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(CBS)   Farker Manifest and his Father are contestants on the Amazing Race 4. Vote for them in the poll   ( divider line
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5421 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 May 2003 at 2:31 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-06 05:00:36 AM  
Which team are you?
2003-05-06 08:42:31 AM  
Yes. Tell us which team you are and I'll vote if you promise to wear Fark gear if you win.
2003-05-06 10:16:24 AM  
Apon further investagation, and that I am totally bored today. I read the profiles.

Steve and Josh: The only father/son team in the race.

I voted, I hope you win, good luck.
2003-05-06 02:33:46 PM  
No shiat?

Good luck to you.
2003-05-06 02:34:22 PM  

It doesn't matter who votes for them: I still have a feeling they will still lose to Morgan Webb.

If Asia Carerra can't beat Morgan, who can ?

2003-05-06 02:34:56 PM  
I voted for Tian and Jaree as "Most Hittable Team" as well as "Most Farked Up Names!".
2003-05-06 02:35:42 PM  
Vote to keep reality TV thanks.

You'll get enough suport from other FARKers.
2003-05-06 02:36:08 PM  
Who am I supposed to vote against? Err, for?
2003-05-06 02:36:14 PM  

[image from too old to be available]

2003-05-06 02:36:43 PM  
GOOD LUCK MAN!...try to squeeze in a Fark plug so I'll feel better about how I spend 8-10 hours of my day.
2003-05-06 02:36:50 PM  
2003-05-06 02:38:28 PM  
Here is that extra p.
2003-05-06 02:39:51 PM  
"Behold the power of Fark!"
- Someone else, much cooler than I, that has a Trogdor t-shirt
2003-05-06 02:40:02 PM  
I've watched a couple of seasons of this show, and I've deduced this: the teams with the gay guys on them always lose.

You're not gay are you? Is your Dad?
2003-05-06 02:40:45 PM  
From the Q&A:

CBS What is the most stressful aspect of traveling?
Steve: Lack of sleep.
Josh: Traveling is only stressful if you let it be so. That and masterbating in the same tent as my dad.
2003-05-06 02:40:51 PM  
Not a bad show, but it pales in comparison to the Eco-challenge running on USA network this week.

I still voted for ya though!
2003-05-06 02:42:25 PM  
i gave you guys a 10, and, because i'm bored, gave every other team a 1 for good measure:)
so, if you win, you owe me BIG!
2003-05-06 02:42:32 PM  
"When he was younger, Josh raised steers for the Ventura County Fair and won a prize for a bull-calf. He lists this as an accomplishment he is very proud of, along with the fact that he once ate an entire bowl of butter for a dollar and never threw up."

Wow. Millions er maybe hundreds of people now know that. Sad, kinda.
2003-05-06 02:42:42 PM  
Actually the rest of his answers are a bit off beat as well.
2003-05-06 02:43:05 PM  
If he's named after that Gang Starr song, he has my vote.
2003-05-06 02:43:24 PM  
Was I the only one who experienced serious flicker on that page? Someone needs to learn how to double buffer. Sheesh

Anyone else notice the profile for Millie/Chuck?
2003-05-06 02:43:33 PM  
Thanks to Cerie for reading the profiles... the race sounds like a kickass time, good luck!!!
2003-05-06 02:43:37 PM  
Good luck man! Unleash the power of farkers worldwide! I hope you'll win... because in the polls (at least), we'll make you win!

you wouldn't really want to fail us, do you?

Good luck again!
2003-05-06 02:43:47 PM  
I ate a tomato slice piled with salt and pepper for $5.
2003-05-06 02:44:58 PM  
uhhh, you got my vote.
2003-05-06 02:45:18 PM  
I voted. I voted a 1. Bwwwwaaaaaa
2003-05-06 02:45:45 PM  
In our advisory this girl ate the inside of a pumpkin when we where carving them in class for 5 francs and then puked during math. It was pretty funny actually....
2003-05-06 02:46:24 PM  
Maybe Drew could shoot him a coomplimentary t-shirt for some free advertising (if CBS doesn't blur it out)
2003-05-06 02:46:55 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2003-05-06 02:47:39 PM  
I'd vote for Millie/Chuck

From the main page, the brief desctiption:

Dating 12 years, virgins.

Millie was once on the Tonight Show after Leno bumped into her and her roommate and asked them to "say stupid Baywatch lines in our shower--in bikinis--which we did," so she has a wild side somewhere deep down. She enjoys volleyball, water skiing, rollerblading, snorkeling and swimming, and blows off steam by running, talking (or fighting) with Chuck, praying, and reading the Bible. Millie believes her man Chuck is "hotter than Brad Pitt." On the downside, her man can also be too "anal and meticulous."
2003-05-06 02:47:58 PM  
As for the Tian/Jaree combo... BIG dissapointment. We need to see more lesbians taking control.

