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113308 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Apr 2003 at 10:20 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-30 10:23:05 AM  
2003-04-30 10:23:54 AM  
2003-04-30 10:24:01 AM  
Missed Boobies... not that it's any less relevant to say it now...
2003-04-30 10:24:25 AM  
Beaten to the SWEET!! comment...

2003-04-30 10:25:51 AM  
Beaten to the "bummer" comment. SWEET!
2003-04-30 10:26:26 AM  
2003-04-30 10:26:28 AM  
As this is NSFW, I am loathe to click. What am I missing here?
2003-04-30 10:26:36 AM  
Wow! Fun for the whole family!
2003-04-30 10:27:18 AM  
oh, here's a surprise, it's farked already.
2003-04-30 10:27:30 AM  
Fastest. Fark. Ever.
2003-04-30 10:28:35 AM  
damn. i was really needing a boobie fix this morning. oh well. back to Counter-Strike.
2003-04-30 10:28:42 AM  
holy shnikies! already farked
2003-04-30 10:28:50 AM  
Apparently, it's all the centerfolds... but the farkage is close to total farkage... that site is sloooooow.
2003-04-30 10:30:15 AM  
2003-04-30 10:30:19 AM  
Hellaslow it goes, says I.
2003-04-30 10:30:21 AM  
2003-04-30 10:32:02 AM  
The Fark is Afoot.
2003-04-30 10:32:17 AM  
Wouldn't you think Hef would have a better server?
2003-04-30 10:33:32 AM  
Sploogenator? Sounds like a bad Judas Priest album.
2003-04-30 10:35:15 AM  
Can't click it at work. What is it like?

At least I have the Playboy with Sarah from Joe Millionaire to tide me over. Haven't looked at it yet, though.
2003-04-30 10:36:28 AM  
2003-04-30 10:36:52 AM  
Anna Nicole where have you gone?
2003-04-30 10:38:13 AM  
Williamzabka: Not the best issue. She only shows boobies and I think one ass shot. Nothing to hurry home over.
2003-04-30 10:39:27 AM  
Oh! Can someone pleease post the Sarah from Joe Millionaire playboy pics!
2003-04-30 10:39:29 AM  
William -- How the hell did you get that before ME?!?! Damn office mail must be running slow.
2003-04-30 10:40:01 AM  
2003-04-30 10:40:42 AM  
Mmmm... I love the smell of burning server in the morning. It smells like... victory!
2003-04-30 10:40:53 AM  
Williamzabka -
"At least I have the Playboy with Sarah from Joe Millionaire to tide me over. Haven't looked at it yet, though."

Serpico -
"Williamzabka: Not the best issue. She only shows boobies and I think one ass shot. Nothing to hurry home over."

People still buy nudie magazines?
2003-04-30 10:42:02 AM  

quick, someone post a link to other, working boobies!

Here's my contribution: Freeones
2003-04-30 10:43:19 AM  
Part of the deal with the "bondage-foot fetish" skank (Sarah Kozer) to pose for Playboy was.....


JHC.... this is the 21st century, and so it is ok to have some sick loser deviant lick you toes, but no bush?

The pictures should have been here crawling after dollar bills through her palacial double-wide trailer park.

2003-04-30 10:43:35 AM  
DROxINxTHExWIND My only response for that is a few famous words uttered by none other than Adam Sandler;


Damn penguin.
2003-04-30 10:44:39 AM  
I second or third the request for Sarah boobies from Joe Millionaire....
2003-04-30 10:46:47 AM  
strange definitions of SFW...

In my enviroment anything with an attractive person posing for a camera wouldn't be safe. Regardess of nudity.

shrug. Corporate
2003-04-30 10:47:18 AM  
DROx: Shhhh. Don't tell anybody, but I get it for free.
2003-04-30 10:47:20 AM  
Dro likes Anna Nicole. Maybe there is some common ground between us, after all.
2003-04-30 10:47:23 AM  

It's a vagina. All that makes us feel good is internal. What exactly are you missing by not seeing a tightly-cropped patch of curlies?

If you want bush then go download some of the skankier porn out there. Playboy is about the celebration of the beauty that is the female human form. It's not a vulvathon.
2003-04-30 10:47:50 AM  
Oh and that was general comment not really about this one.. this obviously NOT SAFE.. just saying if it has boobies on it.. regardless of what is being shown I can't click :(
2003-04-30 10:48:44 AM  
"Playboy is about the celebration of the beauty that is the female human form. It's not a vulvathon."

