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(Chicago Sun-Times)   New book exposes nationwide U.S. textbook censorship has been in effect for many years, against such dangerous terms like "American," "snowman," "senior citizen," "Mount Rushmore," pictures of mice and dinosaurs   ( divider line
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2003-05-02 12:55:05 PM  
You gotta be proud to be an American. While the people in most third world countries care only about how they are going to get their next meal, we can demate and litigate such important things as political correctness, diversity and inclusiveness.

Sticks and stones may brake my bones, but names will never hurt me. This is what happens when you no longer have to worry about sticks and stones.
2003-05-02 01:01:35 PM  
Not only can we demate, we can debate too. Too bad we can't spell check.
2003-05-02 01:14:33 PM  
Another cut a passage about owls in a science book because those birds are taboo for Navajos.

2003-05-02 01:37:59 PM  
Too bad we can't brainstorm a solution.
2003-05-02 01:46:32 PM  
All books should be burned
2003-05-02 01:47:25 PM  
Another POS PC item. *yawn* Cake? I like cake. Anyone else like cake?

2003-05-02 01:47:57 PM  

hehehehe. "brainstorm"
2003-05-02 01:48:50 PM  
I read an article about this in the Los Angeles Times last week. It mentioned that California, being the largest buyer of textbooks, often dictates what appears, and how it is worded, in the books the rest of the nation buys.

You California haters are going to freak.
ha ha
2003-05-02 01:49:17 PM  
The textbooks they read and the tests they take have been so completely expurgated, sanitized and bowdlerized by self-righteous busybodies on both Left and Right that they're bland, boring, simplistic and unreadable, purged of ideas and images that might stir independent thought.


(Oops, No, wai-
2003-05-02 01:49:43 PM  
The Left wants schools to teach "an idealized vision of the future"; the Right wants schools to teach "an idealized vision of the past." And nobody seems to want the world taught as it actually is--with depth, complexity and subtlety.

2003-05-02 01:49:58 PM  
The most ironic thing I have ever seen was when a group of people were trying to censor Farenheit 451 a few years back.
2003-05-02 01:50:07 PM  
this is another legacy of the 60's generation now turned middle-aged and in charge of things.

since they can't conduct a sit in because they have to go pick up their volvo from the shop and their knees can't take the prolonging sitting, this is an easy way for them to influence culture.
2003-05-02 01:51:15 PM  

Well of course they would want to censor farenheit 451 - bookburners can't allow a book badmouthing bookburning out there, can they now? hehe.
2003-05-02 01:51:26 PM  
No such thing as a bad word.
2003-05-02 01:51:33 PM  
With the new leftie PC Text Book approval system in place, it is expected that in 10 years all text books will be full of blank pages.

Children of all ages will be provided with crayons (in acceptable shades of green and minority) with which to express their answers to all the great questions.
2003-05-02 01:52:13 PM  
farking dirty hippies.
2003-05-02 01:52:18 PM  
Dear humans,

I was nice enough to give you free will; however this has the unfortunate downside that the world is not a perfect place where everything is happy lovely and great all the time. For fark's sake get over it.

2003-05-02 01:53:14 PM  
"Sorry for the Inconvenience"
2003-05-02 01:53:22 PM  
The latest in my area:

No more sitting "Indian style." It's sitting "Criss-cross, applesauce."

No lie.
2003-05-02 01:53:38 PM  
"Cause if we couldnt laugh, we'd all go insane"
2003-05-02 01:55:12 PM  
I am so sick of these god damn PC ultra left-wing liberal piles of useless crap. Oh wait, I just offended the heap of dog refuse by associating it with ultra left-wing liberals.
2003-05-02 01:55:56 PM  
Indian-giver has become short term loan forced on the working person by greedy corporations.
2003-05-02 01:55:58 PM  
I loooooooove cake, especially chocolate cake.

I hate political correctness. OK, so I don't think you should go aroung saying really nasty things about others, I do think that people need to lighten up about certain things. My stupid American history text in high school was so damn PC, it had like a paragraph on the Battle of Gettysberg and 10 farking pages on African American experiences through the war. OK, while I think it is very important to learn about that too, I think that the way my text did it was overkill. Overkill I say!
2003-05-02 01:56:00 PM  
Are they going to start putting those of us who aren't so 'politically correct' in camps?

/ducks under desk
2003-05-02 01:56:16 PM  
sooner or later the kids who read these "non-offensive" textbooks will learn that the real world doesn't give a rat's ass about their self esteem.
2003-05-02 01:56:25 PM  
These people are to sensible left politics what the KKK are to sensible right politics.

