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(Daily Torygraph)   Indian restaurant bans Asians, because they like spicy food   ( divider line
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13618 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 May 2003 at 8:28 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-03 08:32:17 AM  
But.. India... Asia....

yeah. Stupid Asians
2003-05-03 08:34:05 AM  
I don't really care about this.. what I am wondering is.. where is my post regarding that hiker who had his arm caught under a boulder??
2003-05-03 08:36:01 AM  
Seems stupid for any restaraunt to refuse customers.

[image from too old to be available]
I mean, c'mon... this will fix all their problems.
2003-05-03 08:37:03 AM  
LOL, Jabber.
2003-05-03 08:40:41 AM  
Now.. what I am wondering is.. which "indian" indians are they talking about. NDNs? Or Indians. From India, or North America?

Who decides who's called what, anyway?
2003-05-03 08:42:22 AM  
I believe that Indians, Pakistanis, et al are now considered Asian.
2003-05-03 08:44:20 AM  
"...] I will pursue this until I die."

Way to go, dude. Concentrate on the important things in life.

2003-05-03 08:44:40 AM  
Babsbunny thank you.. now I am not so confused. But wait.. why are they still called "Indians?"
2003-05-03 08:48:17 AM  
Countries of Asia:








Burma (Myanmar)




Hong Kong









Korea, North

Korea, South















Saudi Arabia


Sri Lanka







United Arab Emirates



2003-05-03 08:49:53 AM  
Babsbunny, but what about the native american indians? Didn't everyone come from africa to begin with?
2003-05-03 08:50:55 AM  
I think they [american indians] came across the Bering Strait...right?
2003-05-03 08:51:32 AM  
...which would make them Asian....
2003-05-03 08:52:12 AM  
... can't keep up any longer .....
2003-05-03 08:52:42 AM  
I'm guessing everyone is african.
2003-05-03 08:53:32 AM  
HEy you are in houston! I lived in Texas for 21 years! Now I'm in Oregon. Dunno why.
2003-05-03 08:56:02 AM  
Gryn - where in Oregon? Pretty state - too depressing....
2003-05-03 08:56:57 AM  
In Eugene. Not really that depressing. It's close to the beach, and close to snow skiing,.. probably have good Babsbunny slopes.
2003-05-03 08:59:15 AM  
gimme a hot sandy beach over slopes any day - originally from Canada....don't miss snow or cold weather....
2003-05-03 09:00:57 AM  
Yeah.. sure.. but Texas beaches also have tarballs, if I recall. God that sucked. Oh, and the film left on the windshield of my vehicle! The gulf of mexico isn't really all that pretty.. unless it is night time and you are looking out at the lights of the oil rigs on the sea.
2003-05-03 09:02:15 AM  
From the article... It was our first trip in our new 64,000 Mercedes.

Maybe the fact that they like to drop that little tidbit randomly made the restaurant think they'd be a pain to serve.

Hey waiter, I'm in my new 1000 suit, so that means you need to make this food spicier.
2003-05-03 09:03:21 AM  
Hey Seb, stop trying to hijack our hijack!
2003-05-03 09:04:06 AM  
Sounds to me more like a rich man not recieving the respect he thinks he deserves because of the size of his wallet.
2003-05-03 09:04:43 AM  
Oh great.. I guess it's back to "on topic."
2003-05-03 09:04:46 AM  
actually, the area has been cleaned up a lot - I recall the tarballs from the 70's and 80's - how nasty was that?!

but, you are right - it can't EVEN compare to the Oregon coast line. i'll still take it over snow, though........
2003-05-03 09:07:09 AM  
oh, right...back on topic.

i like sushi.
2003-05-03 09:08:21 AM  
Babsbaby.. it doesn't snow much here. And here are 3 pictures I've taken of the Oregon coast:

2003-05-03 09:12:19 AM  
awesome! i remember it from when i was a kid...beautiful photos....
2003-05-03 09:13:13 AM  
Thanks! And how do you look nude?:

