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(ESPN)   Redskins' new QB Tony Banks stands by as first Redskin TD is scored while the Kansas City Chiefs win the Indian Rum bowl 45 to 16   ( divider line
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2001-10-01 09:13:56 AM  
That was 45-13.
2001-10-01 09:17:06 AM  
Poor Marty should've never agreed to coach this crap team. You have Jeff George and cut him in favor of Tony Banks? Aye mi cabeza!

To paraphrase from the Waterboy: Oh no, we suck again!
2001-10-01 09:22:08 AM  
the Indian RUM bowl? WTF
2001-10-01 09:23:10 AM  
It's not Marty's fault (completely) that Washington is doing so horribly this year... he has to take a lot of Flak from Dan Snyder, who actually makes most of the decisions for him (including a lot of play calls.)

*sigh* maybe we'll make a turnaround next week........
2001-10-01 09:42:45 AM  
Dan Snyder is killing the team. But its kinda cool to see someone waste his millions.
2001-10-01 09:44:13 AM  
Heh, nice headline... Indian rum bowl... classic
2001-10-01 09:56:35 AM  
Here I was afraid the Fun Bunch was coming back....The only fun bunch is the one in Marty's stomach.
2001-10-01 10:14:12 AM  
First time Marty has lost three in a row. At least cowboys lost too so I evened my money.
2001-10-01 11:12:20 AM  
It would be cool if Marty realized his QB coach sucks donkey balls and fires the piece of crap.
2001-10-01 11:40:36 AM  
ALL of Marty's coaches suck. All KC rejects. Jimmy Raye? Martha Raye could call better plays.
2001-10-01 02:05:28 PM  
The salary cap has ruined them!! Blame Dan for that blunder. If they ever get this mess fixed they will win again. At least the cowboys got their azz handed to them also.
2001-10-01 02:17:55 PM  
I've lived in the Internet Capital all my life. That's the great state of Northern Virgina. Sadly, I am still a fan of the Redskins.

Atleast the Cowboys suck donkey bawls too. I can't wait for that biatchslap Fest!!

I can't believe you guys have nothing better to do than mock the lowest rank team... How about more BOOBIES links dammit!!!
2001-10-01 02:21:00 PM  
If pot were legal I think the Redskins would be much better:)
2001-10-01 02:41:57 PM  
Redskins' new QB Tony Banks stands by as first Redskin TD is scored while the Kansas City Chiefs win the Indian Rum bowl 45 to 16, doo dah, doo dah.
2001-10-01 08:59:38 PM  
The Chiefs didn't just scalp the Foreskins...they circumcised them!
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