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(Fark)   Fark welcomes its 10000th account holder Slider   ( divider line
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1608 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Sep 2001 at 9:31 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-30 11:25:32 AM  
thirdrail, i would be honestly surprised if there weren't many already, at least some yahoo or something.
2001-09-30 11:26:17 AM  
yes, you must represent us french with the pride that we deserve!
2001-09-30 11:28:18 AM  
1769 here...

I usually don't say fark all either. I joist coom 'ere ta reed ma news lads n lay'dee's!
2001-09-30 11:30:40 AM  
Account #20, still sad I slept in that day.

Ohh, Jaxom, fark was around for a year before they even had accounts. I'm a really old farker.
2001-09-30 11:30:43 AM  
Perhaps Slider is too busy posting his account on eBay to post here.
2001-09-30 11:31:17 AM  
GreyOne: same here
2001-09-30 11:32:39 AM  
Fortuneately, I was able to figure out my password for the older account, too.
2001-09-30 11:34:10 AM  
for some reason, i never registered for an account...i had been occasionally clicking the fark links from FAZED, and checked out the main page every once in a while, but it took me a few months to actually register an account. oh well.
2001-09-30 11:45:33 AM  
Hey. Has anyone taken the time to introduce Slider to Farkistan?

Farkistan will be your new home Slider.

Christopher Walken will be your deity.

Drew Curtis will be your leader.

Address Drew Curtis as "Sir" or "your Heinekeness".

Never, ever look directly into the eyes of Drew Curtis.

If you would be so priveleged as to be addressed by him, kneel, look to the ground and slowly (I repeat, slowly) place a cold bottle of Heineken at his feet and back away.

Enjoy your stay in Farkistan. Your complete rule booklet, map and payment book will be in the mail Monday.
2001-09-30 11:45:46 AM  
Found a geocities site.

Megan Morrone Fan Site
2001-09-30 11:46:39 AM  
2001-09-30 11:50:23 AM  
1'm #2340. R31471v31y 1337.

Oh god, what am I saying...
2001-09-30 11:54:10 AM  

Typical Farker's mum
2001-09-30 11:56:18 AM  
#8969. Wow, a little over 1000 new members in 3 weeks. Guys, I'm impressed!

Congrats Farkers!
2001-09-30 12:00:34 PM  
You guys are pretty wound up about your account number. Is that your pick-up line at the bar (for those old enough.)

Hey baby, I'm account #xxxx. Let's fark.
2001-09-30 12:01:32 PM  
Hardyz1: Matt or Jeff?
2001-09-30 12:02:42 PM  
w00t! I'm account #1110. I feel (not) so special.
2001-09-30 12:03:18 PM  
what i would like to know

is who has account no 1337 ?
i would sell it on ebay if i had it!
2001-09-30 12:03:49 PM  
Wow. Never realized I had such a low number. :)
2001-09-30 12:05:29 PM  
He's a doesn't count
2001-09-30 12:05:38 PM  
peeler et al,
when you first get an account name it takes awhile for it to register so you can post. not an instant thing, takes some time. so be nice to the slider man.
2001-09-30 12:07:07 PM  
all you oldtimers musta forgot
2001-09-30 12:10:45 PM  
Hey Slider...

can you top this:
[image from too old to be available]

well, can ya?
2001-09-30 12:10:56 PM  
Welcome to the fracas, Mr/Ms Ten-thousand.

Accomodating site master
Intelligent viewpoints
Weirdness (The heart of Farkness)
Funky sites shared
Lack of elitism
Geek girls who show their boobies
Saying 'my God is'
1337 HTML 5ki1z

Multiple accounts ('You and what army, pal?')
Saying 'your God is'
Posting NSFW without warning (no, no girl in tub)

To the sky!
2001-09-30 12:12:52 PM  
hah now i can sell my acct on ebay cause it's 4 digits.
2001-09-30 12:17:14 PM  
No, I didn't forget. I'm taking advantage of it. I'm getting my smack out before he can reply :)
2001-09-30 12:20:49 PM  
My account number sucks *sigh*
2001-09-30 12:26:06 PM  
I plum forgot it was Sunday (the lord's day). So for all you 'born agains' out there, I give you....HOMER!!

[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]
2001-09-30 12:29:50 PM  
Charlie: Well, my name is Matt, but I've always like Jeff more. Heh. I was a Hardyz fan before being a Hardyz fan was cool.
2001-09-30 12:34:10 PM  
Slider will read one post from FB- and his IQ will drop so much that he won't remember how to open his browser.
2001-09-30 12:36:17 PM  
Ten bucks says Slider is a lurker.
2001-09-30 12:37:21 PM  
What could he/she say that would be so interesting anyway?
I'm number 10000, go me.
2001-09-30 12:38:59 PM  
I'm one of those nonelitist forum "members" who has 10+ accounts. I didn't realize you had to be a member? Besides the 10+ account thing is for three reasons: inside jokes, funny personalities, and to prevent jelloboys from taking variations on ones name. Welcome to farkclub Slider.

Bigpeeler, I like all the Screen Savers cast except for that annoying kid. If I had to choose favorites I'd say Martin and Morgan.
2001-09-30 12:40:37 PM  
I also like Jeff. His matches with "The Whole Farking Show" were outstanding.
Although I do dig them more as a tag team. The tag division really sucks right now in the wwf.
2001-09-30 12:41:19 PM  
That's my guess to Cosby, its already been built up so much now that just about anything he says will be inadequate. Just about.
2001-09-30 12:50:37 PM  

[image from too old to be available]

congrats to drew and slider, here is your cake, please excuse the mix-up at the bakery. it should read, "10000, farkers, and only 20 of them are chicks" ;P
2001-09-30 12:55:02 PM  
I think Slider is reading this right now, so let me tell ya, I've only been here for two months, but I've learned many invaluable lessons. First of all, read the FARq to learn more about stuff that I don't feel like telling you. Second, uh, that's it.
2001-09-30 12:57:23 PM  
I like my account number.
2001-09-30 12:57:48 PM  
Did anyone stop to think that maybe he's actually Slider, Cleveland Indians mascot? Who could type with those big hands?
2001-09-30 12:58:06 PM  
Actually around 1600 of them are chicks
2001-09-30 12:59:10 PM  
2001-09-30 01:06:06 PM  
Slider: So, how does it feel to be a celebrity before you've even posted anything?

BTW, can I have an autograph? (j/k)
2001-09-30 01:09:21 PM  
this thread is almost to 100 posts and Slider hasn't even posted yet. what a bummer.
2001-09-30 01:10:01 PM  
Behold the power of Allah's Nutsack.
Fark ME, so close.
2001-09-30 01:12:34 PM  
6422 - exactly 2 months ago, 7/30. Odd, seems like longer, though I was reading for a while before.
2001-09-30 01:28:58 PM  
I made like 10 accounts so I might get 10000, but then got preoccupied and has to settle for 9943.
2001-09-30 01:39:11 PM  
1600 chicks and 8400 guys, huh? You know what that means...

2001-09-30 01:41:24 PM  
NexR lies, he is such a 1337|57! ive been lurking the forum recently and he LIES! its annoying how you come into the forum after school has ruined your allday allnight farking, and you dont know anyone, or maybe you do, but its one of their 20 different names.
2001-09-30 01:48:28 PM  
Sorry you feel that way Enjahova, but I really haven't been around here that long, so while I know most of the inside jokes, I do try to be nice to all the strangers to the forum. In fact when I have time, if I notice someone has gone unanswered, after a while I will respond, even if I can't help answer their question.
2001-09-30 01:48:48 PM  
Me too.
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