'cause I can draw you, too.
2003-05-03 09:14:05 AM  

the indian restaurant owner was referring to indians and pakistanis as asians. he was saying that they tailor their indian food for english people (ie milder than normal) and that 'asians' (in which he includes indians and pakistanis) tend to want much hotter food.

still makes him a racist for judging people by the color of their skin. I'm sure there are plenty of people with indian names, and indian skin, that grew up in england or american and would be pretty content with the milder variety of the food.
2003-05-03 09:14:22 AM  
'I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way'

/Jessica Rabbit
2003-05-03 09:14:32 AM  
*wondering how long it will be before every post of his here is deleted*
2003-05-03 09:15:13 AM  
Heh. That's nothing. Ya wanna talk racism? Every time I am in Kyoto and I wanna go to some brothel to get my pipes cleaned, well, every damn time I walk in it's all "No Gaijin! No Gaijin!"

Now that my friend, is truly awful.

/Bob the Sailor
2003-05-03 09:16:55 AM  
What is Gaijin? If it means rotting penis, then they might be on to something....
2003-05-03 09:16:59 AM  
El_Camino_SS I saw a brothel in Nevada as I was driving along the road toward Vegas. I STILL didn't believe it was there, myself.

Why would I ever PAY to be with a woman??
2003-05-03 09:20:04 AM  

Whities like you and me have to use the frumpy 60-year-olds wandering the street behind the bath house. It's all OK though, they have better rates.
2003-05-03 09:20:26 AM  
Gaijin translate to "foreigner" in japanese i mean. Or the "Western people"
2003-05-03 09:23:10 AM  
got it.

i embrace the day w/ yet more culture and knowledge.......
2003-05-03 09:24:23 AM  
Daily torygraph heh heh
2003-05-03 09:31:55 AM  
Silly wogs
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2003-05-03 09:36:20 AM  
What? No IRONIC tag?
2003-05-03 09:43:22 AM  
"This ruined our holiday."

If being turned down by a restaurant ruins your holiday, you have bigger problems.
2003-05-03 09:55:56 AM  
An Indian restaurant admits that it regularly turns away Asian diners because they are too much "hassle"

This better not start a trend, or I'll never get served anywhere!

/went into a fast food joint yesterday and my order took longer than it took to make the food.

/no mustard, no mayo, no salt on the fries, don't dip it, easy on the ice, real easy on the ice, charge me for a refill blah blah blah...... repeat 4 times until the idiot finally gets it.
2003-05-03 10:09:57 AM  
That's why I always bring my own, sauces and seasonings. Wife thinks I'm nutz.
2003-05-03 10:12:48 AM  
It was special for our 65th birthdays and 40th wedding anniversary....I suffered a heart attack last year....I will pursue this until I die."

Given his health and age, that might not be very long.
2003-05-03 10:13:39 AM  
their menu was designed for the English who do not like their Indian food to be too hot

Needs an [image from too old to be available] tag.

Any Indian restaurant I've ever been in in London is usually full of post-pub pissheads engaged in a masochistic competition to see who can finish the hottest curry.

As someone who can knock back a Phal, barely breaking sweat, I usually won. Happy days.
2003-05-03 10:16:49 AM  

Damn it man, I hate people like you. There's 20 people in line, and there's always one person who has to get everything special and complain about everything on their order. Of course this person takes longer than all the other people combined to serve. It's just selfish. And I'm sitting their waiting behind them in hunger pangs. Damnit, it's fast food. If you want slow food go somewhere else!

The only thing that annoys me more is when something stupid happens, like the cashier closed the drawer before giving those last three pennies to the customer. Then we have to wait for the manager to stop masturbating in the back room, clean himself off, and waddle to the front to take care of it. Pisses me off to no end.
2003-05-03 10:18:45 AM  
'I'll have the blandest thing on the menu, please'

Guess the reference, get a prize (not really)
2003-05-03 10:24:17 AM  

Goodness Gracious Me, the English Restaurant sketch.
2003-05-03 10:24:31 AM  
"The issue is not race....We say we are fully booked if Asians ask."

