desk. The magazine guy also regularly delivered the latest, um, "more graphical" magazines for us to check out too.
2003-05-06 11:32:51 AM  
The other day some friends and I went to a Wal-Mart in Lima, OH. I swear every other person I saw there was wearing at least one piece of NASCAR apparel.
2003-05-06 11:33:25 AM  
I bet they still sell Cosmo and all those other women's magazines that have articles like "101 Ways to Blow Your Husband/Boyfriend" or whatever. And the pictures of nearly-naked anerexic women to fark with teenage girls minds by giving them an impossible standard of beauty to live up to.
2003-05-06 11:33:38 AM  
05-06-03 11:30:22 AM Seize
Or video games & action figures since they "lead" to violence.

Wal-Mart (at least the chain as a whole) never pulled Grand Theft Auto 3 or Vice City off the shelves, even though those two games have been the biggest target of complaints lately. I guess the fact that they were the best-selling games of 2001 and 2002 didn't hurt.
2003-05-06 11:34:11 AM  
I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Wal-Mart sucks
2003-05-06 11:34:59 AM  

Come on, if you're saying Wal-mart is superior to mom and pop stores because it sells more products, you're also saying that N*Sync is one of the greatest bands in the history of music and Episode I was the best Star Wars movie.
2003-05-06 11:35:08 AM  
Xhan I think that's a requirement. I'm surprised you were not asked to leave.
2003-05-06 11:35:47 AM  
Still, though, Melissa Joan Hart in Maxim, you know?
2003-05-06 11:36:00 AM  
Doesn't matter - I heard on the radio that Wal-Mart only makes up like 3% of their sales. Or something.

Or maybe you read that in the article?

If Playboy is good enough for my dentist's office, then Maxim is good enough for WalMart.
2003-05-06 11:36:53 AM  
I hate Wal Mart too...Hardly ever go there.

But do I own some stock. They must be doing something right.
2003-05-06 11:37:01 AM  
They destroyed them because they could set their prices far lower than the small stores could afford to. They saved money by scrimping on service. Unfortunately, no one realized how much they enjoyed the smaller stores until they were all gone.

I'm glad that I grew up in a town where most of the stores were small, family run stores. The people at the drug store knew my name and we had a family account there, so I never had to worry about having cash to pay. I love it now when I visit my folks and I put it on our account, and then return safely to Boston before they get the bill. But the people in my town were very willing to pay a premium for this kind of service. They didn't want the impersonal, cruddy service you get at Wal-mart and their kind.

Sam Walton purposely built his stores in areas where he knew people could not afford to pay the premium for better quality, thus forcing out all competition. I personally hate the man. But people go there all the time, so I suppose he is succesful. I personally would rather have success without having to destroy others, but that is just me.
2003-05-06 11:37:01 AM  
The Fundies win another one...

I did a GIS for "Fundie Brain"; this is what I got:

Your search - fundie brain - did not match any documents

I guess that says everything!

I did, however, find a concrete block:
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-06 11:37:17 AM  
Bass555 Melissa Joan Hart was in Maxim a few years ago.
2003-05-06 11:37:32 AM  
I guess they need to make more room for all the mullets.
2003-05-06 11:37:33 AM  
2003-05-06 11:38:18 AM  

That had more to do with the fact that you were in Lima than it did with the fact that you were in a Walmart.

Yeah, yeah, I know my profile says I live in Pittsburgh (we have our fair share of hilljacks too) but I grew up in Southwest Ohio, so its not like I'm unjustly critisizing a part of the nation that I am unfamiliar with.
2003-05-06 11:38:44 AM  
those are all different magazines? Who knew?
2003-05-06 11:39:30 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-06 11:40:22 AM  
Sos: That was my point!!

*(looks at previous post, realizes grammatical lack of coherence, blames it on laudanaum intake)
2003-05-06 11:40:34 AM  
The slippery slope of American freedom. The rollbacks of civil liberty will be subtle but they have started. The Fundies are a dangerous bunch and it looks like regular AMericans are letting these freaks walk all over them. You better show up on voting day otherwise the America we all know and love will be a police/evangelical state. Wake up America and don't come complaining because you were warned.
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