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(MSNBC)   Another corpse flower about to bloom. Media always reports these for some reason   ( divider line
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27218 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 May 2003 at 12:03 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-05 10:16:00 AM  
I saw the one at the Huntington Library when it bloomed. It was insane. I saw people literally gagging and almost puking from the smell. Don't miss it!
2003-05-05 10:26:54 AM  
With a name Mr. Stinky, it's gotta be good!
2003-05-05 11:15:39 AM  
GIS for "Mr. Stinky"
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-05 11:40:29 AM  
I'm going to do my impression of mr. stinky after I get back from lunch at the local mexican joint.
2003-05-05 12:06:17 PM  
I'll have to go smell this thing
2003-05-05 12:06:31 PM  
"horrific scent will make for a historic sight"?

I guess it smells so bad that people can see it?
2003-05-05 12:07:38 PM  
"Amorphophallus titanium"

Hur hur. He said phallus.
2003-05-05 12:07:49 PM  
Is anyone else terrified by that palefaced hambeast on the left hand column? Eesh, bet SHE smells like a corpse flower.

2003-05-05 12:08:21 PM  
I was there too. And it wasn't the flower y'all were gagging on!
2003-05-05 12:09:11 PM  
Not sure if the hotlinking will work, but:

[image from too old to be available]

did anyone else chuckle when they saw this pic next to "corpse flower"?
2003-05-05 12:10:04 PM  
why are people so dern interested in these new fangled stinkflowers? back in my day, everything from shoes to school buildings were made of cabbage and old newspaper, and it was all colored black and boy did that smell, you damn kids and your stink plants...
2003-05-05 12:10:52 PM  
Additional GIS for "Mr. Stinky"

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-05 12:11:30 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-05 12:11:43 PM  
If there was one thread just asking for the retarded humor of Farkers, it's the one. I'll be sure to stop checking the comments now.
2003-05-05 12:12:57 PM  

"Another corpse flower about to bloom. Media always reports these for some reason"

At least MSNBC did a good write up. If this was FoxNews reporting, the stench of the flower would be blamed on the liberal media and George Clooney, and the flower would be on Bill O'Reilly's show. O'Reilly would become extremely agitated at the flower because since flowers don't speak, O'Reilly has no chance to interrupt whatever it might say.

"This is a 'No Spin Zone' Mr Stinky !"

[image from too old to be available]

2003-05-05 12:13:38 PM  
I bet that guy in the picture smells like it, too. He looks like it anyway. Uck.

And I saw the one that bloomed in Madison, WI like a year ago. Nasty nasty nasty shiat. They could develop that smell into a WMD... concentrate it, dump it in enemy's water supply... they will all die of dehydration instead of drinking it.
2003-05-05 12:14:42 PM  
Speaking of smelly bushes, have you ever smelled a ginko tree in the middle of a stifling hot West Philadelphia afternoon?
2003-05-05 12:15:28 PM  
I bet you all thought I was going to go a different way with that, huh?
2003-05-05 12:15:48 PM  

Amorphous: Lacking definite form; shapeless.
Phallus: The penis.

Mr. Stinky, the shapeless penis? Um...
2003-05-05 12:18:59 PM  
"An extremely rare flower is about to bloom for the third time, meaning its horrific scent will make for a historic sight.

Ant [TotalFark]
2003-05-05 12:19:00 PM  
Speaking of stinky, has anyone ever eaten a durian? Are they really that smelly?

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-05 12:22:54 PM  
Its most impressive feat is its putrid odor, which is Mother Nature's way of attracting pollinator beetles. The flowering lasts about three days and the stench -- often described as like rotting flesh or eggs left in the sun -- can be overwhelming.

"You can almost taste it on your tongue, it's so thick," said Suzanne Kores, a past visitor for the Titan's bloom at the Fairchild garden. "It's putrid."

Sounds like my dog's farts.
2003-05-05 12:25:17 PM  
The Durian has the most foul stench imaginable. If Mr Stinky can beat that, well done.

When I was a kid in Malaysia, I asked for an ice cream at a restaurant. They brought in this durian-flavoured ice cream. Can't remember what it tasted like, but the smell was nauseating. I think I tried one spoonful.
2003-05-05 12:25:54 PM  
I demand a photoshop

