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(WFTV Orlando)   Bank robber gets lost, ends up back at crime scene; after excessive teasing, police make arrest   ( divider line
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11019 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 May 2003 at 12:57 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-05 01:00:09 PM  
what a loser
2003-05-05 01:00:27 PM  
2003-05-05 01:01:15 PM  
"Inside his car they found a yellow plastic bag containing stacks of money and a BB pistol." - what a moron.
2003-05-05 01:01:58 PM  
A BB pistol, WTF, was John Candy the teller?
2003-05-05 01:01:59 PM  
"A bank robbery suspect, apparently confused by a labyrinth of routes near Cedar Bluff Road in Knoxville..."

Jeebus, this guy would never be able to drive in Boston, forget Knoxville. Boston has rotaries. ROTARIES ! Who outside of New England has seen a rotary ? And the worse thing is, Bostonians STILL don't know how to navigate them.

2003-05-05 01:12:31 PM  
Skinink - we have rotaries in Philadelphia. It's called the Public Transportation System.
2003-05-05 01:14:28 PM  
What the fark is a rotary, besides a Mazda engine?

2003-05-05 01:22:27 PM  
Something that sucks.
2003-05-05 01:23:38 PM  
Think "roundabout"
2003-05-05 01:25:21 PM  
I would just love to drive in this crap!
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-05 01:25:33 PM  
Too bad he didn't notice the Interstate (I-40) right next to the bank.
2003-05-05 01:27:50 PM  
How could you get lost at Cedar Bluff?
2003-05-05 01:28:51 PM  
"The would-be robber wore a mask , but was easily identified by his well-groomed mullet"
2003-05-05 01:29:31 PM  
Shoulda known better than to have Stevie Wonder as a getaway's like being lost in the woods, you just go in big circles.
2003-05-05 01:33:25 PM  
Im guessing this guy had no plan at all except take his little bro's BB gun and drive to the bank and rob it, no escape plan, no nothing!! What a Jackass....somebody needs to tell this hillbilly that these things require planning and even then you will more than likely get caught!! STUPID FARK!!!
2003-05-05 01:35:26 PM  
mapquest search of the bank in question.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-05 01:38:29 PM  
Oh, let me add, that's 324 Cedar Bluffs Rd, Knoxville, TN. (found it throught the bank's website ATM locator thingy.)
2003-05-05 01:47:47 PM  
Jeebus, this guy would never be able to drive in Boston, forget Knoxville. Boston has rotaries. ROTARIES ! Who outside of New England has seen a rotary ? And the worse thing is, Bostonians STILL don't know how to navigate them.

portlands got them too.

and this guy is obviously an idiot. he should have planned his escape route well in advance
2003-05-05 01:50:18 PM  
Rotaries? Oh, you must mean Traffic Circles.

Sorry, but New England has *nothing* on the Jersey traffic Circle. We have circles with 5-6 roads intersecting, circles with roads going straight through the middle, circles with traffic lights, with stop signs, with yields, with combinations of the above...

Thanfully, they've destroyed a number of the really bad ones (still a few big ones left) and put up real intersections instead.
2003-05-05 01:54:32 PM  
Doh! Let's try that link again:

Traffic Circles
2003-05-05 01:55:40 PM
2003-05-05 01:57:36 PM  

img src=""
2003-05-05 01:58:17 PM HTML skills suck!
2003-05-05 01:58:55 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Did he have a gub?
2003-05-05 01:58:56 PM  
He obviously didn't enlist the best getaway man/transporter

[image from too old to be available]

/hope its not an anal site that hates linking
2003-05-05 02:00:30 PM  
"Are you kidding? This is a Magnum PI!"

//Clark W.
2003-05-05 02:16:04 PM  
Um, there's a link about a motorcyclist nailing a cow and dying...where's THAT story on FARK?


2003-05-05 02:33:35 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-05 02:34:25 PM  
Traffic cirles? Didn't something like that happen in the movie, "Signs"? heh...

Bank robberies, when they are pulled off successfully, are one of those crimes that I sort of sympathize with the robber: They require a combination of guts, brains, and speed. Of the three, BRAINS is the single biggest prerequisite to success. LOL

A BB pistol??? "You'll shoot yer eye out, kid!"
2003-05-05 04:15:28 PM  
I'm sure Fark-cops (if we have any) are wishing that every criminal was this stupid.
2003-05-05 04:36:17 PM  
If you're going to pull a robbery, you should know the locations of the nearest two Pay-n-Sprays. He should play more GTA.
2003-05-05 05:17:59 PM  

Who outside of New England has seen a rotary ?

Jeez, man. I guess you've never been to England, huh? England is nothing BUT rotaries, although they call them round-a-bouts.

And thank God too. They give you plenty of time to navigate whilst you go in cirlces and figure out which exit is the right one.
2003-05-06 01:31:56 AM  
2003-05-06 03:13:29 PM  
Holy shiat, that guy lives in the same city I do!

Thank goodness, too. One less hillbilly walking around to fark up the world.

I'm originally from Buffalo, NY by the way.

2003-05-11 04:39:42 AM  
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