So what is the issue, if this only applies to Asians?
2003-05-03 10:24:33 AM  
Ilovebeerme - Daily torygraph heh heh

Yep, kudos to the submitter on that one hehe
2003-05-03 10:25:37 AM  
AM Kinnschmerzen

well done. I love that sketch, absolute genius....
2003-05-03 10:36:42 AM  
The last time I was in an Indian restaurant I passed out and fell into a Korma.
2003-05-03 10:39:30 AM  
hot curry last night:

'and it burns, burns, burns
the ring of fire...'
2003-05-03 10:46:31 AM  


Damn it man, I hate people like you. There's 20 people in line, and there's always one person who has to get everything special and complain about everything on their order. Of course this person takes longer than all the other people combined to serve. It's just selfish. And I'm sitting their waiting behind them in hunger pangs. Damnit, it's fast food. If you want slow food go somewhere else!

Well, nobody ever waits for me! Because if there is a line at the fast food place, I don't go in. It's fast food - I'm NOT standing in line for that shiat.

What bothers me is people who stand in line for 5 minutes and then, when they get to the cashier, figure out they they have to pay for it. What the fark are you doing in line? Get your finger outta yer ass and get your damn money out! And it's always some old lady with palsy who takes 5 minutes to find her purse and THEN has to find her change purse. Just give the cashier a twenty, already, you old bat!

And, here's another thing! If you are paying for something that's less than $20, pay in cash. Geez, there's a farking cash station on every corner. Carry around $50 in CASH, so we don't have to watch you write a check or try to figure out the credit card dealie! PLEASE!

/off topic rant
2003-05-03 10:48:50 AM  
Don't mess with a guy who paid 64,000 pounds for a car.
2003-05-03 10:55:34 AM  
AM Thenetbox

yeah, I love the way he managed to shoehorn inthe fact he owns a merc....
2003-05-03 11:14:18 AM  
ZipBeep: Ok, you're off the hook. And I'd have to agree with you on the other points.
2003-05-03 11:15:44 AM  
The term "Asians" in the UK normally mean Indian or Pakistani people.
2003-05-03 11:20:34 AM  
ZipBeep: Ok, you're off the hook. And I'd have to agree with you on the other points.

It was a pretty good rant, though, don't you think? :D :D
2003-05-03 11:34:06 AM  
In protest I am going to eat Thai for lunch and then I will wheel across town and go get a rub and a tug at a Korean massage parlor.

Kup Jai Li Li
2003-05-03 11:35:41 AM  
So they refuse to serve everyone who likes food spicier than the English like it? So that leaves as their global customer base England... and Wisconsin.
2003-05-03 11:42:49 AM  
Let me explain it to asshats. This is in North England. "Asian" there refers to people of Indian or Pakistani descent. The restaurant doesn't want to serve to its own people beacause they're a pita from their pov.
2003-05-03 12:12:50 PM  
We complain cause the food sucks and is waay too bland. If "the english" were to try our real homemade food, they would die. not from how hot it is, rather from the uber orgasmic goodness feeling that radiates through your body after the first bite, releasing endorphins and serotonin levels to abnormal levels that the inflammatory cells respond as if a cytokine release, therby inducing a hypersensitivity reaction, causing endothelial injury which inturn WOULD actually release clotting factors all over the body sending the body into a state of disseminated intravascular coagulation causing multiple clotting especially in highly perfused areas of the brain causing ischemia and eventual diffuse necrosis of brain tissue beginning from the higher cortical centers and not excluding respiratory centers, sending the englishmen into respiratory distress gasping for air eventually shutting down body systems after the hypoxic ischemic attack followed by a slow, slow death.
2003-05-03 12:15:01 PM  
after some thought - this is an issue of greed, not racism. keeping the locals happy w/ pasty indian-but-nearly-brit food keeps the register cha-chingin' - changing it up for the folks back home upsets the system, and results in loss of income. very short sighted of them.