2003-04-30 10:48:51 AM  
what? Farkers have clicked on the above link 3554 times and this shiat is dead already? pppffft..
2003-04-30 10:50:15 AM  
Spoogenator hit by Farkinator, Burnination ensures.
2003-04-30 10:50:29 AM  
People still buy nudie magazines?

Actually this Playboy is my first one. I didn't buy it. My editor bought it for me because he thought I would want it. I know, I am a frickin loser, but my GF of two years just broke up with me, so i thought I could finally use a nudie mag.
2003-04-30 10:50:34 AM  
Vulvathon! Ahahahahaha!

I hear that they're having $1000 cash incentive program and a sale on the station wagon at your local dealer now!
2003-04-30 10:52:00 AM  
Vulvathon makes me think of a triathlon for pussies... during the swim leg of the race I can imagine a couple of fish saying, "Geez that stinks!"
2003-04-30 10:52:52 AM  
Kpar90 -

Anna Nicole could get it before she got paid off the old man. Once she went into the Burger King for the first time as a millionaire I guess it was all over.
2003-04-30 10:53:28 AM  
Harveyfish You are right... all about the celebration of the beauty that is the female human form... That is why (not Playboy) has such charming phrases like I just dumped some groovy gravy on your face! and Four dead in Ohio, and about four milliliters dripping down your cleavage

Yes, indeed complaining about the lack of full frontal or spreads is completely inappropriate whilst we enjoy the intrinsic beauty of the female form!
2003-04-30 10:54:32 AM  
So.. uh... how are those Sarah from Joe Millionaire pics coming along? :D
2003-04-30 10:56:49 AM  
I'd still hit it, just for the fun of it. My post in every Anna Nicloe thread is:

I'd hit it from behind, and tug on her knockers.
2003-04-30 10:58:02 AM  
Williamzabka -
"I know, I am a frickin loser, but my GF of two years just broke up with me, so i thought I could finally use a nudie mag."

Hey, far be it from me to call you a loser because you like to look at ass. I just thought people had graduated to the one-handed school of computer operation. But for the sake of the poor little kittens, don't let the mag replace real women.
2003-04-30 10:58:28 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-30 10:58:37 AM  
Well, there are 2 problems with the Sarah from JM pics:
a) The published ones are so airbrushed they don't look like her.
b) The unpublished ones (from aren't airbrushed so they look like her, but there's not much there to begin with.

The 3rd problem is that I don't have the bandwidth to post 'em.
2003-04-30 10:58:43 AM  
Sarah is here:
2003-04-30 10:59:20 AM  

Those Sarah Kozer pics can be found in the newsgroup alt.mag.playboy under the name Heather Kozar (the poster farked up)

Say goodbye to the kittens for me.
2003-04-30 10:59:51 AM  
Juan_de_fuca_plate - damn, you can't get them hosted somewhere?
2003-04-30 11:00:29 AM  
2003-04-30 11:00:40 AM  
Moot point now,
thanks guys.
2003-04-30 11:01:07 AM  
Whoops! Never mind. Cheers guys!
2003-04-30 11:02:04 AM  
DROx, Don't worry I won't.

My stash on my computer is safe and sound.
2003-04-30 11:08:32 AM  
Joe millionare PB...

I looked it over for about 5 seconds last night... no snatch, i threw it down.

Dont get me wrong, I still killed a kitten.
2003-04-30 11:13:47 AM  
Hell, I think she looks good...and you know she's down for the freaky shiat....
2003-04-30 11:16:57 AM  
I always thought she was the hottest chick on the show, so I am not hoping for anything mind-blowing, just some good airbrushed boobies.
2003-04-30 11:18:14 AM  
I will tell you this, there is one picture that really shows off one awesome ass. mmmmmmm.
2003-04-30 11:24:17 AM  
2003-04-30 11:25:20 AM  
Virtual Playboy Sploogenator: an interactive celebration of Playboy's 50th anniversary

The majority of my pr0n experiences are interactive celebration's.
2003-04-30 11:26:32 AM  
I thought that Joe Millionare biatch looked good until I flipped back to the Playmate of the month....WOW! Now thats what a real woman looks like.

Herrreeee kitty, kitty.......DEAD!!
2003-04-30 11:28:34 AM  
Thx for the Sarah link
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-30 11:30:10 AM  
Link farked...



