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(Some Guy) Boobies Vanessa Ribeiro: That's a spicy meatball (not safe for work)   ( divider line
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95430 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 May 2003 at 5:01 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-05 02:34:27 PM  
not one sfw pic....

how sad....
2003-05-05 04:50:35 PM  
Those aren't meatballs that I see.
2003-05-05 05:02:26 PM  
2003-05-05 05:04:01 PM  
Whats with the duster.
2003-05-05 05:04:03 PM  
fippity fappity foo
2003-05-05 05:04:24 PM  
/jaw drops
2003-05-05 05:04:30 PM  
oh wow yum
2003-05-05 05:04:44 PM  
Lo colpirei.

Translation: I'd hit it.
2003-05-05 05:05:05 PM  
glad I got to see this now
2003-05-05 05:05:19 PM  
thatsa nica ass!
2003-05-05 05:05:49 PM  
Yo le echaria un polvo.

Translation: I'd hit it.
2003-05-05 05:06:05 PM  
Don't look at her! I love her!
2003-05-05 05:06:13 PM  
She has an amazing ass.
2003-05-05 05:06:51 PM  

er, i mean, i'd bang, bash, bat, batter, beat, belt, biff, blackjack, blast, blitz, box, brain, buffet, bump, clap, clip, clobber, clout, club, crack, cudgel, cuff, dab, ding, flail, flax, flog, hammer, hook, jab, kick, knock, knock around, knock out, KO, lace, lambaste, larrup, lather, leather, let fly, lob, nail, pellet, pelt, percuss, pop, pound, punch, rap, ride roughshod, slap, smack, sock, stone, swat, tap, thrash, thump, thwack, trash, uppercut, wallop, wax, whack, whang and HIT IT.
2003-05-05 05:07:34 PM  
Yes, but would you like to have sex with her?
2003-05-05 05:08:13 PM  
i'v always had a thing for Italian girls. I went out with one for a touch of time and my god she was passionate.
Fun 2 months

go Vanessa
2003-05-05 05:08:18 PM  
The boobies look deformed.
I would still hit it any/every chance I got, but something is not quite right with the boobies.
2003-05-05 05:08:28 PM  
Nothing left to say except:

mm mmmmmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmm.

(and GO NUCKS, of course)
2003-05-05 05:08:29 PM  
wow, all in alphabetical order too.
2003-05-05 05:08:31 PM  
On the same site, there's a page w/ nude asians

asiaticas (NSFW)
2003-05-05 05:08:41 PM  
She's lovely. She'd probably look better without the fake tatas but hey, nobody's perfect.

Such a farking beautiful face. And ass. And everything.

Best boobies link in a looong time.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-05 05:09:10 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-05 05:09:33 PM  
Someone post a pic and make it SFW? Please? Pretty please? I'm at work...and by the time I get home, I doubt that server will be running.
2003-05-05 05:09:41 PM  
Summer Fruit. This one will turn soon. PS. Lose the tan lines. They're distracting and unattractive.

Signed, Mr. Perfect.
2003-05-05 05:10:30 PM  
I'd hit it. But the spicy meatball line makes me think of a disturbing video i saw on stileproject.
2003-05-05 05:10:36 PM  
2003-05-05 05:11:33 PM  
Ribeiro? Is she related to

[image from too old to be available]

I believe that's a Portuguese name, BTW, not Italian.
2003-05-05 05:11:58 PM  
Hammmina hammina hammina. Seriously hittable.

And a very nice way to break the boobieless period.
2003-05-05 05:13:29 PM  
The skin on her elbows looks a little rough.
2003-05-05 05:13:30 PM  
This one is for GCD because I hope someoue would do the same for me.
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-05 05:14:18 PM  
I wouldn't refer to her as it.

That says a lot. Wow.
2003-05-05 05:15:36 PM  
2003-05-05 05:15:40 PM  
but the second she has a ring on her finger she'll gain fourty pounds and start screaming at you every five days to mow the damn lawn you fat lazy bastard.

Isn't every woman like that? :p
2003-05-05 05:16:11 PM  
Isn't this essentially safe for work? There's no full nudity.

That picture is just.. glorious.
2003-05-05 05:16:30 PM  
Wear Your Thong Day came early!

2003-05-05 05:17:04 PM  
Holy crap EdMon, thanks!

2003-05-05 05:18:33 PM  
05-05-03 05:15:40 PM Semi-Sane
but the second she has a ring on her finger she'll gain fourty pounds and start screaming at you every five days to mow the damn lawn you fat lazy bastard.

One Saturday afternoon, a man was sitting in his lawn chair drinking beer and watching his wife mow the lawn.

A neighbor lady was so outraged at this, she came over and shouted at the man, "You should be hung!"

To which he calmly replied, "I am. That's why she cuts the grass!"
2003-05-05 05:21:00 PM  
I don't understand the duster and cleaning.. is she going for the lustful looking maid thing? Or is it just like "wouldnt it be perfect to have this around your house"
2003-05-05 05:23:22 PM  
The pictures aren't coming up for me and 'Little Omar' has a tear in one eye.
2003-05-05 05:23:35 PM  
My vote is for the latter, EdMon
2003-05-05 05:24:00 PM  
She has very interesting nipples. Little large for my personal prefrence, but still very nice.
2003-05-05 05:24:49 PM  
I mean, erm, Hey!
Don't look at her! I love her!
2003-05-05 05:25:07 PM  

I think it's the "wouldnt it be perfect to have this around the house" thingy. I mean....she spends all day cleaning my house, an activity that she somehow finds sooooo arousing that she can't wait to jump my bones when I get home from my hard day

Clean house?
Hot doggie-style-lovin' house cleaner?
Nice hair. Fresh smell. A class act all the way.
2003-05-05 05:25:16 PM  
Holy inverted nipples, batman!
2003-05-05 05:26:10 PM  
She wants me.
I can tell by the way she's looking at me while she touches herself.
2003-05-05 05:26:26 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Starting and Driving a Nail

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2003-05-05 05:27:29 PM  
She has strange powers...
2003-05-05 05:27:59 PM  
I love it how Cola is probably the only female in this thread. No, I LOVE it!
2003-05-05 05:29:27 PM  
I have a polish sausage she can unwrap and eat.
I really hope she knows how to suck the juice out of a sausage.
2003-05-05 05:30:16 PM  
Another female here....

Does anyone else think tan lines are tacky? Even if you are super hot, 86 the lines baby.
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