2003-05-03 12:15:17 PM  
Sad. Indians actually making their food milder for pansy Westerners. Admittedly, I used to get a thing of mild salsa at Mexican restaurants and then mix that with the hot sauce, but no restaurant should completely dumb-down its food to make it appealing to those with bad tastes. Indian food is supposed to be scorching.

When I was in London, we went to an Indian restaurant. My dad is big into spicy food and he loved it, but I was mostly apathetic to it. It's probably because I got something with chicken, which is rarely good because its usually dry, even in gourmet restaurants, but even the appetizer-type things and the stuff my dad let me try from his plate weren't particularly memorable. Personally, I enjoyed going to the Pizza Express places spread throughout London.
2003-05-03 12:32:58 PM  
just assume that asians want more spice on the food and put it on there. if they dont want the extra spice when then... what? not all asians want it to be as spicy? then WHAT THE farkK is the problem
2003-05-03 12:34:05 PM  
When you think of Asians, you can just think of southeast asians. and you can call the other guys middle easterners. But Theres only one thing to do for thia crime!! Burn the restaurant down! Steal all their spices and sell em off to the black market! and don't forget their kidneys! sell those too!!1

/furious asian
2003-05-03 12:34:48 PM  

Come on now. Why are they still called Indians? because Asian Indians were of course the original Indians. columbus just sailed west nistead of east and thought he had arrived in the East-Indies and so called them Indians in the US too.

So I'd rather ask, Why are American Indians still called Indians?
2003-05-03 12:46:47 PM  
The Emperor of India refused to serve Moshinali Darugar, a businessman, and his wife, Rehmat

Fozle Rabbi, the restaurant manager, who is from Bangladesh, denied any prejudice...

He said: "The issue is not race. People from India and Pakistan complain about our food. They say it is not spicy enough. Our menu is for the English who do not like it hot."

Or in other words, a South Asian businessman refuses service to another person of South Asian descent because he prefers to serve white customers rather than brown ones. This rates right up there with the black cabbies in Washington DC refusing to pick up black passengers because they're considered a crime risk (true story--check it out). Move along, folks; The Man has no comment here.
2003-05-03 12:47:36 PM  
Indian food is addictive, and soon the pale imitation curry power by McCormick just don't get the job done.
Like Mexican food, you start out mild, but you get acclimated. The management at the Indian restaurant I go to realizes this, so when the hardcore food fans show up with friends who are rookies, they usually have some things for folks not as used to the heat.
It's just good business sense.
2003-05-03 12:58:03 PM  
...which just goes to prove my theory that all customer service in England sucks donkeys.
2003-05-03 01:05:23 PM  
The British habit of refering to desis as 'asians' never made much sense to me. If you consider bharat ke beta aur beti to be asians, shouldn't you call Russians asian too?
2003-05-03 01:21:48 PM  

In the 50s there was a huge labour shortage in Britain so there was a large influx of people from the old Empire - mostly the West Indies and what is now India/Pakistan/Bangladesh. There wasn't a large influx of Russians, Japanese etc. as they were never part of the Empire.

It's just simpler to refer to all Indians/Pakistanis/Bangladeshis as 'asians' rather than differentiate between them.
2003-05-03 01:22:21 PM  
"It was our first trip in our new 64,000 Mercedes. My wife always wanted to go to the Lakes and I suffered a heart attack last year so this was to be very special. We are polite, professional people and we always say be respectful and be respected. We were smartly dressed that night so that was no problem."

He added: "I wonder how many other people have been treated like this? I will pursue this until I die."

Uh, sir.....take a nap or something and get on with life. You're about to give yourself a heart attack. Oh, and shut the hell up about your car.
2003-05-03 01:23:49 PM  
Moral of the story?

Look through the window first. If there's no 'Asians' eating there, go somewhere else.
2003-05-03 01:26:01 PM  
Jeez, how hard could it be to toss in a few bloody-butt-blasters?
2003-05-03 01:28:56 PM  
So I'd rather ask, Why are American Indians still called Indians?