She was disappointed when she found out that Tian, "likes girls." Jaree got over it, but admits that if Tian ever hit on her, it'd be over between them. Jaree fears cockroaches and being lost. According to her teammate, Jaree is "very controlling."

/no vote for you
2003-05-06 02:49:08 PM  
Who is the gay couple?
2003-05-06 02:49:12 PM  
When talking about females, isn't "black mothers" an oxymoron

/flamewar ensues
2003-05-06 02:49:57 PM  
what's an oxymoron?
2003-05-06 02:50:01 PM  
I guess I voted for ya (if you were that hittable chick) and I'm guessing, the gay dude next to ya.
2003-05-06 02:50:19 PM  
great googly moogly, Towering.
I was laughing because I thought you made that up.
2003-05-06 02:50:58 PM  
What languages do you speak?
Tian: Blonde.
Jaree: Redneck, Animal.
2003-05-06 02:51:05 PM  
I wish they would have written "eats carpet" instead.
2003-05-06 02:51:25 PM  
These bios are pretty lame.
David, 32 ...favorite hobbies are having sex and working out. President George Bush reminds David of himself because he is a "bad ass." Uh, ok....
from Debra's profile: She speaks no foreign languages, but has traveled to France, Mexico and Canada. She refuses to eat fish, according to Steve.
Dave, 43 ." He compares himself to Woody Allen and Cosmo Kramer. He is a perfectionist, and that makes it tough to be overweight.
2003-05-06 02:51:29 PM  
WHOAH! How did this get past the CBS censors?

" He prides himself on being a good negotiator and on being able to bullshiat through anything."

Drew should send 'em a filter
2003-05-06 02:51:44 PM  
Buster: Funny stuff....
2003-05-06 02:52:09 PM  
"We like to run our mouths, lay out by the pool and check out hot guys," Tian usually doesn't approve of Jaree's choice in men.

Of course not, she wants her to pick a man with boobs and a vagina.
2003-05-06 02:53:09 PM  
Stebain If you think that was funny, check out Jon and Al's bio. That's a laugh a minute and I think we've found our gay couple....
2003-05-06 02:53:43 PM  
Hey, Manifest, good luck! You gotta bring some FARK gear. Actually, wait, I'm dumb, if it's airing on May 29th, you already did the race right?

SO, like, did you win?
2003-05-06 02:55:48 PM  
My money is that David and Jeff end up coming out of the closet.
2003-05-06 02:56:24 PM  
This show is horrible. Why just Why would you want to be a part of this crap. I will vote against you and you will thank me for it later when you still have your dignity
2003-05-06 02:56:37 PM  
Not going to be *too* much confusion with the fact that there are 3 Steve's
2003-05-06 02:57:21 PM  
What languages do you speak?
Amanda: I speak English. I learned some French in college, and at that time I could read and write it fairly well and sometimes even engage in conversation. I could probably ask some decent questions, but I do not think I would understand people's responses. I'm pretty good at reading body language.

Debra: English and a little bit of Spanish.
Steve: English (barely).

Chris: I speak English fairly well. Un poquito Espanol (a little Spanish). Lsoay, omesay Igpay Atlay (Also, some Pig Latin).
David: Some Spanish, Swahili, usually pretty good English.
Jeff: English and Spanish (un poco!).

Jon: English.
Al: None fluently, except English. A bit of Spanish, German and sign language.

Kelly: English and travel Spanish.
Jon: I speak English, but in Miami that is a second language.

Millie: A little French, a little Mandarin Chinese, a little Russian. It's been a while since I've spoken any of these.
Chuck: English and pointing (this way or that way?

Monica: Some Spanish.
Sheree: Very little French, and Ebonics.

Reichen: French, English and a little German.
Chip: French.

Russell: English and some Spanish.
Cindy: Enough Indonesian to get by, a small handful of Japanese to show an attempt to be polite.

Steve: I can count to 10 in five languages and swear at you in 12.
Dave: I can swear at you in Spanish and can count to five in dog.

Steve: Only English.
Josh: English; Dad speaks American.

Tian: Blonde.
Jaree: Redneck, Animal.

Everyone's a comedian.
2003-05-06 02:58:00 PM  
If these profiles are any indication, this show is gonna be hilarious.
2003-05-06 02:58:40 PM  
There's already a gay couple: Reichen & Chip

About Reichen:

He enjoys flirting with other guys, but that makes Chip upset. Reichen likens himself to Ben Affleck--"intense"--and says Chip is like Bruce Willis: "steady and true."
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