2003-04-30 11:31:32 AM  

Great title for a Peter North pr0n movie.
2003-04-30 11:38:58 AM  
Here kitty, kitty....
2003-04-30 11:53:13 AM  
Sarah is nasty. lots of better looking girls out there that don't eat toe jam.
2003-04-30 11:55:46 AM  
I wouldn't kick Sarah out of bed. One hour till I can go home for lunch and check out the pics.
2003-04-30 12:34:54 PM  
Farked? Dangerous for him to put his url on playboy content.
2003-04-30 12:35:22 PM  
them is some nekkid chickens
2003-04-30 12:47:31 PM  
2003-04-30 12:57:58 PM  
GIS for Sarah Kozer:
Kill kittens to this...I dare you.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-30 01:17:24 PM  
Yzedf: not too shabby... thanks....
2003-04-30 01:26:44 PM  
Murrrrr....share please
2003-04-30 01:29:11 PM  
Sarah Kozer. Moderatly SFW.
2003-04-30 01:32:00 PM  
2003-04-30 01:32:04 PM  
anyone have a good Aria link?
2003-04-30 01:32:37 PM  
Ahh fark it. Some shots are on Kazaa. Fap away.
2003-04-30 01:39:24 PM  

not that good though... I'm sure I have a good link around here somewhere
2003-04-30 01:52:53 PM  
farked already. that'll teach me to take a lunch break. *sulk*
2003-04-30 02:05:02 PM  
04-30-03 01:48:37 PM Murrrrr
Share my boobs or my thoughts, 4Killer?

2003-04-30 02:08:24 PM  
MattO, better Aria link? NSFW.
2003-04-30 02:14:49 PM  
Damn, does your back hurt?

2003-04-30 02:21:39 PM  
For those of you in the NOVA area, Sara is going to be at the TOWER RECORDS today from 4-6 signing her PLAYBOY. Unless I am wrong, the only Tower that I am aware of is the one in Fairfax Towne Center.....

Wanted to go (right accross from my house) but I will be busy putting hooks in fish mouths.
2003-04-30 02:55:00 PM  
2003-04-30 02:55:41 PM  
2003-04-30 03:05:42 PM  
SPOODA: Are those even attached to her??? WTF?
2003-04-30 03:05:44 PM  
For those of you in the NOVA area, Sara is going to be at the TOWER RECORDS today from 4-6 signing her PLAYBOY. Unless I am wrong, the only Tower that I am aware of is the one in Fairfax Towne Center.....

i'd be willing to get sars from her...
2003-04-30 03:27:49 PM  
While she is definately hot, she's too average for me to be cancelling a fishing outing for. Especially since about 20 minutes ago (lunch break) I pulled in a 5lb 19 inche Largemouth. I'm too psyched to cancel now......
2003-04-30 04:07:25 PM  
Okay, a LONG time ago, on Fark, there was a link to the absolute BEST free strip poker site EVAR. There were tons of girlie pics to choose from.

Does anybody happen to have this link still? I know it's a bit vague, but I'm pretty sure anybody who has it will know what I'm talking about...
2003-04-30 04:24:16 PM  
5 seconds to look at the magazine and kill a kitten? Ever thought about Viagra?
2003-04-30 05:38:58 PM  
Page Not Found... sucks.
Anyone have a mirror for this site?
2003-04-30 05:42:12 PM  
Best thing ever to come out of Playboy..

Compliments of our friend JOHNDX

2003-04-30 05:54:18 PM  
04-30-03 05:42:12 PM Sold!
Best thing ever to come out of Playboy...

Yep, that's one nasty little text file. Oh, wait a sec...
2003-04-30 05:54:55 PM  
Damn my inability to close tags!
2003-04-30 07:11:50 PM  
please unfark... please...
2003-04-30 08:58:59 PM  
Heh, it's up. And a clever site too.
2003-04-30 09:42:27 PM  
Man that site sucked. I had high expectations..... now all i have in my mind is a picture of a toilet bowl.
2003-04-30 09:53:03 PM  
mmmm... Roberta Vasquez

/drooling uncontrollably
2003-04-30 11:53:22 PM  
He'shiat it twice tonight--not bad for an old guy... (620,21)

[image from too old to be available]

...and he might not be done yet.
2003-05-01 03:25:36 AM  
who is the 70s girl?
2003-05-01 07:32:55 AM  
Crystal Smith, September 1971
my dad had a copy hidden under the sink in his bathroom
2003-05-01 05:02:08 PM  
04-30-03 02:19:26 PM Murrrrr
No, my back is ok. I've got a nice bubble butt to keep everything in balance ;-)

Now THAT Ive got to see!
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