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9882 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 May 2003 at 11:31 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-04 11:05:31 PM  
What's that kid holding onto?
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-04 11:34:31 PM  
To bad all that show up to these "nude" place look like this:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-04 11:38:25 PM  
anyone notice that the filename of the wierd pic with the kid staring at his dad's crotch is called "family3inch"?
2003-05-04 11:40:05 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-04 11:40:51 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2003-05-04 11:41:38 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-04 11:43:40 PM  
2003-05-04 11:44:56 PM  
one last try:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-04 11:46:12 PM  
I have no idea what went wrong there - I think the Fark filter freaked out on the HTML
2003-05-04 11:48:03 PM  
I guess I'm the only one so far that finds this incredibly appealing :)
2003-05-04 11:48:31 PM  
ack! NSFW! There's definitely a nipple on that chick reading the magazine...

Not like anyone's at work, but as they said in junior high school football, "if that's the way you practice, that's the way you play..."
2003-05-04 11:48:32 PM  
there seems to be an abundance of nudism-related articles lately. One thing I'd like to know: where do nudists keep their wallets and car keys?
2003-05-04 11:49:24 PM  
IFart: Women can keep them separate. Men have to use the same pocket for both...
2003-05-04 11:51:08 PM  
I'd like to see how 'in tune with nature' these folks get in Winnipeg in February.
2003-05-04 11:52:52 PM  
Unyon: When the days are short, so are the [WEENERS]...
2003-05-04 11:54:37 PM  
Davide, better question.. Why is the file name "Family3inch.jpg"???
2003-05-04 11:55:51 PM  
Triumph, you cant post images with the @ sign in the url, since fark converts all @'s to images to avoid spam email harvesting software.
2003-05-05 12:05:08 AM  
Mankind did live naturally at one time, and it didn't involve being nude except for warm climates.

Most of the time in places like Canada it involved ripping the flesh off of dead carcasses, tanning it with animal brains, and wearing it over our own skin to stay warm.
2003-05-05 12:06:12 AM  
makes sense - thx.
2003-05-05 12:08:04 AM  
No gallery?

BTW, they do seem to like their ladies with back.
2003-05-05 12:09:56 AM  
"Taking cold shrinkage to whole new levels since 1953"

OK, not really since 1953, but they don't say when their association was founded. Seriously, Canada has to be the worst place in the world for a nudist... in the eastern part it's either freezing or teeming with mosquitos, neither of which is a pleasant thought.
2003-05-05 12:10:34 AM  
Shouldn't there be a %hexvalue equivalent for the @ symbol?
2003-05-05 12:14:08 AM  
Hey, check out their Nude Store. It's a font of Farkworthy topics.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-05 12:16:26 AM  
Young_Fart that book looks hilarious...I may have to scan it sometimes.

What, do they think the underwire is somehow emitting radiation?
2003-05-05 12:17:11 AM  
They have a nudist store???? I don't want to know.
2003-05-05 12:20:52 AM  
Dressed To Kill
Singer and Grismaijer have collected striking (but preliminary) evidence that bra-wearing may be a major risk factor associated with breast cancer: women who wear tight-fitting bras 24 hours a day are 125 times more likely to have breast cancer than women who do not wear bras at all. Their interpretation is that tight clothing inhibits the proper functioning of the lymphatic system (an internal network of vessels and nodes that flushes wastes from the body) and leads to a buildup of carcinogenic compounds in the constricted areas. Although it must be emphasized that their studies are preliminary, still controversial, and definitely need to be followed up with detailed analyses of correlative factors (do these women have higher rates of smoking? do they have less-healthy diets?), this book should be read by anyone concerned about breast cancer. Possibly a very important book that could save many lives.