They aren't. Where have you been?
2003-05-03 01:35:47 PM  
Zorba_the_Geek: Then what do brits call actual asians then?
2003-05-03 01:36:52 PM  
ogantai, i think you could only call those russian who are from east of the urals/volga asians.

i'm curious as to how and when did the lands of arabia and anatolia shift into asia.
2003-05-03 01:37:37 PM  
I will take my Keema Mattar hot and spicy please. And some Gulab Jamun for dessert. I try Indian food wherever I go, had a bunch in London, some in York, but my alltime fave is Sitar in Springfield, MA. The consistency and quality of the food is always top notch.
2003-05-03 01:39:12 PM  

They're called Asians too. It's usually obvious from the context if you're talking about someone from the entire continent of Asia or the area around India specifically .
2003-05-03 01:44:43 PM  
Indian with a dot or indian with a feather?

OK, here's how I differentiate:

1). Make fist with the index finger extended. Poke forehead just above bridge of nose. Ask, "Indian with a dot?"
Indian with a dot: East Indian (take a right @ Pakistan)

2). Make "bunny ears" with middle and index fingers. Place "bunny ears" behind head resting wrist on crown with fingers pointing up. Ask, "Indian with a feather?"
Indian with a feather: Native American.
2003-05-03 01:48:26 PM  
Isn't it just like an asian to be prejudiced against other asians. All those asians are bigots. Using stereotypes to screw over their own people. Typical.

2003-05-03 01:51:38 PM  
05-03-03 08:59:15 AM Babsbunny
gimme a hot sandy beach over slopes any day

You may not like asians very much, Babs, but you don't have to call them "slopes"...
2003-05-03 01:57:27 PM  
So I'd rather ask, Why are American Indians still called Indians?

I believe they prefer the term, "Injuns" now.

Seriously, though, Here is what the Straight Dope has to say about the matter.
2003-05-03 02:00:59 PM  
Restaurants "reserve the right to refuse service to anyone",
this is usually posted somewhere on the premises, so whats
the problem! Get over it already!
2003-05-03 02:30:52 PM  
Restaurants "reserve the right to refuse service to anyone", this is usually posted somewhere on the premises, so whats the problem! Get over it already!

yes they do have that right, but when they only refuse certain group of people... that's the problem.
2003-05-03 02:35:28 PM  

Anatolia is the original Asia. That is, in ancient times, the area that's now called Turkey, Anatolia, or Asia Minor, was called "Asia" by the Romans. I think when the ancients discovered there was a hella lot more land beyond "Asia" they just extended the name over the whole place.

Although it is strange how the "Near East" seems to have disappeared and the "Mid East" (what is now "South Asia," namely Pakistan, India, etc.) moved over to cover the former "Near East."


The South-Asian "Indians" are the original Indians as someone else already pointed out. The name comes from the name of one of the major languages of the region, Hindi; it's not a term the Europeans made up.
2003-05-03 02:40:07 PM  
indians are asians
2003-05-03 02:40:14 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"I will pursue this until I die."
2003-05-03 02:52:15 PM  
I know a buisness owner here in the states who does the same thing.

If an asian person comes in and asks for a passport photo, she simply says that she is out of film. So solly.

She does it because she says the asians complain too much, so it's no worth it.

And she's half chinese.
2003-05-03 03:11:01 PM  
WOG= Western Oriental Gentleman

/dad was in british army/
2003-05-03 03:22:08 PM  
Jraxis: Actually the name "Indian" comes from a Persian term for someone east of the Indus river (which is in the area now known as Pakistan). The term I believe you were thinking of is Hindustani
2003-05-03 03:23:07 PM  
Dualm4s: As a guy who was dated but asian and indian chicks, I can tell you there's a big difference.
2003-05-03 03:40:22 PM  
Whenever I go to an Indian restaurant with my friends, they invariably complain about the quality of food, 'cuz they know how spicy the food should actually taste. It's no surprise that the owner refused service - especially after the customer made a big point about his car.