Neither has any place in making important decisions.
2003-05-02 01:56:38 PM  
Albo, although a boomer myself I must agree with you. Now quit screwing off on fark and get back to work. You younguns have to work twice as much in order to support us farts through our golden years.
2003-05-02 01:56:39 PM  

Same thing here for my kids. School, gymnastics, it's "criss cross applesauce". Never thought about it, but it WAS called "indian style" when I was young.
2003-05-02 01:57:04 PM  
I am so sick of these racist fundamentalist ultra-right wing piles of useless crap. Oh wait, I just offended the heap of dog refuse by associating it with ultra right-wing nitwits.
2003-05-02 01:57:09 PM  
And we want newer textbooks, ones that don't refer to the Civil Rights Movement as "Trouble Ahead!"

/Family Guy
2003-05-02 01:57:44 PM  
KKK will be replaced with Krispy Kreme Kompany.
2003-05-02 01:57:55 PM  
Ah, I had a better headline and a better article. Nice going mods.
2003-05-02 01:58:16 PM  
The *expurgated* version of Olsen's Standard Book of British Birds?

"The one without the gannet"
2003-05-02 01:58:27 PM  
Its sad that people love to blame instead of finding a solution by claiming the problems of their country as their own. In spite of our differences this movement toward bland texts is a reflection of all of us.
2003-05-02 01:58:42 PM  
You younguns have to work twice as much in order to support us farts through our golden years.

Come on... you know you're gonna get stiffed on that one.
2003-05-02 01:59:39 PM  
It just angers me to no end when people look into everything just trying to find something racist. My perfect example is Jesse Jackson. That hot air bag does nothing but cause more racism. He's the most racist person of them all! Give me any word and it's possible to show how that offends me, and how it should be removed from textbooks. Soon we'll have nothing left but punctuation marks, but hey, those may offend some people too!
2003-05-02 01:59:40 PM  
Maybe it's all too simple
For our brains to figure it out
What if the hokey pokey
Is all it really is about
2003-05-02 01:59:45 PM  
This is all undertaken to prevent loss of self esteem in kids.
Thus, the kids with high self-esteem should, logically, be the ones doing best in school, least discipline problems, etc. Right?

Care to guess which group of kids has the highest self esteem?

African American boys.
2003-05-02 01:59:56 PM  
I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart:
FARK PC-ness! As a white girl from a middle class neighborhood, I am not allowed to do or say anything because it would *maybe* offend, scare, or disappoint someone. I can't even do what I want to myself!

Thank you to the pussy-whipped people that think this shiat up. You'll have peace and love and understanding if you can just censor everything, right?

If you believe that, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn I could sell ya...

2003-05-02 02:00:12 PM  
Here's how you can tell which posters didn't read the article: They blame only the left or the right.

But then again, reading probably isn't their strong suit.
2003-05-02 02:00:29 PM  
Exactly Brazil... Once our generation takes over running the country away from our parent's generation (a.k.a. The Elderly) the first thing we're gonna do is take away the benefits. Curiously enough, a new product called, "Soylent Green" also makes its appearance on market place shelves...
2003-05-02 02:01:46 PM  
I don't really like cake. Something about it just doesn't appeal to me. I'd venture a guess that it has something to do with the resemblence to bread that cake has, and the fact that bread shouldn't be so sweet.

I think that's it. Why would you want to eat sugary bread with sugar on it? I just don't get it.
2003-05-02 02:01:54 PM  
Try being *me* for awhile, Sunbelly. I'm not even allowed to watch you do things to yourself.
2003-05-02 02:01:55 PM  
05-02-03 01:57:04 PM Ghare

I am so sick of these racist fundamentalist ultra-right wing piles of useless crap. Oh wait, I just offended the heap of dog refuse by associating it with ultra right-wing nitwits.

Me too. Extremism in either diretion is bad. In this case, this is too far to the left.
2003-05-02 02:02:44 PM  
I've taught my kids a new PC term for American Indians:

Casino American

/props to Dennis Miller
2003-05-02 02:02:49 PM  
MsPentyuth: I'm 41 so I'm between boomers and gen x-ers, the lost generation. And although i'm a white male, i'm over 40 now and thus in a federally-protected discrimination class.

You must treat me with respect, or i will sue you under the Omnibus Be Nice to Everybody Act of 1995 (P.L 418, No. 133).
2003-05-02 02:03:01 PM  
Are we going to teach our kids history the way it happened, or the way we wanted it to happen?

Those who deny our past are doomed to repeat its mistakes.
2003-05-02 02:03:31 PM  

Do you have data/a source for that. It'd be very useful for me for work.

I'd be eternally grateful.
2003-05-02 02:03:58 PM  
damn you "the 60s" !
2003-05-02 02:04:12 PM  
good python, GoodyearPimp!
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