Please accept one order for a flower with a corpse for the stamen.
2003-05-05 12:26:01 PM cannot imagine the smell. Even covering your nose, which you pretty much have to, your taste buds pick it up. I could even faintly pick it up inside the Huntington Library while looking at Gainesborough's famous "Blue Boy," which made for an interesting combination.
2003-05-05 12:26:13 PM  
Bass: don't Gingko trees smell like whoever or whatever peed on them last? never seen a stinky gingko...
2003-05-05 12:27:41 PM  
Ant Thanks for the picture of the Durian. Now I know what to look for in Super Mario Sunshine when I'm looking for a Durian. I had no clue what it was and I was failing to impress my kids with my game skills.
2003-05-05 12:30:05 PM  
There is some interesting coverage on "Ass-Plants" here. Kinda NSFW, with a bare ass at the top of the page.
2003-05-05 12:32:49 PM  
"Mr. Stinky"? Well, you know the old saying, "An Amorphophallus titanium by any other name..."
2003-05-05 12:32:51 PM  
No wonder my prom date kept puking. That was my boutonniere.
2003-05-05 12:33:14 PM  
nothing worse than a stinky bush
2003-05-05 12:33:17 PM  
Bass555: I did think you were going to go another way, but Ginko trees are the worst. We used to have one at my parent's house, and boy did it reek. They eventually got rid of the thing.

At summer camp there was also a bunch of ginkos, is that a Pennsylvania tree or something? Blech.
2003-05-05 12:33:49 PM  
I'll bet it can cure cancer. Seriously, if it reeks, why are we growing them? Sounds like it would be a good species to let "die off"

/hates rare things that sit there and stink.
2003-05-05 12:36:22 PM  
Ohh I'm very interested in trying durian myself. Reading this livejournal entry intrigued me. It sounds nifty.
2003-05-05 12:39:15 PM  
2003-05-05 12:40:01 PM  
another pic - apparently in full bloom
2003-05-05 12:40:07 PM  
Ant -

regrading those durians...

I can tell you definitively that they do smell, and don't taste that great either. I came home from work one day and my room-mates were eating one. the whole house reeked of death.

My roomies tried to play it off as all "oh look at us we're so cultured and worldly" but it just plain stinks and tastes weird.

My girlfriend described it like this, and it's pretty accurate, I remember. She said it smelled like a combination of meat, pinapple and fart.

So try to imagine that., if you can! But basically, like a weird/bad pineapple that has got somethign seriously rotten in it.

but edible. tastes better than it smells but it's still really not worth it
2003-05-05 12:41:34 PM  
THIS gets posted, but my link to a Kari Wuhrer pic gallery didn't? What's this world coming to?
2003-05-05 12:43:30 PM  
I think a guy in my office has one of these in his desk drawer.
2003-05-05 12:47:58 PM  
Another corpse flower about to bloom. Media always reports these for some reason

i'm glad fark reports it every time too. i dunno what i'd do if i missed a corpse flower blossoming.
2003-05-05 12:49:56 PM  
"Listen!! Do you smell something??"
2003-05-05 12:58:55 PM  
The plant looks like a giant conehead emerging from a cocoon.

Someone say Conehead?

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]  [image from too old to be available]
2003-05-05 01:04:48 PM  
Bass: My old house at penn state had a mammoth gingko tree in the front yard and yes those things reek like you would not believe. What was really funny was when we had parties unsuspecting people would park their cars in the yard only to come outside the next day and find them splattered with hundreds of berries from that damn tree, har har. Oh yea, the juice from the berries gives you a rash if it gets on your skin, good luck cleaning your car buddy.
2003-05-05 01:05:58 PM  
SnickersCommander: fabulous Ghostbusters reference! Kudos to you!
2003-05-05 01:16:39 PM  
I actually bought a Durian. Besides the smell, the actual edible part looks like decaying flesh. I think I scooped out one finger worth of the flesh, tasted it, and decided enough was enough, and chucked it in the dumpster. The odor is wierd. It is foul, but not in the corpse-rotting egg-fart stench category.

It you ever want to try one, try a real asian food market. If they have any, they'll be in the frozen food section, since they don't really stink until they thaw.
2003-05-05 01:18:28 PM  
I went to the Huntington too. I had read about that thing on their website and brought a bandanna with me to cover my face. it only helped enough for me to get a good look at the thing, but the real fun part was watching the pregnant women outside throwing up in the trashcan, and then seeing some guy see her and throw up at the sight of throw up. All these people were giving me dirty looks when I was wearing the bandanna over my face because they were just holding their noses and gagging. And Peteykins is right, because I could still smell the thing all the way over in the Japanese garden. Good times, good times.
2003-05-05 01:18:41 PM  
Now I know what to look for in Super Mario Sunshine when I'm looking for a Durian.

yeah took me a while trying to figure out which was the durian.

/off topic

anyway people are really messed up...flocking to see an incredibly stinky flower. What's the point. so that you can say you know just how truly bad it is....?
2003-05-05 01:40:43 PM  
This is just begging for a photoshop!!

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-05 01:59:32 PM  
Media always reports these for some reason

Maybe they're trying to get posted on Fark.
2003-05-05 02:04:48 PM  
Nice Job, SnickersCommander...that phrase makes a good start up wav for the pc too.
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