Ogantai: I would guess both 'Hindustani' and 'Indian' come from the same root...
2003-05-03 03:45:47 PM  
What's the fark login, pass for this site?
2003-05-03 03:46:31 PM  
You can bet that these 2 asshats made a big fuss about how rich they are and demanded special priviledge.
2003-05-03 03:48:03 PM  
"...if there is a line at the fast food place, I don't go in. It's fast food - I'm NOT standing in line for that shiat."

I walked into a McDonald's one Sunday morning a couple of years ago, and there was a huge line. A woman at the back said she'd been there for 25 minutes. Needless to say, I walked right out and went somewhere else. The sad part is, I was probably the only one.

Here in northern California, the best places for spicy food are Thai. The Mexican places around here are pathetic.
2003-05-03 03:51:27 PM  
hey hey, milton keynes was mentioned :woot:

finally some recognition for us in the world's best new city!

//hehe i hate that new slogon we have here
2003-05-03 04:00:41 PM  
Dev2r: kind of, hindusthan means 'place of the Hindus', and 'Hindu' comes round-about from the Persian borrowing of 'sindhu', but most modern Hindi speakers probably wouldn't assosciate the term 'Hindu' with any river other then the Ganges.
2003-05-03 04:20:22 PM  
"I will pursue this until I die."


Yeah that really farking sucks, but have a little perspective...
2003-05-03 04:44:43 PM  
The Indians I've talked to say that Indian food = super spicy is a myth, and they themselves aren't big on spicy food
2003-05-03 05:03:25 PM  
Concrete cows surrender??????
2003-05-03 05:14:47 PM  
Jraxis, sounds good. thanx
2003-05-03 05:19:06 PM  
I have to say, whenever I go to a Chinese restaurant, and see lots of "oriental" customers eating away, I know I'm going to get tasty food.

Surely this works for "Indian" restaurants also?
2003-05-03 05:42:08 PM  
Jerichohol hey hey, milton keynes was mentioned :woot:

finally some recognition for us in the world's best new city!

yeah, the city with no wildlife - even the cows are made of concrete
2003-05-03 05:45:07 PM  
damn, Fry1138 beat me to it
2003-05-03 05:45:58 PM  
"In a lifetime of foreign travel I have never encountered such treatment."
"It was our first trip in our new 64,000 Mercedes"
"I will pursue this until I die."

Yup, this guy sure proved his point. There's no reason to think that he'd be a difficult customer, right?

I say: good for the restaurant. If they know that particular groups will be far harder to serve than others, they should be able to allow or disallow anyone they want. Teenagers, families with screaming babies, Asians, homeless people, old people, or whoever else.

It seems like the only mistake the restaurant made was admiting that refusing service was due to a racial generalization. They should've just said "This customer had a poor attitude toward our hostess, and we determined that he and his wife would be difficult to serve."
2003-05-03 07:35:36 PM  
Why don't they just offer to make their meals hotter? This manager is so stupid. Waiter to cook: Deshi Diner table number two. Cook: Red chili powder. Shake shake. Done.

Most Indian restaurants don't cater to Indians (unless you are actually *in* India) because Indian resturant fare is, on the whole, so vastly inferior to what they can make at home. Also, many Indians actually care if the place serves non-veg items, and won't eat there if they do. When Indians eat out, especially South Indians, they go to the pure-veg places.

Udupi Bhavan Restaurant, Ashland MA (There's a line out the door on Friday and Saturday nights)
Woodlands (Near Picadilly), London. Great and cheap (for London). Also have a restaurants in Singapore and the USA.
Vega Restaurant at the Hotel Alka, Connought Place, New Delhi.
2003-05-03 07:50:30 PM  
I'm Indian and when I tell people I'm from asia they accuse me of lying to them...
2003-05-03 08:36:32 PM  
"Mr Darugar said: "It is absolute nonsense to say we are too fussy. In an Indian restaurant you have a choice of mild, moderate and hot. So what they are saying is rubbish."