Hell yeah! Boobies just want to be free. Release the boobies!
2003-05-05 12:22:01 AM  
This is what drinking Molson will do to you.
2003-05-05 12:23:52 AM  
no woman wears her bra for 24 hours. (or at least she shouldn't)
if she does, she has serious issues.
2003-05-05 12:26:58 AM  
from their FAQ:

"What if I get an erection?

This is the most common concern among men. However, we do not know of anyone who actually had an erection on the first visit. The combination of the non-sexual environment and the unfamiliarity of a first-time visit serves to minimize the issue. An erection is a natural part of life. Naturists realize this and will not take offence as long as it is not being flaunted. If an erection does occur, a strategically placed towel, a dip in a cool pool, or rolling over on your stomach will take care of it."

How the hell do you flaunt an erection? Do you walk up to some people that are sitting down and wave your penis around in their face?

"What do I do if I am menstruating?
Generally, women do the same thing in the naturist world as they do in the clothed world. Many use a tampon. If they prefer, they wear shorts or bikini bottoms.
Menstruation is a normal part of being a woman and one which naturists understand."

Yeah, nothing like seeing Aunt Bertha with her tampon hanging out. Whoo!

"I don't have a good body, I don't want others to see me nude.

The concept of the perfect body is a myth. We believe that the stress caused by the unrealistic expectations of society is very damaging. Naturists practice body acceptance. When you visit a naturist environment, you will find all types of bodies. All shapes, sizes, ages, colours&emdash;many of them with the signs of a full life."

What does that even mean?
2003-05-05 12:28:22 AM  
...... tampon hanging out? .............. uh.........
2003-05-05 12:28:29 AM  
One item for sale in the nudist store?


go figure
2003-05-05 12:32:03 AM  
Canada, nudism, shrinkage... yes there will definately be shrinkage.
2003-05-05 12:34:41 AM  

Don't tampons have strings? I don't know. I plead (thankfully) ignorance in that subject.
2003-05-05 12:35:01 AM  
Young_Fart -- "Free the Springfield two!"

2003-05-05 12:37:20 AM  
It's not a string... it's a wick.
2003-05-05 12:43:12 AM  
Theres actually porn sites dedicated to girls with their tampon "strings" hanging out.. and of course other tampon things i wont mention.
2003-05-05 12:46:56 AM  
SpaceMunky - LOL!

I do have one question...wouldn't it get kind of cold in the winter? Or do they just stay inside for 6 months?
2003-05-05 12:47:19 AM  
heres an example (no nudity but might not be safe for work)
2003-05-05 12:53:59 AM  
Unyun, at that time its called "winterpeg", and anyone naked better be hugging the furnace.
2003-05-05 12:55:10 AM  
I wonder if they try to keep things like oatmeal, dried prunes and ricotta off of the menu at their events.
2003-05-05 01:01:58 AM  
If there was even the slightest possibility of a threat to kittens in this thread, Elite-mrp has ensured their survival.

2003-05-05 01:04:03 AM  
The McKenzie Brothers song "Take Off (to the great white north)" popped into my head as soon as I opened the link....
Molson anyone???
2003-05-05 01:05:19 AM  
Hmmm.. looks like there'll be oatmeal, ricotta cheese and dried prunes served at the buffet.. oh! Nevermind, that's just the volleyball game.
2003-05-05 01:06:21 AM  
aarg. Time to make my getaway.
2003-05-05 01:07:13 AM  
i never thgouth a nudist group would be selling T Shirts... i expected suntan lotion!
2003-05-05 01:09:09 AM  
This is something right out of Infinite Jest.
2003-05-05 01:15:01 AM  
If God intended people to walk around nude, would he let my nuts hang so low to the ground ?

(not dealing with being 75 1/2 years old so well)

img.fark.netView Full Size

2003-05-05 01:18:48 AM  
yet another reason to boycott canada.

y'all with me?
2003-05-05 01:19:49 AM  
#4, WooHoo!
2003-05-05 01:23:13 AM  
Isn't it a little bit nippley er....I mean nippy up there?
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