In other words, if the resteraunt didn't fit his expectation of what he thinks an indian place should be like (if they don't offer a choice of how spicy you want it) he was set to complain.

He said it himself.
2003-05-03 10:18:24 PM  
"not spicy enough for you , Mr Jones? drink this and join Kali!!!!"
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-03 10:44:05 PM  
"...if there is a line at the fast food place, I don't go in. It's fast food - I'm NOT standing in line for that shiat."

I agree completely with that. But then there was a thread here recently with farkers revealing their personal Ramen Noodle recipes...putting effort into cooking Ramen is as absurd as waiting 25 minutes for 'fast' food.
2003-05-03 10:45:57 PM  
This surprises people? To the british, salt is considered an exotic spice.
2003-05-04 12:45:49 AM  
Man!!! more than half the people here DON'T know that INDIA is in Asia and not the middle-east! These are the very people that comment and judge everybody in every article on fark everyday. SAD reaaalllly SAD.
Little knowledge is dagerous.

2003-05-04 12:57:14 AM  
indian food looks like diarrhea
2003-05-04 01:07:56 AM  

as a chinese guy i say tat....uhh....

/too lazy
2003-05-04 02:03:59 AM  
Oh my god, catering to english tastes is not something you would EVER boast about if you ran a restaurant.
2003-05-04 11:52:57 AM  
Heh. That's nothing. Ya wanna talk racism? Every time I am in Kyoto and I wanna go to some brothel to get my pipes cleaned, well, every damn time I walk in it's all "No Gaijin! No Gaijin!"

Help me learn at least something this morning, El_Camino: I'm assuming "Gaijin" is derogatory, but from whom? American? White? Black? All of the above? Just curious.

Oddly enough, I make a curry chicken that the guys from overseas at work won't touch-- they say it's way too spicy for their tastes; then again, I gauge my sauces as being in the 300,000+ Scoville Units range.
2003-05-04 11:58:29 AM  
A message to some geographically-challenged North American readers here:

1. When we (ie. the rest of the world) say 'Indian' we mean someone who is a native of what used to be India (it is now divided into India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and arguably Sri Lanka). We are not referring to so called wrongly-named 'Red Indians', now correctly referred to as Native Americans. (Question: What did the Native Americans call America before the colonialists invaded?).

2. When we (ie. the rest of the world again) say 'Asian', we mean someone from the continent of Asia (it starts east of the middle east and stretches all the way to the orient). Thus the term Asian encompasses both Oriental and Indian 'sub-continental' races.

It's honestly not difficult.
2003-05-04 12:02:19 PM  
BTW, Babsbunny's list of Asian countries is complete and utter bollocks. He has confused the Middle East with Asia and even North Africa. It only serves to reinforce the widely believed sterotype that North Americans really are ignorant.
2003-05-04 12:08:06 PM  
All of this reminds me of this much debated articles:

11% of Americans could not find America.

or the CNN version
2003-05-04 01:04:43 PM  

thank u
2003-05-04 06:46:10 PM  
Very true SilverSun - of course the Middle East is in Asia...
2003-05-04 07:25:32 PM  
Food is only spicy enough when it gives you mild chemical burns.
2003-05-04 09:04:37 PM  
Gargoylemann Question: What did the Native Americans call America before the colonialists invaded?

Simple. They called it "home".
2003-05-04 09:09:07 PM  
The Indians I've talked to say that Indian food = super spicy is a myth, and they themselves aren't big on spicy food

not the ones I know :) I work with alot of indians and they all seem to request their food very very spicy. And heck to my american taste buds medium is pretty spicy.
2003-05-04 09:36:22 PM  
MuslimFarker Please tell me that that chain of events you just enumerated is not actually possible? And lemme guess, med school student? :)

I gotta admit, sounds like an excruciatingly fun way to die though. If disturbing to watch ;)
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